Inverter motor in a washing machine - what is it?

  • What is an inverter motor in washing machines
  • Main advantages of inverter motors
  • Pros and cons
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Almost silent operation of the device, 1600 turns during the spin, 20% more energy efficiency - really such washing machines really exist? Or is this another marketing ploy? Let's look at the features of the work of new-generation washing machines - with an inverter type motor. After all, home appliance manufacturers tirelessly replenish the assortment of stores with interesting novelties - it is worth being aware not to miss a really worthwhile appliance and make the right choice.

What is an inverter motor in washing machines

The motor of the washing machines we are used to is driven by the current that flows to the rotor through special brushes. In the winding of the rotor, a magnetic field occurs, which triggers the rotation. The intensity of the engine in this case depends on the voltage, which gives the electrical network. And the rotary element of the drum is an anchor. Rubbing parts - brushes, periodically wear out and must be replaced. And when working, we hear creaking, rubbing and buzzing.

Inverter motor in a washing machine is arranged somewhat differently and works according to a different principle. There are no brushes or other rubbing elements that transmit current. But there is an AC-to-DC converter and from DC to AC with a given frequency. As a result, regardless of voltage, the engine will operate at a consistently high rpm, immediately pick up the required speed and react sensitively to regime commands. In such an engine, the rotational element is the transducer itself or the stater, which drives the washing machine drum. The noise level is an order of magnitude lower than during the operation of a conventional engine. In addition, there are no parts to be replaced.

This type of motor was introduced to the home appliance market by the developers of the LG concern 12 years ago, in 2005.Today, a washing machine with direct drive and inverter type motor is considered to be almost the ideal model of this brand.

Main advantages of

inverter motors In addition to the quieter operation of the device and the lack of consumables, the inverter motor is positioned as a device with a number of advantages. Let's look at them in more detail.

  • Energy Efficiency. Stated that the use of an inverter motor can save 20% more electricity. This is due to the higher efficiency of the motor, because there are no rubbing brushes in it. In addition, the engine is almost immediately gaining the necessary momentum, and with incomplete loading, he controls the intensity of rotation of the drum and does not “accelerate” if this is not necessary.
  • High power and high quality spin at high revs. Thanks to the device of the engine, not only high performance, but also the maximum power of the device is achieved. In modern washers, the spin reaches 1600-2000 rpm - the laundry from the machine comes out almost dry. A great option for apartments without balconies and the cold season. By the way, to add, due to the high power of the device, such washers are characterized by a large capacity of the drum. On average, the usual model is designed for 7-10 kg of linen.
  • Precise, intelligent control. All commands performed by the appliance correspond exactly to the washing mode. Thus, rational consumption of water and the use of the full potential of the device is achieved.
  • Durability. Due to the absence of moving parts and the instantaneous output at the required speed, the inverter motor is able to serve much longer than its predecessors. It should be noted that washing machines are designed for 5–8 years of work, and the manufacturers warranty for washers with an inverter motor - from 10 years.

In general, washing machines with an inverter motor type are more advanced and technological household assistants with rich and justified functionality and excellent performance characteristics.

Pros and cons

If you still continue to think about whether to overpay for the presence of an inverter motor, let's try to weed out the real facts from advertising and understand whether such an engine is worth the money.

Remember that washing machines of this type should have a lower noise level during operation. But it is important to understand that a washing machine with a direct drive can be considered a truly silent device, because the inverter still produces certain sounds at work( about 50 dB), and at high spin speeds it makes noise just like more outdated fellow engines( about 70dB).

If you reason logically and take into account that the maximum electricity consumption is reached at the time of heating the water in the washing machine tank, then a natural question arises - what kind of energy efficiency of the inverter in 20% is meant? Indeed, this figure is somewhat exaggerated, and the savings are due to the high efficiency of the motor and intelligent control - provided that you do not constantly load the drum "to the eyeballs".

High spin speeds are a good thing, but not always. With such an intense impact on the fabric, things will wear out faster and become unusable. Of course, this is an excellent reason to constantly update your wardrobe, but if you are not a shopaholic, then such a prospect may not please you.

Precise, intelligent control and quick access to the set momentum is a very beautiful phrase. But in reality, it is important for all of us to get the quality of the washed things out of the machine, and how accurately the drum will rotate at the same time - we do not even think about it.

Lack of consumables - this is also an important plus. One side. On the other hand, in washing machines these parts - brushes - work quietly for about 10 years at any intensity. Yes, and change the brush - not very expensive. The only excuse for the inverter in this situation is that it works stably and will not leave you without clean laundry at the most unexpected moment.

Considering the rather high price of washing machines with an inverter motor, it is worthwhile to think carefully before buying an appliance solely because of this type of motor. After all, in fact, you do not get the promised benefits or they do not affect the efficiency of the washing machine itself. On the other hand, almost all washers with an inverter motor are machines of the new generation, which means they have useful functions that really justify their price.


It is up to you to buy a washer solely because of an inverter. But based on the foregoing, it can be concluded that attention should be paid to the entire functionality of the device and its technical capabilities. Only in combination with these parameters, the inverter type of the motor justifies itself and deserves that you install such a washing machine in your home.

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