How to paint jeans black

Black jeans can be considered as universal clothing, which sometimes replaces pants. Unfortunately, over time they appear light rubbing. I would like to know how to dye jeans black with the help of available tools, and whether there are special dyes that can be used at home.

The use of special paint

Of course, faded jeans can last more than one year. In them we go around the house, put on the cottage, use as clothing for repairs. But if there is a desire to return a decent look to your favorite pants, they should be painted and you can do it at home without the help of a specialist.

For sale are paints designed for painting fabrics by hand and in a washing machine. You need to buy black. This can be done through an online store or in the department of household chemicals supermarket. If there is a specialized shop in your city, you can apply there.

Next, you need to prepare jeans. They must be clean, free from oil stains and other contaminants. If you don’t remember when you last washed your jeans, wash them again, but without using an air conditioner, as air conditioning can affect the dyeing process.

Sequence of actions

Read the instructions on the ink packaging. It should be written there, in what quantity it should be used and in what sequence to perform actions. Most often at home painting is used in the washing machine.

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  • Check all the jeans pockets, they should be completely empty.
  • Turn the pants inside out, if the label is preserved, then check just in case, at what temperature it is recommended to wash them. Usually this temperature is not more than 40 °.
  • Put jeans into the drum, top with powdered paint in the required amount.
  • Close the door and turn on the wash mode.
  • When the wash is over, take out the pants and rinse it in clean water with vinegar. Per liter of warm water is enough one tablespoon.
  • After rinsing, jeans are washed with ordinary powder for colored items.
  • At the last stage, they are taken out of the machine and dried.
Rinsing with vinegar is necessary to fix the color, but in more modern colors there is already a fixative, so there may not be any in the instructions for this item. There are also paints that should not be poured out of the package. The package is simply opened and placed in the drum.

Do not be afraid that after such staining the machine will deteriorate or become dirty laundry. After the last rinse, the paint from the washing machine is washed away and leaves no trace behind. If the sealing gum has changed color, then it can be wiped with a soft cloth.

Coloring with available tools

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If you can’t buy special paint for some reason, but really want to return the jeans black color, you can use the available tools.

The most commonly used hair dye. It is necessary to buy 2 packs of black paint without any shades and ebbs. Coloring is done with gloves. Dissolve the dye in lukewarm water and soak the pants in it for an hour. After this, remove and rinse in water with vinegar and salt. Note that after such a painting jeans will be very shed.

An even more extreme staining method is with felt-tip pens. It is necessary to gut a black felt-tip pen, put it in water so that it turns black and soak jeans in a solution. It is better to try this method first on old unnecessary clothing.

A more common method of dyeing is with a sachet of textile paint, which is diluted with a basin of water. Be sure to wear gloves to avoid staining your hands. Since the dye is inexpensive, you can buy 2-3 packages and try out its effect on an unnecessary piece of fabric.

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