Iron is best to choose a brand

In 2013, the led the market firm Philips irons. Today, we try to understand what brand of iron better evaluate the competitors' chances to catch up and overtake Philips. The review does not include steamers, consider only the irons.

Irons brand Philips

Philips company today boasts steam generators OptimalTemp. In Singapore, where are located the engineering department and research unit comments and suggestions the company is constantly working to improve the manufactured products. Stamps irons are tested under the watchful supervision of the camera. It turned out mode switching time consuming for the hostess. There is a constant threat to burn cloth. In addition, there are negative emotions the hostess if burnt iron. The company's management has taken a brainstorming on the simplification of the problem. The result was the idea of ​​additional optional settings.

Philips brand Iron

When viewed OptimalTemp ironing steam does not work on it to find the temperature of the sole regulator. The device is self-stroking in the truest sense of the word. Ease of ironing Housewives note, special SteamGlide sole with titanium oxide, slips 25% better. At the same time enhanced protection from scratches by 30%, which plays a significant role for metal.

the sole temperature is constantly monitored by a special processor SmartControl: Do utyuzhok hanging in the air, whether on a stand or tissue, overheating is excluded. You can leave it on clothes and forget for 5 minutes. The strength of the vapor pressure of 6.5 bar, which exceeds the value of competing models. This pressure helps to remove the fabric, folded in several layers or rough products without switching mode steam iron!

Please note, silk permissible stroking just behind the rough jeans, no need to change the setting. Intelligent electronics adjustment process executes itself.

But a couple of buttons on the steam generator irons Philips installed. First activate the steam output of 360 g / min - a very high figure, twice the capacity of the nicest steam irons. The combination of power and low weight ironing option adds vertical ironing, including curtains. Of course, the steamer is more convenient ironing of curtains, but to buy a separate device is senseless for financial reasons, the steam generator PhilipsOptimalTemp help out in any situation. What brand of irons to choose aspiring housewife - OptimalTemp!

The device is ready to work for 2 minutes - the record of today's generation of steam generators. Just in time to get the laundry and fold the stack, and prepare for ironing. And refillable water steam iron allowed in the process, and reservoir tank suffices for 1.5 - 2 hours. continuous ironing. Promotional video filmed rod protects against scale, but the function is not expressly provided for, so pour the water from the tap does not advise. It is better to carefully study the instructions of the steam iron. OptimalTemp cost is about 8500 rubles. Do not limit luxury, but not a cheap iron with ceramic soleplate for 300 rubles.

The best iron brand Philips

Azur - Philips best iron mark. SteamGlide soleplate is familiar to us, we get acquainted with the model further. Steam boost 130 grams is acceptable for iron. 2400 Watt allows you to quickly switch modes. Pay attention to the center of the holes in the soles of the spout - SteamTip (steam spout) Easily removes hard to reach places. Cord 3 meters in length does not hinder maneuvers thinner than that of the steam generator, ironing body heavier, it is not recommended for vertical ironing.

housewives often say that ironing silk at low temperatures causes condensation on the fabric, there are wet spots. In steam irons Azur has a special feature drop-stop, eliminating unpleasant effect. Double protection CalcClean scale it appears on its face allows you to pour the water from the tap, but it is better to consult the manual. Azur is positioned as a low-cost brand, the average price is 4000 rubles. OptimalTemp function is not available, it is necessary to study the control knob.

Irons brand Rowenta

Rowenta company specializes in the production of good-quality household appliances average price level, its presence in the top three at the end of 2013 not surprising. Power flagship line SteamForce- 2750 W, is higher than that of iron Azur. Steam blow impressive: 220 g / min. - similar to the Mighty steamer. Weight will not allow to iron vertically long. Tools vapor pressure of 50 g / min - one and a half times higher than FreeMove Tefal cordless irons.

Iron from Rowenta

Provides protection from scale and self-cleaning function. There are drop-stop and automatic shutdown option. Rowenta technology company secrets kept secret, unable to find a fraction information about sole Microsteam 400 Profile:

  1. Digital signage - number of holes for the steam in the sole. Impressive! The wireless irons Tefal 74 holes, and they are quite powerful. Surprisingly, chtoRowenta not boast achievement.
  2. The sole is made of stainless steel, the lower part of the steam iron SteamForce like a sieve or strainer. Such sole never see.
  3. The working surface covered with a special iron-plated nanostekla. It is difficult to describe the material, but it is known that nanosteklo water repellent and has many useful properties. they are not very suitable for an iron, but excellent glide. Steel itself is heavy, and this factor takes on considerable importance.
  4. 400 holes give much steam that rises above the surface of the iron. The effect of dramatically reducing the friction between the sole and the cloth.

Irons brand Tefal

Tefal is always thinking of us, and we - that is the best brand of irons today. Cordless steam model FreeMove revolutionize ironing: it is unclear why the remaining need. True, it is surprising that other brands of cordless irons Russian market is not. In Europe, selling more interesting models.

Magnificent iron Tefal

A key advantage of wireless steam iron FreeMove - working cycle:

  • 4 sec charging;
  • 25 seconds of work.

Tefal employees thinking about us, videotaped the process of ironing - for example Philips. It turned out that the owner puts the steam iron, the ironing. By measuring the time intervals, and the idle operation, scientists have found that the steam iron rests approximately 4 seconds. The designers set out to create a product has time to charge during this period. Limiting range of ironing (until the hostess leads the iron over the fabric) was 25 seconds. The indicators taken as a starting point in calculating the iron needs for energy outside of the stand.

Ie, every 25 seconds. the unit returns to the docking station and charge 4 seconds. Wires have no iron, the user is given the freedom to maneuver.

Less well-known brand of irons

Iron present in Maxwell 3013 immediately became the subject of jokes: power inscribed on the housing (1400 W) does not coincide with the said box at (1550 W). "This is probably an error inexpensive product", - joked the leading review. And I got to the point. This model is a steam iron with a number of holes Maxwell, do not reach the minimum required, costs from 450 rubles. Very cheap. Steel soleplate coated with the composition of palladium, not scratched, last a long time. self-cleaning function is provided. Iron can be pumped biceps decent - it is heavy, but the design looks on Pyaterochka (if not to find fault, and not get accustomed).

The brand belongs to the Russian company, the production - China. Therefore, cheap model, likely quality. A figure on the packaging not the same - nothing to worry about.

Italian irons with a steam generator is well known, but not in Russia. Italstim company produces a comprehensive range of equipment including steamers. A characteristic feature of the line - are inexpensive devices. Iron with steamer function Italstim sold for 720 rubles. usual a model difficult to take at this price. The device weighs 210 grams as held for vertical ironing. It seems that he had a plastic sole, small dimensions. The model is ideal for travel, because It removes stains and shiny, and smells.

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