Advantages of the Samsung Eco Bubble washing machine

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The quality of washing a washing machine is very important for every woman, so they choose this type of home appliance for a very long time. This results from the fact that this unit is bought for quite a long time, but is it worth it?as it is known not cheap. And also complicates the choice of a large range of these devices on the market, which is constantly updated with new developments.

One of the brands that produce household appliances is Samsung, which launched the Eco Bubble washing machine series. The technology of this device must satisfy even the customer with excessive demands, because it provides high quality washing. Let us consider in more detail in our review what is the Eco Bubble function in a washing machine.

Eco Bubble Technology

The word “Bubble” appearing in the name of the washing machine makes it clear that bubbles are involved in the washing process. These bubbles in large quantities are formed at the beginning of washing by whipping, which form a foam when water and laundry detergent interact. In the bubbly surface, the powder dissolves equally. The resulting texture gently removes all contamination from clothes, because it penetrates the fabric several times faster.

The main thing that distinguishes the Eco Bubble washing machine from the conventional typewriter is when the powder starts to “work” before washing the water. With this technology you can wash in cold water, thereby saving not only electricity but also detergent. According to the developers, with this technology it is possible to wash out complex stains even at 30 degrees.

Pros and cons of Eco-Babble function

Experts believe that this model of washing machines is the best of all on the market. This is mainly due to the fact that it has significantly more advantages than similar devices. Note that all these advantages are derived from various useful functions.

  1. A technology called “Bubble Generator” in this mode mixes water, powder and air, resulting in a large amount of bubbles. The resulting foam easily penetrates deep into the tissues and gently cleans even the most difficult stains. Note that in this case, you can wash in cold water. Therefore, Eco Bubble is considered one of the best inventions in recent times.
  2. Samsung Eco Bubble boasts the Intensive Eco mode. This is also an indisputable advantage, because this program allows you to wash at a low temperature of 150, thereby saving energy consumption without loss of efficiency.
  3. You can wash denim without hand wash. As a result, jeans will last much longer.
  4. Availability of a laundry program for baby clothes that gently and gently cleanses clothes for babies. As a result, things will be soft, and the child will not have allergies.
  5. The Quick Wash function is suitable for items with small soiling. Busy people will appreciate this option, because the whole process will take no more than 20 minutes.
  6. The program for washing outerwear, helps with the help of foam to protect it from wear without damaging the upper moisture barrier layer.
  7. Function called "protection from children" is perfect for young families who have a small child. This will help not only keep the equipment intact, but also ensure the safety of the baby.
  8. Washing machine washes almost silently.


  • Small items and things remain in the rubber cuff after washing.
  • Some users complain of an unpleasant smell.
  • Washing machine is quite expensive.

Note that some owners of cars from the Eco Bubble series do not see a big difference between this and another unit. Manufacturers believe that this is due to improper use of the machine. Therefore, you must follow the instructions.

Design and Specifications

This washing machine is presented in white or gray colors without any bright accents. The unit is equipped with a massive glossy gray hatch. On the left you can see the powder compartment, and on the right is the control panel with an electronic screen, where you can select the Eco Bubble function. In the middle is the switch of washing modes. Note that near some functions the red indicator is on.

Product specifications:

  1. The parameters of the Eco Bubble washing machine are 60x80x45cm, which is standard.
  2. Mode switching by using the swivel wheel.
  3. The laundry is loaded frontally, and the drum holds about 8 kilograms.
  4. The washing machine weighs 63 kilograms.
  5. Electronic Control.
  6. The presence of a digital screen.
  7. 17 wash modes and 5 temperature levels.
  8. The maximum number of burs per minute is 1200.
  9. Low power consumption( class A ++).

In our article we tried to answer the question: what is the Eco Bubble function. We hope that this review was useful to you, and you will make the right choice, taking into account all the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Have a nice shopping.

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