Pyrolytic cleaning of the oven: what you need to know

Many have heard that there is pyrolytic cleaning of the oven, and even used it. But for those who do not know what it is, and is going to buy an oven, you should tell more about pyrolysis.

What is pyrolytic cleaning

Pyrolysis means the decay by fire. This is the case with pyrolytic cleaning. Splashes of fat and leftover food simply burn under the action of high temperature. In order for the cleaning to work, it is necessary to turn on the stove and heat it to a temperature of about 500 ° C.Pyrolysis is used in electric ovens, since only they can achieve sufficiently strong heating.

As a result, all pollution will burn and turn into soot. Since the combustion produces volatile substances with an unpleasant odor, a filter is provided in the oven. He absorbs the smoke inside the oven, preventing him from going outside. Once at about 100 hours of operation, the filter is calcined, thereby cleaning it.

Description of the process

Pyrolytic cleaning works very simply, but when you turn it on you must remember about the high temperature and try not to touch the stove. The process itself consists of the following actions:

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  • remove all the contents from the oven, including the baking trays and grills;
  • turn on the oven for warming up( “pyrolysis” function);
  • wait until the cleaning is complete and the oven cools down;
  • wipe the inside walls with a damp sponge, removing soot;
  • Reinstall all internal elements that have been pulled out.

An unpleasant smell may come out of the oven, so you must turn on the hood during the cleaning process. Recommend to carry out cleaning regularly. In this case, the smell will be much less.

Requirements for the oven

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Since the pyrolysis oven is very hot, all its internal elements must be made of durable heat-resistant metal and the same enamel. Special requirements are imposed on the viewing window on the door. It is made of 2-3 layers of thick glass that can withstand high temperatures. The cabinet door is locked after the start of the cleaning program; the lock is released only when the internal chamber is cooled to 250 °.

All this ensures safety and prevents heating of the furniture that surrounds the oven. The internal parts are not deformed, the width and depth of the oven remains unchanged. Pyrolysis furnaces offer trademarks of Bosch, Siemens, Mile and some others.

Pros and cons of pyrolytic cleaning

As for the automation of the process, pyrolytic cleaning can be considered ideal in this regard. Do not rub anything with a brush, use washing gels, powders and other means. Enough to include the oven and all the dirt, all the fat will burn.

The catalytic filter through which smoke passes also does not need to be replaced. It is designed for the service life of the oven.

At the same time, all internal elements and hard-to-reach places are cleaned of any kind of contamination, be it fat, spilled milk or sugar syrup.

What are the disadvantages of pyrolysis cleaning? First, it is necessary to clean the pans and grills separately. Of course, this can be done in the dishwasher, but not everyone has it. Yes, and pollution can be such that an electric dishwasher can not cope with them.

Secondly, pyrolytic cleaning requires high energy costs. The oven must be turned on separately after cooking, with up to 7 kWh of energy being consumed.

Another disadvantage is the unpleasant smell of burning, which occurs when heavily contaminated and requires the inclusion of exhaust. And separately it should be noted that the price of pyrolytic cleaning furnaces is usually higher than with hydrolysis or catalytic. This is due to the peculiarities of the structure of the stove, the need to use heat-resistant materials.

Many housewives use pyrolytic cleaning only with heavy pollution 1-2 times a month. In other cases, wipe it manually. This allows you to save on electricity and at the same time keep the household appliance clean.

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