How to choose the right model juicer for berries

Berry juice, for example, cherry or grape, like many, besides it can be used to prepare various desserts. It is impossible to find a completely natural product in the stores, so for those who want to eat as many natural vitamins as possible, it makes sense to buy a juicer. Not every model is suitable for making a drink from the berries, so you need to prepare in advance for the purchase.

Suitable types of devices

The entire existing range of juicers can be divided into several varieties, some of which are suitable for squeezing juice from the berries, while others are not. This is dictated by the peculiarities of the consistency of the fruit and the presence of hard or numerous seeds in them. Juicer should not only chop the berries and squeeze the juice, but also rid it of the skin and bones. Initially, all models can be divided into manual and electric.

Manual juicers assume direct human involvement in the process of making a drink, they are divided into screw and press. Screw models are structurally similar to manual meat grinders, but have a longer and narrower outlet. The main detail in them is a spiral auger, which crushes and squeezes the berries, after which they pass through a strainer to sift the seeds and poured into the prepared container. The pressing devices are a large container into which berries are loaded, after which by pressing the lever a heavy press is lowered, squeezing the juice, flowing into the prepared container through the holes in the container. Any manual juicer is suitable for making juice from berries, but for fruits with stones, for example, cherries or grapes, it is better to prefer auger model.

Electric juicers work from the outlet, so the user only needs to load the berries into the receiving opening and press the corresponding button on the control panel. Such devices are divided into citrus and universal, the first type is only suitable for grinding lemons, oranges, mandarins and grapefruits, and the second - for all other fruits, vegetables and berries. The universal juice extractor, in turn, can be auger or centrifugal, depending on the type of grinding part. The screw device is similar to the same type of manual device, and in the centrifugal model, the berries are crushed with a grater, and then the juice is separated from the pulp by a rapid rotation of the separator due to centrifugal force. Such devices are not suitable for squeezing juice out of the berries, since the holes in the centrifuge mesh will be constantly filled with stones, and you will have to clean the machine.

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Thus, manual or electric auger juice extractor is most suitable for grinding berries, it can squeeze juice from any fruit, including cherries and grapes.

Manual or Electric

To choose between a manual and an electric model, you need to understand what are their fundamental differences, in addition to the appearance and price. Some advantages and disadvantages of the device can drastically change the buyer's opinion about it, so before buying it is necessary to consider all the features.

In manual juicers, the crushing of berries and squeezing of juice occurs through human effort, so when working does not develop much power. This means that the process will be slow, but at the same time the device will not heat up, and therefore the juice will not lose its beneficial qualities. In addition, manual juicers produce much less noise than electric ones, which is important for those who have small children in their families. Another advantage is the strength of parts, and even if some of them become useless, they can be replaced without detriment to the family budget.

With electric devices, things are different because they are considered devices of the new generation. The price of the device itself and its components can be high, so you should prepare in advance for possible expenses. Unlike hand-held appliances, the juice heats up in electrics, so it loses some useful substances. This disadvantage is compensated by the speed and simplicity of the process of pressing the drink.

To understand which juice extractor suits you best, you need to decide what is more important to you. If you want to keep all the useful substances in the juice, for example, for baby food, you need to give preference to the manual device. If you care about the time spent on the process of making juice, it is better to choose an electric unit. In addition, note that squeezing the juice from fruits with large bones, such as cherries, will be inconvenient to produce using a hand-held device.

Suitable models

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If you can’t choose a juicer that suits your needs, you can use the opinions of other customers who have already tried this or that device and can recommend it to others. The most popular models that are often chosen for the manufacture of berry juice include:

  1. Eco-friendly “Lurch” juicer. This is a manual screw-type juicer made in Germany, which is designed directly for the berries, as it has a small but wide feed opening and several filters for stones. The body is made of environmentally friendly plastic, complete with the device comes a glass for ready-made juice with a volume of 500 ml, which is closed with a lid with a strainer. Suitable for grapes, currants, strawberries, raspberries, sea buckthorn and other fruits. The cost of this device can be from 3 thousand rubles.
  2. Seewe Manual Juicer. This is another representative of hand screw devices, which is characterized by compactness, ease of use and analysis of the components. The base of the device is firmly attached to the surface on a rubberized foot, there is an automatic cleaning function from the cake. The device can squeeze juice from blackberries, sea buckthorn, mountain ash, grapes and other fruits with small stones. The cost of the device can be from 3 thousand rubles.
  3. KITFORT KT-1101-3.This is a representative of electric juicers, the body of which is made of plastic, but the style of the device will fit perfectly into any modern kitchen. The power of the juicer is 150 W, which is the optimal value for this type, complete with the device comes a glass for the finished juice and a tank for waste. Can be used to make juice from strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, grapes, cherries, as well as vegetables and fruits. The cost can start from 6 thousand rubles.
  4. Vitesse VS-553.This is a universal screw juice extractor from a higher price category, it is distinguished by a metal body and several filters that allow you to adjust the amount of pulp in the drink, if desired. The power of the device is 200 W, a glass for the finished juice and a pulp tank are supplied in the set, the volume of each container is 1 l. Suitable for squeezing juice from grapes, raspberries, strawberries, as well as other berries, fruits and vegetables. The cost can be from 9 thousand rubles.
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