How to wash suede shoes manually or in a typewriter

Suede - a delicate and expensive material. From it do the most different things. But special demand shoes made of suede. She looks subtle and noble. Chemical reagents, which are sprinkled on roads in winter, dirt, dust and moisture are the main enemies of such shoes. Because of them, the thing eventually loses its original appeal. But the benefit of suede sandals, sneakers, sneakers, slippers, moccasins can be washed.


Suede shoes can not just be taken as a leather product to substitute under the tap with water. Suede is more demanding than leather. You can wash it with your hands or with the help of a washing machine.

To wash boots, boots, shoes, slippers, sandals or shoes suede, you will need:

  • water,
  • soap,
  • brush rubber,
  • alcohol, ammonia,
  • vinegar,
  • matchbox,
  • sandpaper,
  • talc.

First of all, understand for yourself that acetone and gasoline, which are strong organic solvents, should not be used in any way to clean shoes from suede. Of course, such products are better not to smudge. It's enough not to wear them in bad weather. However, if the spots are still formed, then you can and even need to remove them.

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Do not clean your shoes immediately after they get dirty. You just smear the dirt than exacerbate the situation. Mud should be allowed to dry. Then wipe the product with a mixture of alcohol and water. Next, use sandpaper. And after all these manipulations, wipe the "difficult" places with a solution of vinegar. The solution should not be strong. Suede shoes that are damaged by moisture can be saved with soapy water. Here you need to act in the same sequence as with dirt.

If shine or grease stains appeared on the suede, they can be removed by sprinkling with talcum powder. After three hours, the gloss and spots will disappear. After this time, the product must be wiped with a stiff brush. You can also get rid of the brilliance by wiping it with a box from under the matches, namely the side where sulfur is located.

Shoes made of brown suede are recommended to be brushed with a pre-moistened coffee grounds brush. Thanks to the thick it will be possible to completely refresh the product. After any cleaning, the product must be wiped with a rubber brush. If you do not have such a brush, you can use a simple school eraser. Just rub the product with a brush or eraser.

We wash in a washing machine

Is it possible to wash a suede thing in a washing machine? Many housewives want to know the answer to this question. You can use this technique, however, not always. Wash the suede boots in a washing machine - nonsense. But sandals, moccasins, sandals, sneakers, slippers, sneakers are quite normal for washing in the car.

If you choose sandals, moccasins, slippers, sandals, shoes or sneakers not with your hands, but in a washing machine, then it is very important to follow some rules. And the whole process should proceed in several stages.

  1. Preparation. Before you send sneakers, sandals, sandals, sneakers, slippers or moccasins in the machine, check their integrity. If torn places appear, it is recommended to perform manual cleaning. In the car, the product may deteriorate further. Before sending the shoes to the machine, rinse them under running water, remove the insoles and remove the laces( if any).
  2. Stain Removal. Even before you start to wash sandals, slippers, sneakers, sneakers or moccasins, you need to remove all the stains on them. How to do it correctly - described in detail above.
  3. Preparation of the washing machine. In order not to damage the drum, along with sneakers, moccasins, sandals or sneakers in the car should be an old towel.
  4. Selects the wash mode. Sandals, moccasins, boots, slippers, shoes, sneakers - all this is recommended to wash in a "gentle mode."Modes of spinning and drying must be disabled. You can wash such products at a temperature of 30 degrees.
  5. Wash. Shoes should be washed using detergent. It is best to place the product in special bags. Note that you cannot put more than one pair in a typewriter.
  6. Drying. Dry any suede thing is recommended at room temperature. Inside you need to put as much paper as possible. To print on sandals, moccasins, shoes, slippers, shoes or sneakers left, the paper should be white. Thanks to paper sandals, moccasins, boots, slippers, shoes and sneakers will not lose their original shape. The paper will absorb all the moisture.

No matter how you clean your sandals, moccasins, boots, slippers, sandals, shoes or sneakers, in any case, this should be done regularly. Since this is a thin material, bald patches can appear on it. They can not be corrected by anything. Wash suede shoes correctly, let them look decent, and you will be pleased to walk in it!

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