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Today we bring your attention to your message, we will know the value for a comfortable washing machine with drying

A washing machine is an indispensable helper that helps us always look clean and tidy. I want this device to serve us for a long time and without fail, because breaking a washing machine will create a lot of trouble for its owner and add work. If you are planning to upgrade your washing machine to a newer one or want to make such a meaningful and useful gift for relatives or friends - be sure to read our rating of the best washing machines of 2018 - a review in which we have collected the most high-quality and popular models, judging by consumer reviews. You will learn what to look for when buying and whether to overpay for the brand?

Types of washing machines

It is difficult to put in one row the machine with a dryer or a narrow model with a vertical load. Therefore, in our review, we tried to pay attention to different types of washing machines:

  • models with a vertical load;
  • narrow washing machines;
  • recessed washers;
  • washer dryer;
  • full-size models with front loading.

Rating washing machines will open a cheaper model. While looking for material for this article, we considered reviews from real buyers, so in the description of each model we will try to fully describe all the advantages and disadvantages of this or that washing machine during operation.

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The top 15 most optimal models of for home use will include a variety of washing machines.

The best top-loading washing machines

Let's first take a look at the best top-loading washing machines.

Electrolux EWT 1064 ILW

One of the inexpensive, but functional and reliable models. Simple electronic control, and all information on the course of washing is displayed on the display. Washes 6 kg of linen, wrung out at a speed of 1000 r / min. Manufacturers have provided 14 programs, of which none is superfluous. Also provides protection from children and against water leaks. From the reviews of the owners, we learned that they praise this model for its spaciousness, high-quality washing, quiet operation and thoughtful functionality, as well as a high Energy Efficiency Class - A +++.Convenient options for delaying the start, drain without spinning and additional rinsing. The machine does not leak and does not vibrate. Of the shortcomings - a little bit noisy, there is no way to throw the laundry, if you forgot and the handle is a bit uncomfortable, it protrudes and interferes.

Candy EVOGT 12072 D

Also belongs to the category of washing machines with affordable price tag. This is a convenient model with reliable electronic control, with a capacity of up to 7 kg of linen. EVOGT 12072 D will not let you down and will not disappoint with the quality of washing and durability. Does not leak, does not vibrate during the spin cycle. Plus - you choose the temperature mode and the time of the launch of the device. In the arsenal - 18 modes, such as washing wool and delicate fabrics, fast mode, a program to remove stains. As you can see, quite functional and technological device. Users note the spaciousness, quiet running and long life of the EVOGT 12072 D washing machine, even under heavy loads. Some owners noticed the remains of washing powder in the compartment after washing, and some users came across frankly unsuccessful models in which the belts were torn or the tank lids broke.

AEG L 56126 TL

Stylish, compact and efficient washing machine of French origin. Spaciousness - 6 kg, spin at 1200 rpm. Protected from leakage or unauthorized depression during operation. Users note economical power consumption, mobility, convenient options( choice of washing temperature, program end signal).AEG L 56126 TL well washes different types of fabrics, has a huge selection of the necessary modes of operation( economical washing, mode of preventing crushing, washing of wool, delicate mode), serves for a long time and without fail.

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Rating narrow washing machines

Next, consider the rating of narrow washing machines.

Hotpoint-Ariston RST 703 DW

This model will delight you with its efficiency and the ability to wash up to 7 kg of linen. Attentive Italian assembly, high degree of protection. The set of programs includes such modes as washing curtains and bedding, children's clothes and downy things, the program of removing stains and direct injection of detergents. Of the benefits that buyers paid attention to is a combination of compactness and functionality, economy and efficiency, quality and reliability.

Samsung WW65K42E08W

High-quality and reliable washing machine for a small family and a small space. In it you can wash 6.5 kg of linen, consuming 39 liters of water. The highest possible class of efficiency of washing, spinning - 1200 rpm. Fully protected against water leakage, imbalance and power surges. In the presence of a delayed start timer, the choice of work temperature, the cancellation of spin. Owners praise this model for the reliability and quality of work, thoughtful functionality, stylish appearance. Among the negative reviews, there were complaints about spinning underwear, and sometimes small things get stuck between the glass and the rubber compactor in front of the drum, they just lie and make a mess, which is unacceptable.

Indesit BWSA 61051

One of the most technologically advanced styralok that is in particular demand among buyers in 2018.Download 6 kg, spin - 1000 r / min, intelligent touch control. Full protection against leakage, against accidental pressing and vibration during the spin cycle. This model can save the parameters of the author's washing mode, recognize the weight of the laundry and calculate the required working time, as well as washes complex contaminants. Owners of Indesit BWSA 61051 note that, in general, the machine is durable, qualitatively erases. Of the drawbacks, they note that the glass gets very hot when it is washed at 90 degrees, a little bit noisy when it is pressed. Otherwise, everyone is happy.

The best built-in washing machines

We continue to review and move on to the best built-in washing machines.

Hotpoint-Ariston CAWD 129

Definitely deserves close attention in the review of embedded washing machines. The model has the best performance for a small price. It washes easily 7 kg, and dries up to 5 kg of linen, squeezing - 1200 rpm.13 programs of washing, 3 modes of drying, delay of the start of washing, regulation of intensity of turns and drains without spinning. In general, in customer reviews, you can read that the machine is collected to the conscience, copes with washing and drying clothes. Although after drying the linen has to be carefully ironed.


High-quality and productive embedded model with a standard set of functions. Erases 8, and dries 5 kg of linen, spin - 1400 r / min. Also, you can choose the required spin speed or not spin at all. Fully protected from water leakage and vibration, accidental pressure during operation. The owners of this model are satisfied with the quality of drying, the machine copes with this task a little faster than what is written in the instructions, and also practically does not ruin the linen. The only caveat - the drying time of washing is chosen "by touch", because the laundry moisture sensor is not in the machine. Summing up, we can say that this washing machine has the optimum ratio of price, quality and functionality for 2018.

Weissgauff WMI 6148D

Reliable and durable built-in washing machine. The careful assembly of the device and attention to detail are impressive. Capacity is 8 kg, an extraction - 1400 rpm, a class of energy consumption - A +++.There are water level and fabric type sensors that help save water and electricity. The design of the drum allows you to qualitatively wash and squeeze the laundry. Owners celebrate a really quick wash - only 15 minutes for lightly soiled laundry. Also there is a complete set of necessary modes of operation with different types of fabrics. WMI 6148D will pleasantly surprise you with really long and efficient work, low noise and no vibration.

Best washing machines with dryer

Next on the list - the best washing machines with a dryer.

Hotpoint-Ariston FDD 9640 B

One of the most affordable washing machines with a dryer. You can load about 9 kg of laundry, in the drying mode - 6 kg, spin - 1400 revolutions. Convenient operation, high-quality electronics, well-designed systems for protection against leakage and vibration.16 operating modes, delayed start of washing, high-quality drying of clothes and bed. The owners of the model mark the hard course of the hatch and container for washing substances, the first time in the drying mode, the laundry takes on the smell of plastic, but over time these nuances disappear by themselves. The machine serves regularly for the majority of customers - it does not vibrate, does not make noise, does not jump in the bath when spinning, copes well with spots and precisely maintains the timeframes of the modes.

Vestfrost VFWD 1460 S

is a high-quality, stylish and economical two-in-one machine. Wash / dry - 8/6 kg of linen. Consumes 48 liters of water for washing. Large selection of different modes for all types of clothing and fabrics. Particularly pleased with the presence of an effective anti-allergic regime and the function of blowing cold air. From the reviews of the owners it is clear that the model as a whole has turned out to be of high quality and optimal in terms of the ratio of functionality and cost.

Siemens WD 14H442

High-quality, multifunctional washer-dryer. Effectively washes 7 kg, and dries up to 4 kg of linen. At the same time cares for the fabric and does not rumple your wash. It economically consumes water and electricity, the washer is completely protected from water leaks, vibrations and playful children's hands. The functionality is implemented in 15 different modes of operation. In customer reviews, it is written that this model really effectively copes with very complex contaminants, thoroughly rinses the wash and quickly dries it. Highlighting the drum - another practical innovation. Washing machine Siemens will serve you for a long time and without fail, decorate any interior and will help you to always look neat.

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Rating of capacious front-loading washing machines

Well, and finally, consider the rating of capacious front-loading washing machines.

Samsung WW90J6410CW

Practical, quiet, collected on the conscience. The manufacturer has taken care of a competent design and use of modern technologies that allow to carefully and efficiently wash various types of fabrics, but at the same time save water and electricity. Loading 9 kg, water consumption for washing - 54 l, spin - 1400 rpm.14 actually used washing modes. Users are satisfied with the function of anti-bacterial cleaning of the drum and the mode of gentle washing, high-quality washing - effectively removes stains. Possible mobile troubleshooting.


is a state-of-the-art, stylish and efficient spacious washing machine. Perfectly copes with washing weighing 10, 5 kg. The owners of the model were pleasantly surprised by a very practical “refresh” mode, which not only removes odor from clothes, but also smoothes small folds without the use of detergents and water. Also, steam during washing helps to remove detergent, wool, and some harmful bacteria — ideal for allergy sufferers and young children. Various variants of rotation are incorporated into the washing machine, which make it possible to handle any type of fabric with care, but at the same time to wash them with high quality. For 2018, this is one of the most effective technologies for a gentle and effective impact on clothing and underwear.

Hansa Crown WHC 1456 IN

Durable, uninterrupted, productive model from a leading manufacturer of home appliances for the home. Designed for 9 kg of linen, energy class - A +++, spin at 1,400 rpm. The model is distinguished by a technically competent design, high-class materials, thought-out technologies, which guarantees a long and stable operation. Does not vibrate and does not make noise. By choice - washes carefully or intensively. A wide range of work programs, absolute leak protection, simple but precise control. Sensitive sensors and sensors. The owners point out that the model is undoubtedly worth the money.

Summing up, we want to note that the rating of the best washing machines in 2018 was extremely objectively evaluated by all models that claimed to be the best. Well, now, the choice is yours - weigh the pros and cons, determine and buy deliberately!

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