How to choose a gas stove

The nuances of choosing the

cooker Our preferences are made up of trifles. We relentlessly scold a non-profit dealer who does not know how to describe a laid out product, praise the things you like( product card, manuals).Who will buy the Neva gas stove, if the brand is little known. According to the drawings of the French company Selem, the equipment produced by Gazappara OJSC is not bad. Gas supply is possible on both sides - relevant when installing the meter. It is difficult to project, if you have to transfer the liner to the opposite side.

Consider today what kind of gas stove to buy. We will not call a specific model, but we will describe how the selection is conducted.

Security. The intention to buy a gas stove with gas control is faced with the heterogeneity of the proposals. In the Neva lineup there are models with full and partial protection against extinction. The first option is preferred, but is absent in electronic catalogs. Yandex-Market Neva does not mention, the official website of the company is missing, the reason is the uncertainty of brand ownership, French or domestic.

Modern gas stove

The official website of Gazapparat does not tell about kitchen stoves. Typical Neva costs 6000 rubles. At present, not expensive. Enameled table, battery burner, dimensions - a budget solution without excesses. Please note that dealers often add the capabilities of the device. Check the information before buying difficult. Even harder to buy a gas stove Lada.

It is much easier to buy a famous brand device. Those who want to buy a gas stove Fresh will easily find information in the network sources:

  • Stainless steel table - the most expensive material for gas stoves.
  • Surround equipment.
  • Gas Grill. Chefs scold, but the grid is not loaded - an excellent option. In a house with high energy consumption will not knock out traffic jams.
  • Gas control available. That is, when turned on, prepare the knobs of the regulators hold down the time set by the instructions.
  • Model Jambo - mechanical ignition. It is carried out by a separate button, i.e. Does not crack as long as the gas regulator is held.
  • The spit is supposedly set in motion by the engine - the description bypasses the nuance, although it indicates an electric drive. Highlighting the oven will allow to monitor the preparation of dishes.

    Highlighting the oven in the gas stove

  • The built-in timer at the set time will call to the kitchen. The buzzer beeps until it is turned off.
  • The set includes two sets of nozzles for working on different types of gas: we have two types of fuel - natural gas and liquefied. According to the norms, the feed takes place at fixed pressures: liquid gas - 30 mbar, natural gas - 20 mbar. Accordingly, gas marks are denoted by the letter G followed by numbers. That is, the G30 / 30 nozzles are designed for bottled liquid gas, G20 / 20 - for natural gas with a pressure of 20 mbar( the second digit after the slash).Remember the explanation of tricky numbers, it is rare. They suggest how to buy a good gas stove, knowing the designation of jets.

G20 / 13 marked nozzles. Designed for fuel with a low specific calorific value of combustion( 15 - 19 MJ per cubic meter).For domestic needs a rare case when the gas is supplied under a pressure of 13 mbar. Full information is provided by the 1990 Gas Supply and Utilization Handbook. It will help to calculate the composition of test gases( G20, G30) and caloric content. There is evidence that the Russian government has established a lower limit of pressure in the gas network of 13 mbar.

Go back to the Fresh stove. Jambo - typical gas stove, equipped with everything necessary for the Russian family. There is no need for a microwave oven with a grill. The absence of convection does not allow the use of the stove as a convection oven.

The stainless steel table is durable, durable, relatively easy to clean, not painted over products. Please note: Fresh gas stoves on the Yandex Market are available, but not in stores.

Although the official website of the company in the Where to Buy section lists shopping centers in the Russian Federation.

What kind of cookers are popular today for

Spores, which grill is better - gas or electric, helps to allow Yandex-Market, giving three completely informative parameters of choice - gas or electricity:

  • type of hob;
  • type of oven;
  • type of grill.

Both there and there we will put gas or electric. We tried to choose a stove, where only blue fuel is used for cooking purposes.

Gas stove with electric firing

Attempting to choose a stove, where only gas is used for cooking, gave an interesting result. Each grill is paired with a spit driven by an electric motor. Checkbox Electric ignition implies only Yes. The choice of cookers decreased. Search for models that do without electricity, using the All parameters button gives the result: three options - yes, no, it does not matter.(The latter is written together, it seems to be “bad.” It is possible that there is no error).

Without electric ignition, 8 models and one manual were found( model RICCI RGC 6050 LG).Electric ignition is called electric ignition of the hob and oven, is not common. Gas control burners absent. Someone will find this more attractive - there is no need to wait 5 to 10 seconds.with the adjustment knob depressed. According to the instructions, there is no spit. Grill lovers will have to choose a model with an electric motor. Without the skewer, the product is fried by radiation, baked in one side. For even roasting it is necessary to turn the meat by hand.

Gas stove Zanussi ZCG 921081 W

In this case, the preferred gas stove Zanussi ZCG 921081 W with an electric spit, the price is the same. Electric ignition of the oven is absent, but there is full gas control. Search algorithm on Yandex Market: besides the options listed above, mark the Spit in the oven - Yes. The choice is not limited to Zanussi.

Useful options for stoves

The list of usual options is replenished with qualities that usually do not pay attention:

  1. The way to clean the oven. It is not easy to get rid of soot. But there are stoves with catalytic splitting of fats and other interesting coatings. The corresponding options are listed in the column Oven cleaning.
  2. Timer. Yandex Market presents an appropriate search parameter that helps in choosing the right model of the cooker according to the availability of the device.
  3. Highlighting the oven, without which it is difficult to understand the state of readiness of the dish.

There is no need to discuss the intricacies of special burner shapes. Those who wish to purchase a two-stove gas stove are not interested in it; professional chefs know the subtleties. Note that inductive heating with higher efficiency is more attractive today. Decide if you need a gas stove.

Gas stove ignition

Is it possible to buy a full-fledged gas stove with piezo-ignition? Portable models and speakers are equipped with piezoelectric lighters. Ordinary ordinary people do not distinguish between electric and piezo ignition, and the difference is significant. Consider the details and decide which gas stove to buy, if the dealer does not really explain the advantages of their goods.

Electrical models provide additional features. Know:

The gas stove with an electric oven or grill is 99% equipped with electric ignition.

Often electric in the oven is only a grill, exceptions are rare. Plus - we cook chicken and shashlik, minus - the need for additional refinement of the purchase under this option, which dealers are in no hurry to report. Therefore, we recall: carefully read the instructions.

Back to the ignition. Why portable stoves, gas water heaters, lighters are equipped with a piezoelectric element, but there is no decent stove. We believe that the answer is as follows:

  1. Insufficient reliability of piezoelectric elements. Lighters do not work for a long time, gas stations are lit a maximum of a couple of times a day, portable tiles are not used constantly. The conclusion is obvious: the manufacturer improves product reliability.

    Ignition of the gas stove

  2. In some models of gas stoves, a spark is punched simultaneously to all the burners. In this case, the power of the piezoelectric element is not enough, although the statement is controversial.

They produce electronic-ignited gas-powered geysers. For reasons of durability of batteries for cookers, the option is unsuitable, but more convenient - there is no need to pull the socket to connect the cooker.

So, the ignition of the plate - electric or manual, with a match. Electric stoves are equipped with an electric grill, the spit rotates with a servomotor. Models with a timer, clock - convenient. It’s impossible to forget about the heated soup, the cooker will squeak until it turns off the gas. Automatic shutdown is not advisable: the timer sets the time for the laying of spices and ingredients, the shutdown is not required, you need a reminder. The total electricity consumption of 4 burners and electric oven exceeds 8 kW.

In this case, an electric ignition plate is required to be grounded, which is not always possible in the apartment according to the rules. Usually, the ground in the outlet is neutralized, the potential is removed from the housing, but this solution is not correct. Grounding is necessary because the spark during ignition breaks into the case. Let the current be small, anything can happen. Do not neglect proper grounding of the cooker.

Ignition of a stove with a match

Advantages of models with manual ignition:

  1. No need to pull the socket plus the grill loads the local electrical network, which is not always ready to accept a new consumer.
  2. The lower part of the working compartment of the oven is equipped with a burner or heating element. The irregularity of temperature, as in the old stoves, is negligible.
  3. The grill is formed by a burner or heating elements mounted in the ceiling area - dishes are prepared using infrared radiation( golden crisp!).

The electric model grill works according to the same principle. On the Yandex Market, select the Oven Type parameter - gas, electric, combined. The last two variations indirectly indicate the presence of an electric grill.

Let's add information about the type of ignition:

  1. Automatic - the gas knob on the burner is pressed and turned to the desired position. Continuous clicks of a spark piercing the body are clearly audible. We hold the knob for 5-10 seconds while the temperature sensor of the emergency stopping device for the burner heats up. Similarly, the oven is ignited. Cookers are equipped with protection against the extinction of fire( popularly gas control).

    Manual ignition for the

  2. stove Manual ignition implies a separate button, which, when pressed, makes a spark. Advantage - we press and release, when the fire lights up, the gas supply knob is kept pressed. Hearing is not annoyed by continuous clicks. Acceptable option.

Using electric ignition is not easy. Buying an old gas stove seems more attractive, but there is no gas control in it. Waiting with the knob pressed is a feature of gas control, the situation does not depend on the type of ignition.

Gas Hobs

We discussed kitchen stoves, keeping silent about induction and pancake models that do not consume gas. The name is a clumsy name, but memorable. Rings pig-iron, remind pancakes. Inside is a spiral that generates heat under the action of electric current. Models are inertial, efficiency is low, extremely difficult to break. It is required to cool the burners to wash and clean. The express heating zone is marked with a red circle, it has a higher power( 1.5-2 kW).For comparison, type in the search engine "to buy a gas stove Dream."

Hot plates without express heating

Induction stoves function in a different way. Warming up the dishes is due to the reversal of the domains of steel and the occurrence of Foucault currents. The frequency of the field lies in the field of ultrasound and with increasing power increases. This effect is used to adjust, along with a pulsed mode, when part of the period electricity is not supplied. Like in a microwave, the magnetron works. The minus of induction models is the use of special cookware; in addition, a field is generated that affects human health at a distance of 0.5 - 1 meter. The conclusion is simple: they set up to prepare and moved away.

Plus - induction hobs heat only the dishes, the probability of getting burns is zero. Foucault's currents are not generated in the human body, there is no moment of magnetization reversal. Some models are turned off by themselves if nothing is prepared, they have excellent efficiency, well ahead of gas and electric models. Table material will be discussed below.

Standard gas burners are injectors covered with dividers and lids. It is easy to familiarize with a design at home. The difference between the electric ignition plate is the spark plug. The second is needed for gas control( optional electric cooktop model).The size of the burner determines the power. The express ring is not marked, just larger, sometimes there are several rows of holes for the flame to exit. Choose a gas stove Deluxe, you will not be offended. Tables of plates of this manufacturer are covered with enamel( see below).

A small gas stove with a combined cooking surface is part of the electric hob. The design is invaluable if the gas is often turned off.

cooktop and grill material The ideal purchase is a gas stove with a grill and cast-iron heavy grille, a durable thing. Steel bars can also serve for decades. Regarding the material of the table - the enamel is scratched, the places of damage darken, turn yellow, the presentation is lost. Glass ceramics behaves similarly. Very resistant to kink, she is sensitive to shocks. Reliability is higher than that of the other elements, but in the case of damage they carry out a complete replacement. The price is comparable to the cost of a new induction cooker.

Stainless steel is considered to be the preferred coating for the desktop. Gas stove with stainless steel is expensive - 13,000 rubles and above.

Cookers Bosch

We note the features of the translation of the instruction manual for gas stoves. The feeling that companies - global brands do not respect the Russian consumer, the indicator is the low quality of operating instructions. The choice of goods is conducted according to the documents laid out on the Internet. Clear instructions - the face of the company.

Bosch gas stove

The difference between low-cost gas cookers is minimal, we will discuss expensive models. Modern cooking stove Bosch HGG 245255 fully gas, ignition electric, automatic, on all hobs and oven. The spark is triggered by pressing the knob in the ignition mode, the gas control mechanism is cocked for 10 seconds.retention.

The design is not perfect, but the control panel is not overloaded with buttons. The product card on the Yandex Market contains information about the price - only 35,000 rubles. At the current jumped prices are acceptable, given the electronic( automatic) ignition of four burners and oven.

Gas Grill. Argued that the electric is better, but there is no sound evidence. The grill and oven are switched on with one handle, the operating mode is set mechanically by the position of the gas flow regulator: two ignition positions on opposite sides of the neutral:

  • for the oven;
  • for grill horn.

Mistake with the gas supply is difficult. When the oven is ignited, the handle moves to the right to the asterisk( spark), then turns in the same direction until the beginning of the temperature scale. The grill turns on in the same way, but the temperature setting is the same, indicated by a stylized grill icon. The gas supply valve is one, the adjustment plugs are switched in parallel - the first one in the lower burner, the second in the grill horn.

The grill and oven are equipped with gas control thermocouples, triggered by solenoid valves, producing a voltage of 10-50 mV when heated. The danger of using the device is minimized. Rings with separate valves. The total power of four burners is about 10 kW, a separate parameter is not specified, although the buyer is focused on differentiation, not total costs. The exact parameters of the gas stove Bosch HGG 245255:

  • economical hotplate and quick warm-up, respectively, 1 and 3 kW;
  • two ordinary burners in the second row of 1.75 kW;
  • balance - on the cabinet.

This approach allows you to calculate the time of work from a gas cylinder. The Bosch kitchen stove is designed for 3 types of fuel supply. On the back wall of the Bosch kitchen stove, the plate is reinforced with options, an asterisk indicates a set of factory settings. Pure methane is rarely found in the fields, so Bosch prudently calculated a stove to work with a mixture of natural gas( 85%) and nitrogen( the rest).

Gas Hob

  1. Gas mixture G20 - analogue of natural gas, is supplied at a pressure not exceeding 20 mbar. When threshold 25 is exceeded, it is necessary to turn off the equipment, sincePerformance is not guaranteed. It is about methane, the G20 standard provides for its 100% content. Delivered to homes through yellow pipes, stretched across the surface of the earth.
  2. Bosch considers the second type of gaseous fuel to be G30, the equivalent of bottled gas, butane, more precisely, a mixture of n-butane and isobutane in equal proportions. Due to the high pressure of the fuel, it liquefies as the temperature rises, and when consumed in the process of cooking, the bar will drop even below zero. It is recommended to use cylinders in pairs in order to avoid negative moments. A pressure of 30 mbar is normal, the limit value is 36 mbar.

    Household cooking gas

  3. G31, or LPG - liquefied petroleum gas. From a chemical point of view, 100% propane, pumped into cylinders at the gas station. Pressure higher: 37 mbar - working, 41 mbar - emergency.

With oversized network limits, Bosch recommends the use of pressure regulators and gearboxes. To work in such conditions, Bosch completes the plates with two sets of nozzles: with small holes, designed to work with bottled gas, the second set is designed for natural network.

Consider the remaining options and functions of Bosch HGG 245255 gas stoves. The stainless steel table looks amazing, but the hostesses recommend washing carefully, the mirror surface is scratched, loses an attractive look. This applies to enamel, to a greater extent. The best coating is considered to be tempered glass, a relatively fragile ceramic glass( it is afraid of blows, it withstands considerable static pressure).Stainless steel is optimal, its authenticity is checked by a magnet. If not stuck, a high percentage of nickel is in the alloy. Such a stainless steel is expensive at the point of reception.

Bosch HGG 245255 kitchen stove

The Bosch HGG 245255 cooker product card is silent about the purpose of the timer. A number of models are controlled from it, i.e., we have a multicooker in a huge case. Bosch assures that the electronic scoreboard on the front panel with buttons does not affect the operation of the equipment. Separate clock with alarm, which at the right moment will give an alarm.

Whether to buy gas stoves Bosch

Let's go back to Bosch HGG 245255. The technical characteristics of gas stoves are great. The equipment is adapted to the Russian realities of life. The instruction unambiguously warns that electrical ignition does not work when the mains voltage drops below 185 V. Pleasant care of the manufacturer for customers. The instruction clearly shows how to use the grill plate. The heat-reflecting material protects the front panel, keeps the lid of the oven in a half-open state. Curiously, plants are not always able to explain the principle of operation of a gas stove of their own production, although the violation of operating conditions leads to negative effects.

Undoubtedly, Bosch is an excellent equipment, but the right choice of a gas stove depends on the place of manufacture of a particular instance. Not all conveyors give equipment of the same excellent quality. True, Bosch is strictly monitoring compliance with German quality. Since it is believed that the European assembly is better than others, ask in advance where your device is manufactured.

Keep in mind that the considered model provides the necessary, no frills. If it seems that the clock is meaningless, remember, they squeak until they turn it off. The beep of other timers is disconnected independently after a certain period of time.

We hope the review showed which gas stoves are better, and you can now compare specific models with a sample.

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