How to stretch a sheepskin coat for size

As a rule, sales of winter clothes are carried out in the summer or late autumn, when we are still lightly dressed and we go in T-shirts or non-thin sweaters. This is the most attractive time to buy an expensive piece of clothing. However, having tried on a new thing in the winter, we sadly find that it is small to us. And it's not just in extra pounds, the problem may lie in warm sweaters. Therefore, many are interested in the question of how to stretch a sheepskin coat at least by one size.


As we all know perfectly well, not all things sold in stores are made of natural fabrics, as is the case with coats. Many are made of genuine leather, and some of artificial. However, you can distinguish them without much effort: a natural leather wardrobe item is heavier in weight and much more expensive in cost.

Why do you need to be able to distinguish between them?

  1. Natural sheepskin coat is much warmer.
  2. If you intend to stretch an artificial thing by one or two sizes, it may not withstand the methods used.

Therefore, it is important for each housewife to know what material her item is made of. But if a sheepskin coat is sewn of real leather, you should also be able to understand it, because the methods of resizing can also differ. Let's talk about its forms.

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Types of sheepskin coats

There are quite a lot of materials from which to sew a warm piece of clothing. Here are some of the most popular among buyers.


Karakul sheepskin coats differ from sheepskin in cost. The fact is that the aforementioned type is made from lamb skin, and therefore it takes more time and starting material to sew the product.

Another distinctive feature is that the astrakhan skin is very thin and is mainly used for making model things, as it has a rather interesting texture. Based on this, we can conclude that in no way can you stretch this kind of product at home, as you can damage the skin and ruin the thing.

Tip: if you need to stretch a thing from astrakhan, it is better to turn to specialized studios who can give the wardrobe the required size without harming its appearance.


It is generally accepted that a good sheepskin coat is one that is made from sheepskin. Unlike karakul, it is denser and has a stronger structure. Sheepskin as a material is subdivided into several types:

  1. If you saw warm clothes in shops with lush and beautiful collars, you should know that Tuscany is a special breed of sheep that have very long and thick wool. Such things are quite expensive, because they are considered the warmest among others.
  2. Merino - this type of sheep has very thick wool, due to which even the thinnest pieces of clothing made from this material remain warm. However, this type of fur has its drawbacks. Since the wool is rather short, it wears out quickly, which makes the sheepskin coat not durable to use.
  3. Interfino. This species will warm you worse than the other two due to the fact that the fur is less thick. However, the advantage of this type is its durability. A thing of this kind of sheepskin will last you long enough.

To understand what type of your sheepskin coat is, it is enough just to feel it by determining the length of the hair and its thickness. Then in the store you will be able to understand how long the purchased item will serve you and how warm it is to warm it.

Coating Coats

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There are several coating types that will also play a role in further increasing the size.

  • Crack - gives the surface a “scaly” texture. It is based on an oil solution, after application of which the surface of the product becomes water-repellent.
  • Nappalan - this type of coating makes the surface of the thing indistinguishable from real leather.
  • Pull-up - is used to create the effect of skin under tension. Such a wardrobe item looks brilliant, and as - as if lacquered.

If the coating of your sheepskin coat is glossy, do not stretch it at home, as you can damage the structure of the product and spoil its appearance.

Also worth paying attention to color. It is more difficult to stretch a warm thing from light skin, because if you carelessly use chemicals on white, stains and stains may remain, which can spoil the appearance.

Methods for increasing the size of

In fact, there are not so many ways to change the size of a sheepskin coat. However, this does not make them less effective, although it allows you to stretch your favorite thing by 1-2 sizes, but not more.

Special means

The simplest method is to buy a means for stretching the skin and put it on the places where you want to stretch your thing. Then put it on and fasten it.

If your sheepskin coat does not have an inner lining, apply the same product to the inside in the same places.

Liquid soap

If for some reason the purchase of a special product is not possible, you can use the materials at hand such as liquid soap. You should make a special solution in proportions of one to four with water( 1 - soap, 4 - water) and spray it over the entire outer surface of the sheepskin coat. Then put it on yourself and wear one or two hours.

For a more even distribution of the soap solution, take a spray bottle that is used to water the flowers at home.

Additional buttons

If the folk remedies do not help, and you really want to wear a warm piece of clothing, then you can change its size with the help of ordinary buttons. Moreover, this way you can give it a new look. For this:

  1. Retreat one or two centimeters from the edge of a sheepskin coat.
  2. Mark the future buttons.
  3. Sew the second row parallel to the first.

Due to this, you can reduce the distance from the zipper to the buttons and thereby increase the size to the required. But if the lightning is on your thing, you will not be able to use this method.

Tip: be careful when marking up a new row of buttons, since the skin is not a fabric, and puncturing it once, you can leave traces that you cannot then pull back.

It is worth remembering that in any case, even with the most “gentle” stretch of leather products, their structure will change and will not be the same. Moreover, the material of the sheepskin coat becomes thinner, which makes it less wear-resistant. Therefore, if you intend to stretch the product at home, be very careful and remember that the maximum result is one or two sizes, but in no case more.

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