How to clean the blue mink of yellowness and dust

Blue mink products are not cheap, but caring for them is quite painstaking, why do they attract girls and women? The answer is simple: usually from such fur they sew elegant clothes that just look incredibly beautiful, and every woman can choose a suitable fur coat for herself and feel herself in it one hundred percent! In addition, with proper care, the product can serve you more than one season. In this article you will learn about several methods of how to clean the blue mink, without damaging and spoiling it.

With the help of alcohol

Surely, any hostess somewhere in the medicine cabinet contains a jar of this useful remedy, and if not, you can easily buy it at the pharmacy. For this method you need ammonia or water and alcohol. How to use this method:

  1. Take these ingredients and mix in proportions 1 tablespoon of the alcohol ingredient and 2 tablespoons of water( if the contaminated area is small).
  2. After that, soak a cotton pad in the resulting mixture, squeeze.
  3. Gently wipe the stain.
  4. Take a dry, clean towel, blot all areas that you have cleaned with it.
  5. At the end, whisk the fur and leave it to dry completely.
  6. Repeat the above steps if necessary.

Medical alcohol very well removes not only the yellowness, but also dirt from lipstick and foundation, which often every girl encounters. It is very important to do everything according to the specified instructions, otherwise the structure of the fur can be broken and not restored.

Tip: if your mink product has a long nap, then you need to rub it in the direction of the hairs, and if your mink is cropped, rub it “against the coat”.

With the help of

potato starch Almost every owner of an amazing blue fur outfit faced the problem of yellowness. It appears due to the wear of the wardrobe item and many solve this issue by hanging the product as far as possible into the closet with the hope that the stain itself will disappear, or simply throw the thing away. Do not rush to take such drastic measures, there is a simple method to get rid of this kind of stains at home:

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  1. Find yourself or buy potato starch.
  2. Pour a small amount on the yellowed spot.
  3. After that, gently rub the fur with your hands.
  4. Using a soft brush( can use for clothes or an old toothbrush), remove starch residues.
  5. Carefully shake off the fur coat. It is advisable to do this in the open air.

So just using ordinary potato starch, it is possible to save the product from old age and wear at home in a few minutes. Thanks to this, you can have more than one year to please yourself with your favorite blue mink outfit, while others around you will tirelessly give you compliments.

Advice: before using this or that method, be sure to try it on an inconspicuous piece of the product at the beginning and find out how your thing will react to your chosen method of cleaning, and then, if everything is good, apply it to the contaminated area or the entire surface.

With the help of hydrogen peroxide

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And again you will be rescued by supplies of the first-aid kit, there are many useful medicines that can successfully serve not only for their intended purpose. Surely in it you still have a bubble of peroxide. Use it to solve the problem of contamination of any clothing made of fur. So:

  1. You need 3-5% peroxide and ammonia, which need to be mixed in equal proportions.
  2. Using a spray bottle, spray the problem area with the resulting mixture.
  3. After that, with a cotton swab slightly moistened with water, wipe the area to be cleaned.
  4. Remove moisture with a clean, dry towel.

In this way, you will get rid of the yellowed spot and will continue to enjoy your reflection in the mirror before going out, putting on an elegant blue mink fur coat.

Using glycerin

This is another tool that is used in medicine, and in our case, thanks to it, you can update the color of the fur coat( get rid of the yellowed spots of old age) and make the fur shine. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. To begin, moisten a cotton pad with glycerin.
  2. After that, you need to walk them across the entire mink surface from top to bottom.

So you can refresh the bright color of your favorite fur coat, and every season it will delight you with its presentable appearance, and people around you will think that this is a new thing and give you pleasant compliments.

Tip: this kind of cleaning should be carried out no more than twice a season to maintain a good appearance of the product.


Monkey If you are not a fan of semolina and you do not have this cereal at home, contact your friend or neighbor or buy it by weight, because you need very little of it. Use this method to clean unwanted stains from mink fur. Here is what you need to do:

  1. First you need to cook porridge: take 2 cups of milk and 2 tablespoons of cereals.
  2. Cool the resulting mixture and apply to the desired areas of the product.
  3. Leave it in this form until the morning.
  4. After that, use a soft brush to clean the mink surface.
  5. Comb with blunt teeth required to comb the grits and shake it.

Before throwing away or putting into the wardrobe a spoiled thing, and even such an expensive one, try to clean it and update it first using the methods described above. After all, they are very simple and affordable, they can be used both at home and at work, and the result will be no worse than after dry cleaning. By doing this, you will put on your favorite fur coat, vest or any other blue mink product with the same feelings and emotions as you did for the first time, and for this it is worth spending a few hours of your time.

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