14 most reliable washing machines

  • AEG L 576,272 SL
  • Beko WDI 85143
  • Asko W6454 W
  • ATLANT 60S107
  • Bosch WLG 20060
  • Candy Aquamatic 2D1140-07
  • Siemens WM 16Y892
  • Electrolux EWW 51676 SWD
  • Hotpoint-Ariston RSM 601 W
  • Samsung WW80K62E07S
  • LGFH-4A8TDS4
  • LG F-12U2HFNA
  • AEG L 56126 TL
  • Daewoo Electronics DWD-CV701 PC
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In order to help in choosing such an important device as a washing machine, we have prepared the most reliable 2016–2017 for 2016–2017 to select such an important device as a washing machine. The list is based on feedback from a variety of users and service centers. We will not award "medals", but just tell you what the best washing machines for quality and reliability can be found on the shelves.

AEG L 576272 SL

According to the manufacturer, the trouble-free life of this model can be up to 20 years. The main advantages of the device are quiet operation, excellent washing quality and economical consumption of resources. The unit spends only 45 liters of water for one cycle.

Energy class - A ++, spin speed up to 1,400 rpm. When fully loaded, the washing machine can wash up to 6.5 kg of things at a time. The system is equipped with reliable control of leaks and tracking of the amount of foaming.


  • digital control with clear display;
  • child protection;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • high level of washing off complex dirt;
  • economical consumption of detergents;
  • virtually silent operation;
  • capacious, but not too deep drum.

The disadvantages include the rather high cost and the fact that the model does not provide for programs of average duration. You can set the mode “quick wash”, but if you do not, the process will last a couple of hours.

Beko WDI 85143

Despite the fact that complaints about washing machines of a Turkish company have become more frequent recently, this machine is not as simple as it may seem at first. For those who do not plan to spend too much on the washing unit, it will fit just perfect. Although the device belongs to the built-in technology, the dimensions are standard, and the installation does not cause any difficulties - the installation system is available even to not very experienced specialists.

The unit is designed for as much as 8 kg, this is more than enough for a family of 4-5 people. It is noteworthy that at such a cost, the automatic machine is equipped with a built-in dryer capable of handling 5 kg of linen.


  • foam and imbalance control system;
  • quiet operation;
  • delayed start of work;
  • reliable Turkish assembly( for this model);
  • laundry drying system;
  • digital monitor;
  • intelligent control;
  • very attractive price.


  • leakage protection is partially implemented.

Asko W6454 W

The TOP continues with another roomy model that can handle 8 kg of laundry. Class of electricity consumption - A ++, water consumption - up to 65 liters. A 1,500 rpm spinning system will leave your laundry almost dry. The model is equipped with electronic control, high-quality protection against accidental leaks. Additionally provided for the control of children's activity.


  • sufficient functionality( 15 programs);
  • special modes - hypoallergenic program, drum self-cleaning system;
  • silent operation;
  • large drum volume;
  • good washing quality;
  • stainless steel tank;
  • long warranty period;
  • reliable materials.


  • quite a high price.


A good choice for those who are not used to overpay for a big name. Like all the technology of this brand, the model is simple and reliable. It is worth while it is quite affordable. The manufacturer has provided not only reliable protection against children, but also a system for monitoring overloads, which is very important in our realities.

The washing machine is quite quiet, especially if you choose the night mode. Energy class A + is fully consistent with the ideas of economical household appliances. Compared with many similar models of Western manufacturers, the unit greatly benefits in reliability and durability of operation. In addition, if something breaks in it, it will not be difficult to find components for repair.


  • a wide range of programs, including modes for shoes and sportswear;
  • quiet night mode;
  • good energy saving class;
  • quite low water consumption( 50 l / per cycle);
  • soaking function;
  • low price.


  • impressive dimensions;
  • is not a very “loud” name, it does not suit those who are used to chasing brands.

Bosch WLG 20060

The reliability rating of the washing machines is the easiest and easiest to manage. It has a minimum number of functions that it is easy for a person who is not well versed in technology to work with. In this case, the machine has all the qualities of a good, proven brand:

  • various programs for cotton, wool or synthetic fabrics;
  • forced discharge of water;
  • Extra Rinse;
  • mode does not provide spin;
  • separate pre-installed programs for jeans, baby clothes;
  • mode "quick wash";
  • system 3D-Aquaspar

The machine has foam control, self-cleaning powder pan and unbalance suppression mode. In addition, it is quite affordable.

Among the shortcomings it can be noted:

  • no forced spin adjustment;
  • inability to independently set the water temperature;
  • no display to display the remaining washing time.

This model is well chosen for the elderly. They will not have to deal with the settings for a long time, just turn the handle and the machine will do everything itself.

Candy Aquamatic 2D1140–07

This baby machine fits easily under the sink and is perfect for the smallest bathrooms. With a depth of only 46 cm, it can hold up to 4 kg of linen. The washing machine has 16 pre-installed programs, including a mode with hypo-allergenic settings.


  • good washing quality;
  • miniature sizes;
  • delayed start timer up to 24 hours;
  • child protection;
  • convenient control with an informative display;
  • a large number of special modes;
  • has the ability to independently set the temperature of the wash.


  • timer can only be set in 1 hour increments.

Siemens WM 16Y892

Excellent washing equipment, combining ease of management and corporate identity. The machine is so smart that it can weigh the amount of linen, recognize the degree of contamination and measure the amount of detergent and air conditioner. It is enough for the user to one-time fill the built-in compartments of the cuvette and “forget” about this process for about 20 washes. In case of lack of liquid shampoo, i-Dos system works with powder.

Siemens WM 16Y892 is able to independently recognize 16 types of stains and self-eliminate them.


  • capacious drum 9 kg;
  • "smart" control of stains and amounts of detergent;
  • spin up to 1,600 rpm;
  • a huge number of programs;
  • real water and electricity savings;
  • internal drum lights;
  • high-quality German assembly.


  • huge price.

Electrolux EWW 51676 SWD

Sufficiently compact washing machine that combines washing equipment and drying. In the first mode, the maximum load up to 7 kg, in the second - 4 kg. The most popular program is a quick wash and dry program. The whole process takes no more than 60 minutes.

Time Manager system allows you to program the machine so that the laundry will be ready exactly when it is needed. One of the popular features is steaming things( without washing).This allows you to get rid of unpleasant odors, allergens, soften fabric and smooth the folds.


  • integrated drying;
  • steam treatment function;
  • good European assembly;
  • comfortable size.


  • is missing very fast washing modes.

Hotpoint-Ariston RSM 601 W

Another fairly popular model. According to its technical characteristics, it is one of the most reliable among similar models of competitors. An important advantage is the ability to independently set the parameters of washing spin.

The washing machine provides comprehensive protection against leakage and belongs to a rather high energy consumption class - A +.So economical housewives can not worry about the overspending of electricity. Water "washerwoman" also consumes sparingly, only 49 liters per work cycle.


  • convenient loading hatch of large diameter;
  • profitability;
  • user-friendly digital display;
  • sound and light signal of the end of work;
  • delayed start for 24 hours.


  • noisy work, especially during the spin cycle.

Samsung WW80K62E07S

Very spacious front-loading model. In one cycle, you can wash up to 8 kg of things. According to customer reviews, this washing machine is considered one of the most reliable. Specialists also note the minimum number of calls to service centers.

Automatic "laundress" boasts the highest level of electricity savings - A +++.The direct drive system ensures durable and very quiet operation of the device.


  • high manufacturability;
  • ability to control from a smartphone;
  • quiet operation;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • profitability;
  • large selection of programs;
  • bubble wash air;
  • drum cleaning system.


  • is quite expensive.


Very attractive, in the truest sense of the word, model. Cute design, stylish display, touch control - just "pretty."In addition, the machine washes at a fairly decent level. This washing machine can also be combined into a common system with a smartphone, but only Android systems. Direct drive allows you to make the work of the washing machine almost silent. The manufacturer has provided the possibility of washing with steam - one of the new developments.


  • a good choice of programs( 14);
  • accelerated wash mode TurboWash;
  • quality inverter motor;
  • warranty up to 10 years;
  • is not too "transcendental" price.


  • there are difficulties with installing under the countertop;
  • is quite noisy in the mode of water withdrawal( pump).


Another proven model of the same manufacturer. It is calculated on the weight of linen to 7 kg, at the same time consumes a little water and light. High-quality spinning is carried out at 1,200 rpm. This allows you to remove moisture as much as possible without damaging the fabric. There is a reliable protection against leakage and blocking from children. Controlled by touch panel.


  • good drum capacity;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • decent selection of functions, 14 modes;
  • nice design;
  • intelligent wash;
  • half load capability;
  • possibility of restarting( in case of a sudden shutdown of the light, the machine starts from the same place where the failure occurred);
  • profitability;
  • sustainability.

Negative moments:

  • is quite noisy.

AEG L 56126 TL

One of the best units with impeccable technical characteristics. The washing machine has a vertical loading type, so it allows you to add laundry to the drum after the washing process has begun. The device takes up little space and has a simple control, all parameters can be seen on a digital display.

The program provides a delicate and economical washing modes for mixed fabrics and jeans. If you need to move the machine, you can do it without much difficulty, it is equipped with small rollers.

Main advantages:

  • high-quality French assembly;
  • parking drum system;
  • function of smooth opening of the loading hatch;
  • excellent washing quality;
  • removable tray for washing;
  • quiet operation;
  • adjustable wash modes;
  • many automatic programs;
  • the ability to independently set the number of revolutions.


  • audible noise at the time of spin;
  • short cord;
  • high cost.

Daewoo Electronics DWD-CV701 PC

Completes our small list of the best washing machines for quality and reliability, a real miracle of technology. This machine is ideal for those who have absolutely no place to install. Miniature size and weight of only 17 kg allow you to mount the unit directly on the wall. In this case, the washing machine copes with 3 kg of linen. Big things, like a blanket, certainly won't fit in it. On the other hand, it is possible to wash it literally every other day, because the unit consumes minimum water.


  • miniature sizes;
  • possibility of wall mounting;
  • highest level of reliability due to the minimum number of parts;
  • lightness and compact size;
  • nice design;
  • clear instruction, simple operation;
  • super economy;
  • nice price.


  • insufficiently strong factory fasteners, it is better to replace them immediately with something better;
  • lack of a signal about a tightly closed door;
  • can not be washed without spinning;
  • rumble at high speeds;
  • spinning is not strong enough( 700 rpm);
  • impossible to erase bulk items.


In conclusion, I would like to say that the most reliable can be considered the technique, which has the smallest number of moving parts and components. But in washing machines it is simply impossible. Our rating of the most reliable washing machines is intended only to draw the attention of the reader to our opinion on the most worthy options. However, when choosing a unit, it is necessary to take into account purely individual preferences. When choosing a washing machine, you need to evaluate all the indicators in the complex, then the home assistant will faithfully serve you for many years.

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