Iron Cleaning at home from scale

Household Appliances soiled. In the everyday world, the use of scrap materials to facilitate the work on the farm is constantly accompanied with dust, soot, scale or simply dirt. For example, a person has long acquired a quality machine for ironing. Gradually iron clogged with dust, covered with "black soot" (in other interpretations - "black sole"), you need to quickly carry out complex event to continue to use the device without the risk of damage of things. Today, we look at how iron is held in the cleaning of the home.

soleplateThe article includes a number of effective and highly efficient methods to combat "black" under the appliances.

Cleaning device with a special pencil

Now prefer to use the method housewives and people who are interested in the preservation of home appliances at the appropriate level of work. Buy a necessary ingredient - pencil - easy in a specialty store, on the Internet.

Remember that during the procedure of cleansing iron must necessarily be exclusively vertically.

Thus, the use of detailed steps:

  1. To clean the iron at home, it is proposed to heat the device up to 130-150 degrees Celsius. Set up the unit in the "Wool" mode.
  2. When the surface of the device hot (to reach the necessary point), translational movements spreadable gel pencil on the ironing side. In the process of consumable material melts.
  3. Leave the "as is" for 10 minutes. Then pick up a cotton cloth and carefully wipe the surface of the coating. To get rid of clogging kind of "wax" holes, just click on the "steam" and release a couple of streams.

After the stated procedures surface becomes crystal clear. Now iron easily simply glides over things. Members fear that the pencil head contains abrasive particles. Portal "VashTehnik" strongly advised not to be afraid, the composition does not include a statement of things. The surface will be smooth, not scratched. The composition does not contain the additive in the base, making it impossible to further use: proposed to use the iron without the slightest concern for the things of pollution.

The use of vinegar for cleaning

Clear iron at home with perhaps a special pencil and edible vinegar. Such an approach works when the user is facing domestic unit with a yellow bloom, brown spots on the surface. To use the named option, you need to prepare ingredients: vinegar, wheels made of cotton, ear sticks. By analogy with vinegar, iron home clean from scale allowed by citric acid.

Limoonaya acid for cleaning ironApplication:

  1. Heat the iron to a minimum temperature.
  2. Soak a cotton ball in vinegar. It is important to know that the procedure is "wetting" should not be held to an acid in the form of total immersion: just apply - and that's enough.
  3. Following rub the surface of said ironing plate, if required - repeating the procedure with the second or third "sunset".
  4. The soleplate is treated with cotton sticks. The openings from which comes the steam cleaned by soaked in vinegar heads cotton sticks. The principle is similar: it is necessary to prevent that from wool poured vinegar, just lightly spray and thoroughly clean the hole.
  5. After the above procedures are encouraged to take the ironing board and put the improvised cloth made of cotton. Then pat her iron and repeatedly press the "steaming": now the surface to get rid of plaque, and holes for the release will again work as intended.

In some cases, allowed to use vinegar instead of ammonium chloride solution, the work will be more enjoyable: from vinegar constantly emits an odor, no evaporation of the alcohol.

Treatment with ordinary soap

Clean iron at home by the soap:

  1. Device is required to heat to a minimum temperature, grate surface for ironing a piece of soap.
  2. Wait until the iron cools down, then rinse "solution" with a clean cloth soaked in water.

Such a method often used by housewives, it is permissible to resort to it, keeping equipment in working condition. Remember to use when cleaning abrasives unacceptable, this leads to a scratch on the surface of the sole unit. Scratched area collects dirt harder.

What to do with rust

For irons, which are equipped with a metal surface, characterized by the appearance of rust. As a rule, these difficulties can be easily solved by using dishwashing powder: may take a chemical composition "Shine" and carefully rub the affected spot corrosion. Clean "overlay" relies dry cloth.

worn ironSometimes people resort to radical methods - the use of sandpaper. Perform these steps to resolve the raids corrosion requires careful, accidentally hitting the clean surface damage sole stronger.

If you were able to cope with any given method of rust - try to figure out how to regain the "gliding" on the blackboard:

  1. Mix table salt with mashed paraffin.
  2. Place the resulting mixture in a uniform order A4.
  3. Place the fabric on the ironing board and iron heat up to 100 degrees Celsius.
  4. "Stroke" sheet with the mixture heated unit.

After these actions soleplate again becomes smooth. Portal "VashTehnik" advised to repeat the procedure stated several times a year in order to keep the surface smooth and shiny.

How to effectively clean holes

If you own a machine equipped with stripping function gradually weekend holes clogged scum, dust and burnt pieces of tissue.

Iron Cleaning at home when it comes to the steam holes, carried out with steam.

  1. It is recommended to find out what kind of water is poured into iron: tap or boiled.
  2. Fill the unit up to a certain point and put some water to heat up.
  3. Put the iron on the grid, the ability to resist heat, activate the "Steaming" mode.
  4. The jet will clean all the holes from the remnants of burnt cloth, dust, fibers.
  5. When all the water has evaporated, located inside the iron, turn off the machine and unplug from the Net. Let stand 30 minutes and the unit thoroughly wipe the soles of improvised cloth. Use this method relies at least 2 times per month.

Similarly, there is a complete cleaning of the hole from which steam comes out. If you use the "Steaming" mode is extremely rare, it is proposed to use the above method and the "cure" arisen "disease" in a short time.


To minimize the risks of contamination of the unit for ironing, it is recommended more frequent mentioned procedures, preventive maintenance will be permanently saved and the holes in the sole of the iron. Conscientious attitude to art, love and care will do the job, and you can continue to iron things without the risk of scratches, lack of vapor and exit the system as a whole.

pure ironWe hope that the posted tips will help any person in need of addressing the difficulties encountered.

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