How to wash white converters

Converse - the name of a popular youth sneakers, which are made of cloth material and rubber soles. There are several models of various colors, but white conversions are most in demand. Such shoes look good on their feet, but it is not very easy to clean them - the white fabric becomes gray, and the rubber is covered with black scuffs. Below we will tell you how to properly wash white sneakers so that they again begin to please the eye.

Washing in a washing machine

Not everyone is advised to wash such shoes in a washing machine, because in the drum shoes can be damaged. But if you do everything wisely and adhere to the basic rules, you can get a good result. Before you load the sneakers into the drum, you need to carry out a series of preparatory work.

The very first thing - remove the laces and insoles. Then manually clean the sole of dust and dirt. Be sure to ensure that small stones are not stuck anywhere, because they can harm the mechanism of the machine. Put the prepared shoes in a special bag for washing. They are sold at home goods stores. If there is no such device, use an old pillowcase or something else, but the main thing is that the bag does not shed.

Powder fall asleep for white delicate things. As for the regime, then if you do not have a special program for sports shoes, wash with the most delicate mode, for example, "washing silk and cashmere."Turnovers can be set at 500-600, but not more. And turn off the "spin" mode.

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Wash white conversions manually

Erase conversions, especially white ones, preferably with hands. For the cleaning procedure use:

  • 1 tablespoon of warm water;
  • 1 tablespoon soda;
  • 1 tablespoon of vinegar;
  • 1 tablespoon of bleach( but you can do without it);
  • brush.

Mix all the above ingredients to a state of porridge. The sneakers themselves completely wet under running water while removing the laces. Apply the mixture to the sneakers and brush all with a brush with circular motions. If after rinsing some spots are visible, the procedure can be repeated.

You can also wash white sneakers with household whitening soap. Previously, shoes are soaked for an hour in cool, soapy water, and then they are well rubbed with lumpy soap to form a fluffy foam and cleaned with a brush.

Now that you know the secrets of correctly washing white shoes, you don’t have to send your favorite shoes to the dump after a failed walk in the rain or on a dusty street. But you should treat fabric shoes with great care, because after each wash the material will look more and more worn.

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