How long to keep cheese in brine and without

Cheese is a type of tasty brine cheese. It contains easily digestible calcium and many other trace elements and vitamins. How to store cheese without losing quality? Usefulness and quality is estimated by the mass fraction of fat. The most delicious cheese is considered to be 50% fat.

When buying, choose the right

Qualitative white or pale yellow cheese, with a dense consistency, a minimum number of voids, similar to cottage cheese, but does not break into small pieces. Dried edge appears with long storage and partial loss of useful properties.

This is a brine product.

Under production conditions, this product is kept in brine( brine) for up to 60 days. In order to preserve the gorgeous sour-milk taste, after 20 days of aging, the cheese is sold. To protect against damage it is delivered for sale in special packaging with a brine.

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If the cheese is purchased in a vacuum container

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At home it is also envisaged to use brine.

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  • Cheese is transferred to a plastic container or glass jar.
  • Pour brine.
  • Close the lid and put in the refrigerator, where they store 2-3 weeks.

If there is no brine, then the cheese is tightly wrapped with foil or film. In this form, it can be stored no more than a week.

Pickled cheese is sometimes slightly salted. Therefore, before use, it can be soaked for several hours in cooled boiled water.

For long-term storage

If the cheese is bought without brine or it is small for storage, then at home it is quite easy to make it yourself.

Based on a three-liter jar:

  • 1.5 liters of boiled cooled water is poured into a container;
  • pour 5 tablespoons of salt and dissolve completely;
  • salt concentration is checked using a well-washed egg: if its tip is the size of a 10-ruble coin, the brine is ready for use.

Pickled cheese at home is stored in enamel dishes, three-liter jars, plastic containers for 2 weeks.


A long stay in lightly salted pickle makes the cheese soft.

Salted brine cheese is lost its usefulness, and excess salt is eliminated by simple soaking in milk or water.

If there are no conditions and opportunities to prepare brine, simply put the cheese in a plastic container. And if it gets dry, put it in the fridge freezer.

After defrosting, the taste of cheese is slightly reduced, but it will be quite suitable for further use in cooking.

A little more about the

cheese Do not buy this product in a large piece. Even with all the rules of storage in the refrigerator, its best qualities are preserved on average for the first five days.

Before cutting, hold the knife for several minutes in hot water - and then the cheese will not crumble.

Fresh cheese is sometimes subjected to temperature processing( smoking), after which it acquires a delicious taste and can be stored for up to a year.

Despite the high salt content of cheese, a very useful product that allows you to keep your teeth, velvety skin, facilitate digestion, improve health and prolong youth.

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