Selection and installation of dome hood

High-quality dome hood at the "Elikor".Nice to know that the manufacturer emphasizes the Russian origin. We have released several model series, the characteristics are indicated, instructions are given on the official site. At the beginning of the kitchen hood manual, information about acceptance is written - an advantage and reason for pride in the domestic manufacturer. The selection and installation of the dome hood is simplified when there is a document regulating the use and maintenance of equipment.

What is the

dome hood Classification of hoods - relative. Dome called products with a characteristic shape of the body. Intended for installation on the wall is already called mantels. We will single out three types of hoods that are not domed:

  1. Telescopic models with a sliding portal.
  2. Flat and rectangular hoods.
  3. Inclined, portal at an angle to the plane of the hob.

Large hood-dome The division into groups is given for presentation. Built-in hoods are rarely domed. We can not exclude the possibility of finding an exclusive model, mounted in furniture.

How to find an

dome hood On the Yandex Market, a classification by installation type is provided. It is relatively easy to buy a dome hood for the kitchen, and it’s relatively easy to choose among the search results.

In the Extracts section, go to the Parameters and put:

  • Installation type - fireplace;
  • Inclined hood - no.

Half of the results are dome models. First of all, the buyer is interested in price and design. Then pay attention to performance. Lastly, the functionality is evaluated. Mounting the dome hood is important. If the design is beautiful, then if installed improperly, the device will look coarse in the overall structure of the room.

Dome Hood

Installation Issues for Dome Hood

The installation process for kitchen hoods is unified. There are differences caused by two factors:

  1. The design characteristics of the models have features. Most often the minimum installation height of the kitchen hood above the stove changes. The limit is determined by the temperature of the burners. The manufacturer takes the maximum power of the burner of a typical stove( for example, 2.5 kW) and calculates the safety distance. Similar is done for electric hobs. The instructions for the kitchen hood - two limits. The minimum limit is determined by the temperature of the ascending air flow. It is not worth much to exceed the parameter, because some of the combustion products, as well as fats and aromas, will pass by the portal. As a result, the efficiency( efficiency) of the system is reduced.
  2. The second group of factors relates to the local conditions of the kitchen. The manufacturer indicates in the instruction beautiful drawings with the installation of a kitchen hood, but in practice it is impossible to put it that way. In apartments, a gas pipe often prevents the operation. For example, decorative dome hood "Elikor" decorated with a fireplace. But it is impossible to carry out the installation - the gas pipe occupies half of the back wall behind the stove. Well, when there is a false pipe, decorative elements can cover the hood body, which simplifies the fitting of parts.

Hood in the form of a dome

Sometimes you have to cut it yourself, thus losing the right to a guarantee. It is advisable to take a photo in advance of the kitchen area for the installation of the hood and show it to a consultant at the place of purchase. The foreign company "Faber" promises a free installation. Although customer reviews are negative. The manufacturer does not always keep promises. It is worthwhile to first discuss the problem: ask how the work will be conducted;how will look. The situation can not be solved simply. It is necessary to carry out installation on timber. Recommendations in video reviews on YouTube. After the expiration of the warranty - to do the revision of the decorative element so as to hide the unnecessary. It is difficult to make simple dome hoods using this algorithm.

Most realistic to build a decorative element of the store type. In this case, the design of the kitchen hood is not so important - it is possible to save. Fit drywall - does not burn. There is often a cornice along the portal - no need to worry that the paper peel of the material will be smoked. Hood needed to take the hot air inside - allowed to make the finish to taste.

Modern dome hood for kitchen

Many decorative properties are not as important as functionality. Most manufacturers do not provide indentation on the wall edge of the portal hood. The stove is placed according to the instructions at a distance. There is always a small opening. Indicates indirectly that the design is thoughtlessly copied from a western manufacturer. In foreign kitchens there are no risers in large quantities. Combustion products are discharged into the wall chimney behind the stove.

In terms of design, recessed hoods look great. If the suspended sections of kitchen furniture overlap the slab, the owners are lucky. The vast majority of the public - on the contrary. Rings with two or four, are used external. A portal that fits within the section will not cover the working area of ​​the hob. In this case, buy a telescopic kitchen hood. The portal is expanded as needed. But such models do not belong to the dome ones.

Aesthetic product on the shop window does not always fit into the realities of a typical kitchen setting. The installation kit aims to mount on a flat wall. Pipe, riser - and the instructions will have to be revised. Dome hood for most does not look like the best solution. For the upper floor, where the riser ends, the option is acceptable. If there are no pipes behind the stove, it is easy to install a dome hood.

The method of mounting on a timber bar is flawed and ugly. Certain models of dome hoods are initially not suitable for installation in specified conditions. Consider an example:

  1. In the kitchen, the riser goes behind the stove, closer to the right side. The old sleeve goes to the left and goes down the center. Copper eyeliner, because the position of the equipment - strictly specified.
  2. Need to mount the meter. Dismantling is carried out, and the old rigid eyeliner is not suitable( the length of the measuring element is added to the path).
  3. Today, other standards than in the USSR.Liners are flexible, rubber or corrugated. It is recommended to move the slab to the left / right, and put closer to the wall. Now the dome for the hood is placed according to the instructions.

We'll have to outweigh the furniture sections, but installing a dome hood is no problem. Is it worth - decide. Pipe and counter still ruin the look. And close the riser is prohibited by regulations. You can not use niches and other architectural elements. It may happen that the kitchen dome hoods will have to be coordinated with gasman before installation. Attention: before buying a dome hood, make sure that the installation does not violate the safety rules for the use of residential premises.

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