New shoes paint legs? Do not despair - there is a solution!

Black and blue socks or heels are an unpleasant sight. What if the shoe paints the feet? To hand it back to the store or try to fix the paint? And in general, what is it: a manufacturing defect or a norm?

It all depends on when the shoes start dyeing stockings and how it happens. If the legs turn dark immediately after the purchase and at the same time the foot is painted completely, it means that the shoes have fallen poor quality.

Returning the purchase of

New shoes can be safely carried back to the store, explaining to the seller that the shoes are painting the legs. If you have a check and shoes are completely new, you are required to return the money.

Seller rests and does not want to take back defective goods? Remind him that unstable paint is not allowed according to the State Standards, which means that the truth is on your side. And the court will confirm this.

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Of course, not all buyers are ready to apply to the courts because of a single pair of shoes. Moreover, it is not easy to do this: first you will have to conduct an examination, and this procedure is not cheap. Money after the trial, of course, you will return, but is it worth all this to do because of a pair of dyed socks? However, the seller does not need to know all this: having seen your determination, he will agree to return the money.

If the shoes paint only heels, this can be considered the norm. The fact is that manufacturers often put the skin on the inside of the back of the back side( velvet) out. If this is not done, the legs will slide. So try to buy shoes with bright insoles.

You were not able to return the purchase or the shoes are not new? Try the following.

Folk Tricks

There are several folk methods with which you can fix the paint:

  1. Hairspray. If they several times to process the inner surface of the shoes and let them dry, then the paint will be better to stick.3-4 treatments are usually enough.
  2. Alcohol. Wipe them from the inside and let them dry.
  3. Burdock oil. Carefully rub it into problem areas. Let dry in fresh air.
  4. Vinegar. It will help you get rid of the smell in the shoes: just wipe all internal surfaces thoroughly. Dry it.
  5. Talc. Pour it on a rag and rub into the inner surface of the new shoes. Collect residues with a clean rag. All the same can be done with baby powder or starch.

Modern shoe care products

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Of course, shoe manufacturers have already taken care of their customers: there are professional tools on the shelves that will help make socks and stockings clean from factory paint. These are “Stop Color” and “Anti Color” from “Tarrago”, “Salamander” and “Saphir”.With their help, you can get rid of the problem much faster.

Radical measures

The easiest way to remove excess paint is to wash it off with special solutions. Such artists are usually used to wash out the brushes.

Just be careful: the smell of the solvent should not be too harsh, otherwise you will have to remove it in time.

And you can simply be patient, put on old socks, new shoes and walk around the house, letting the paint go to old socks. Perhaps, after this, shoes will not be dyeing stockings and tights.

Finally, you can simply replace the poor-quality insoles. If you do it right away, the shoes will stop dyeing the legs. You can buy suitable insoles in the nearest shoe store or on the market.

However, it is not always possible to pick them up. For example, for shoes, boats the necessary insoles are almost impossible to find. It is better to immediately buy them with a bright inner surface.

Why shoes paint feet

In addition to manufacturing defects there may be several reasons:

  • shoes are quite old, so the upper part of the insoles rubbed, revealing the paint;
  • when wearing shoes did not comply with the rules: the shoes often remained wet or not "rested" from time to time;The
  • insole itself was made from cheaper material.

Try to wear your shoes properly, do not let them be wet for a long time and take care of all your shoes. And if the problem still manifests itself, use one of our tools. Good luck to you!

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