Which is better to buy Thermo

You should start with the destination Thermo. In everyday life, there is no need to constantly maintain the temperature of water. Many do not know the principle of the device. Prudent bosses device sets in the office, and not interfere with Thermo mistress waiting for guests. The device supports different temperatures depending on the needs. Which is better to buy Thermo - consider in the article.

Appropriate location of Thermo

In some cases, the device need? The first thing that comes to mind - piecework. Assume the result depends on the performance. Unprofitable spend time boiling kettle. Thermo useful. A team of builders is also much more convenient if boiled water set temperature is already flowing out of the faucet.

kitchen Thermo

kitchen Thermo

Kettle volume is small: 1 - 2 liters. Airpots come in large sizes. This makes it possible to cope with a ceremony at a time. If a giant Thermo pour boiled and put in the beginning of the shift, the difficulties will disappear altogether. By the way, it is appropriate to note that the consumption of this class of devices lower than that of an electric kettle, the likelihood of overloading the local network falls sharply. Imagine that workers put on two or three boiling kettle. Total power tipped the scales for the 5 kW. Local power supply fails. This is an additional simple. Comes the boss, begins to curse. As time goes by, the work is worth it.

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Thermo correct position. With low power and high volume of the device is heated for a long time, but at the time the change is clearly time to, without creating congestion.

Thermo capacity must exceed a one-time hot water needs, taking into account minimum stock in the tank.

The heating element is working almost constantly, can not be left in the tank a little water. Thermo burn if you do not work in protection. If the plan 12 to drink two glasses, is Thermo capacity at 12 x 2 x 0.2 + 0.5 where pint taken on stock. This is the minimum level of water in the Thermo. Leaves 5.3 liters. Hence, the device needs a working capacity greater than 5.5 liters, since gradation is 500 grams. To search for Thermo convenient to use Yandex-market, putting an option.

The ability to preserve heat Airpots

When buying Thermo note that the device is well conserves heat. Hence, the rated power is consumed not always. Some Thermo two spirals with varying degrees of consumption. The smaller of them periodically heats the water. To maintain the heat necessary to compensate for the loss, and they are usually small.

Thermo with scale

Thermo with scale

By the way, when buying it is logical to examine the cup: what is done, what is the insulation. For example, today's easy to find Thermo Scarlett with a capacity of tempered glass. Material plays a major role, because the water is inside the hot hours of the form. During this time a plastic cup Thermo record the amount of harmful substances pass into the liquid medium. This asthma, nervous attacks, dizziness and allergic reactions.

Best suited steel or glass. Not excluded ceramic Airpots. It is important to use food material. In order not to miscalculate, buy Thermo glass. With ceramics, too, is not so simple, the methods of its color often harmful. A lot depends on the insulation. Given the choice is not worth buying Thermo polyurethane foam with inclusions. The polymers do not tolerate high temperature.

They should be made to the heat conservation measures. In the simplest case, fit a double glass envelope. Inner vacuum - an insulation of the conductive loss, and if on one wall sprayed aluminum layer on the reverse, energy leakage due to radiation are blocked completely. This is an example of good insulation Thermo, but expensive technology. It's better to take the device, where the insulation between the walls is air. Thermo bad choice will no weatherization measures. Losses increase, pay for electricity will have more.

volume Thermo

volume Thermo

Buy Kettle Thermo-standing fans cheer. The device can easily replace any samovar:

  • large volume;
  • heat does not go away;
  • you can top up with water.

Look Thermo regime with re-boiling. Consider the mechanism of action. Scalding hot water is not needed for a cup of tea. Put Thermo degrees to 60, enjoy life. It comes time to replenish the raw water. Change the mode to 100 and then again to set 60 is not necessary. Just press Reboil. The water boils, and Thermo not include the heater until the temperature drops to 60 degrees. Tea Party wants to start faster. Good insulation, on the contrary, hurt. Adapt and choose the store to the needs of Thermo.

The samovar, for example, there is no insulation. It is simply a copper vat, excellent heat conductor, and therefore radiates in the infrared. The water quickly cools. Meanwhile, the face and throat tea party members receive the charge healing infrared radiation. The range is close to the optimum, and the intensity is great enough to cause the hospitality at the table. Thermo unlikely in this plan will replace the samovar, but the device is applicable where the copper-bellied good-natured not get through.

stylish Thermo

stylish Thermo

Most instruments equipped with a carrying handle Thermo long distances. Heat insulation helps not only when you turn off the light, but also when moving hot water. Suppose adopt such techniques could take the chef. On-site kitchen Thermo looks good, if you do not find a suitable thermos.

Water supply from Thermo

In order to save heat energy savings silly slit through the cover. For this reason, many Airpots poured through a narrow neck, and the water comes out through the spout. In the presence of electricity care of the sink takes the pump. Otherwise, you need to press the button with your finger until the required number of nabezhit.

When choosing Thermo pay attention to these little things.

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