What is the best multicooker firm

The question concerns the name of the company, the purpose of the device. The site multivarka.org offer to pass a special test that promises to show which brand of multicooker is better. Let's see, the information taken by marketers, discuss, try to answer the question. What is the best multicooker firm? Avoid meaningless conversations, sorting out brands, there is no black sheep among the class of devices, sometimes found in other segments. It is simple to use a home cooker, therefore little scolding is used as opposed to dishwashers, tablets 3 in 1.

Criteria for choosing a home cooker

The site gives a number of criteria for choosing a home cooker. We will list, then we will try to set the initial conditions, we will see the answer given by the test, we will conclude:

  • The number of people with whom the food is prepared. This is understandable. A typical eater removes 400 grams of soup, 200 grams of cereal. Considering considerations, we choose a home cooker, remembering one small nuance. Bowl one. To shift the troublesome, warm chilled uncomfortable. Home Multicooker is beautiful in tandem aerogrill, microwave. No wonder the device has a heating function. The main thing is to stop being greedy. The family eats one dish, will have to be stored in another container or inside a home multicooker. Two days will quickly get tired of seeing a single rice. We recommend to pick up the volume of a bowl of 800 grams per person, in case of cooking soups. To get two plates for each family member.

  • The second question is the frequency of cooking soup. Mentioned, liquid food goes faster. A home cooker for borscht lovers should take into account the peculiarity of human physiology. A 2.5 liter appliance is enough for three family men who avoid cooking soup. Home Multivarku must be at least three-liter. We speak with confidence: the bowl can not be poured to the top. Leave the stock half a liter.
  • Whether cooking is important. A positive response conveys the dominant role of instrument power. There are weak household multicookers 400 W, small giants that are not inferior to the electric kettle. Of course, the price of these models is higher. If we neglect the speed, 400 watts will come down. The size of the accounts of management companies will grow. Due to the effect of cooling the housing home multicooker: transmits heat. Longer mess with cooking, more loss. Heat maintenance mode eliminates the difference between home multicookers. We see the loss. You think cooking speed is a critical parameter, we recommend taking a home multi-cooker-pressure cooker. The price difference is small, the functionality is wider.

  • Do you like cooking? Yes! This question is not without reason. Rarely prepare - a set of programs we count all occasions. A rare masochist will like to get a pea puree in two or three steps, summing up the time periods. Automatically home multi-cooker-pressure cooker, equipped with a meager set of programs, is powerless to cope. Another thing - the "American" model: see the mode of legumes. The proletarians sit on the beans often. In America, lives a dozen or two. The manufacturer has to satisfy the requests. Asia - Rice, America - Beans, Russia - Peas, India - Beans, Indians - Rice. ..
  • Is the steam cooking function important? Let's face it, it's difficult to buy a home multicooker without Cooking for a Steam mode, try, for those who want to surprise the portal, you will find thousands for one and a half rubles. Dietary meals will become an insurmountable obstacle to the meager programs of the home multicooker.
  • The frequency of production of baking. The stove can simple home multicookers, do not very well. Breadmaster chooses a model equipped with 3D heating. Expecting to lay out utter money are mistaken. It is enough to look through the catalog of Polaris home multicookers. Often the function Bean slips.3D heating is the same, covering the volume, the dish is cooked evenly, dynamically. The question of which firm to take the multicooker acquires value, acquires - the presence of the specified option.

  • Size Kitchen Area. Aspect miss. It is much better to ask if the electrical wiring is old, avoiding the powerful models of home multicookers to burn insulation. The size of the devices is small to take into account the trifle, choosing.
  • Contact Information! More like a marketing trick, a way to find out the needs of users. The size of the kitchen will indirectly reveal material wealth. Curious method of collecting information. Why not just give a list of results. The matter of choice is not short, so we are glad to help readers understand how to use the parameters, deciding which brand to choose a slow cooker. Address, contact details will be assessed only in terms of shipping costs. Sometimes it is more profitable to visit the local Eldorado, there was a rumor: a couple of years ago they replaced the old customer’s refrigerators with new ones. However, it was required to pay in addition. ..

Book of recipes

The device is simple, while making bread, there are short words of instruction. The thickness of the booklet is different. Polaris lays out an electronic copy of the book. With other manufacturers have to guess. Begin by evaluating family preferences. Reminds the choice of bread maker: homemade must tell whether the cupcakes love, Borodino. Try to please, the multicooker is designed to satisfy the consumers. The dispenser will never find, the dough is not kneaded.

Today culinary sites help out. A rare chef needs pathetic books, real people publish time-tested recipes. They will tell you, they will teach you how to bake correctly, so that the crust is crisp. Subtleties are the secret of the master, electronic resources reveal the nuances. The Internet will make the hostess a master of the art. Of course, the girl should be able to read. .. A variety of programs are set aside, taking second place, before the mastery of the cook.

The Best Home Multicooker

Take the time to search the Internet, eagerly picking up notes, forget which firm the multicooker is the best. The leaders of the heels, the Russian market belongs to Redmond. It does not mean that the devices are the best, just rather a semi-domestic brand. Too many ambiguities.

Redmond Industrial Group LLC registered February 5, 2007.Meanwhile, the official website of the seller writes: the company has been engaged in multivarks for over 20 years. The site is engaged, but the company, formed in 2007, will be able to do this in 2027.In the light of Witek, Supra we see reason to believe: the inept disguise that mimics American firms in order to gain the glory bonus of the manufacturability of true US products.

The company is registered in Miami Beach, Fla., The official representative is Gurley Ismael. Bare facts, draw your own conclusions! American quality is required, pay attention to the Polaris multicookers. America had never heard the name, a set of programs typical of Wild West: Italian Pizza, Indian Beans. The quality of the general level of trying to exhibit European, American goods. The game of suckers is annoying, not so much the Russian buyer does not like Russia, but Europe. Ukraine, the popularity of brands is unprofitable. The United States as a place of manufacture looks more attractive than China or Russia. Recall, the PRC supported the situation with the Crimea in terms of the vision of what is happening by the Russian government.

It turns out that the country simply forgot its heroes, it has long been filled with home-made multicookers growing from a domestic root. The trick was a success, the people are not complaining. The English-language site Polaris indicates the Russian free phone. Americans are shocked. There is no video of Sunday US broadcasts praising discounts on Polaris home multicookers. Irons, steamers like to advertise. Expose the run-in of Polaris ATVs that have gained worldwide popularity.

Which multicooker firm is the best. Giving a good product at a reasonable price. Build the vast majority of Chinese products. What companies produce multicookers, told. Add French Moulinex. A curious fact: multicookers are present on the company's websites developed for the CIS.There is reason to believe: the multicooker is a Chinese invention, there is no information in the English-language Wikipedia( the question is indifferent to the people).Segment counter brands are Russian, joint. Still thinking which firm is better to buy a slow cooker. We believe the difference is absent.

Unknown for certain invented multicooker. Such situations are characteristic of the events of the Korean, Japanese genesis. .. Firms producing multicookers:

  • Bork;
  • Daewoo;
  • Gorenje;
  • Zelmer;
  • Zigmund & Stein;
  • Panasonic;
  • Philips.

It is noteworthy that America mainly knows the German brand( last line).And the first videos in English are dated by the beginning of the millennium, but there is no fresh one. Suppose that in the United States do not wonder what brand to buy a slow cooker, at all! Summing up, we get an amazing result - nowhere else, as in the CIS, these strange devices have not gained wild popularity. Nobody knows where the concept of the home multicooker is created. In this case, the roots go to Asia, or are carefully hidden by domestic developers.

Manufacturers of multi-cookers

The following are the main producers of multi-cookers:

  1. Redmond.
  2. Polaris.
  3. Philips.
  4. Panasonic.
  5. Mulinex.
  6. Scarlett.
  7. Witek.

Most of the brands are known only to the CIS, the most important companies that produce multicookers, are based in the Russian Federation. Be proud! Redmond is especially advertised. The company has designed an excellent online store where fresh products are displayed, purchase additional accessories:

  1. Help avoid scratches of a delicate non-stick coating silicone vanes for the slow cooker.
  2. Harm and benefits of coating materials have been tainted. According to the needs, buy dishes for the slow cooker.
  3. Finally, the laboriousness of shifting food between containers. Cover the pot with the cap, keep it whole! It is worth buying a cover for the Redmond multicooker;

You see, Redmond is serious about providing fans with the essentials. Give up hope just as easy to buy a Vitek multicooker bowl. The choice is great today, the models are similar. In the outback, the selection criteria will be the availability of goods on the counter( whims off), the proximity of the service workshop, the availability of books of recipes in a set or on the Internet, the availability of spare parts and accessories.

Chic Multicookers Bork

It is believed that the multicooker is a direct descendant of the Japanese rice cooker, which appeared in 1950.The fact is alarming: the network documents are in Russian, except for a few scant articles related to the global description of the concept. By all indications, the Google Patent Office is simply deprived of the necessary document occupying the right to own a multicooker. The invention of the Australian company Breville, dated July 2010, will be discarded. But on the induction multicooker we see several design drawings. The early mention of the product dates back to 1982, we see the pan under which the heating element. The question of the choice of the company multivarki posed in the second millennium. Even if you made a mistake a dozen years, do not judge strictly. It hurts the mysterious subject multicooker.

Bork Multivarki calls multishefs( multi-pairs).Large sums of money are worth, marketing policy has forgotten to explain what to pay for. Judge for yourself, below we describe one model, it makes no sense to name the brand. It is a multicooker 50,000 rubles. It is difficult to say whether it was caused by the growth of the euro.


The booklet lists typical multicooker functions. Programs like:

  1. Figure
  2. Frying.
  3. Quenching.
  4. Curd.
  5. Buckwheat.

Description of the program carefully indicates the cooking time in the slow cooker, and application methods are given. About slow cooks it is said: it is activated by a separate mode switching key. The reason for paying big money is unclear. Options typical Redmond worth 2000 rubles. The Bork Multicooker Booklet silences how to activate the pressure cooker mode. How long will it take to cook meat, fish, poultry, porridge!

The procedure for the operation of the pressure relief drain valve is not clear. Through the knot, the modes are switched between the multi-cooker and the pressure cooker. Is the pressure cooker mode different only in temperature? We can immediately say - the model is mediocre, the cooking time is average. Valve normal multicooker turns, increasing the threshold pressure relief. The device changes the mode.

The next unanswered question: the material of the bowl of the Bork multicooker. Induction heating is great, the appearance has earned 5+, the main button is masked, the manufacturing material is silent. Teflon, ceramics, marble carpets bowl multicookers Bork? Mainly polymer base is used by modern models. Among the characteristics stated only power( of course, the maximum), subtracting the frequency, the amplitude of the supply voltage.

A question arises about the capacity of the Bork multicooker bowl. It is written: the nominal value is 5 liters; the selected font of the manual is added: it is impossible to fill the container above the 3 liters mark. Buyer says 5 liters - represents 15 bowls of soup( three ladles).It turns out then, cheated with a slow cooker? The required 50,000 rubles bring subtleties to the fore. Note, the text met the figure of 3 liters, perhaps in the product card. The weight of the Bork 7.5 kg multicooker is indicated without deviations from the true state of affairs.

Oh good. The Bork crock-pot is supplied with function chef. Paying a lot of money, it is strange to see the lack of an option. Time, temperature is set to 1 minute, 1 degree. According to available signs, the heating is volumetric. Induction method is used - 99% of the bowl is made of high quality steel. Teflon coating - the inside of the bowl is black( dark).We believe that the polymer coating is a useless option( PTFE, Teflon), ceramics in a similar way acts as a marketing gimmick. The brown coating of the multicooker bowl is called, due to the addition of a percentage of silica.

Multivarka Bork

The choice concerns the category of awl-soap. Polymer vs polymer. Both will start decomposition inside the multicooker, 5 years after the start of operation. Experts have different opinions about the advantages of coatings, service life, usually choosing the side of ceramics. Although the Teflon Bowl Multicooker for the first six months shows the best performance, it wears out faster. Ceramics will last longer. This, we believe, is inherent in marble - another material of the class of polymers. Demanding citizens are invited to separately buy a cup for the multicooker. Redmond completes models with accessories posted on the official website.

Caution! Choosing a bowl induction multicooker, take the steel with a thickened bottom.

Seeing this state of affairs, the reluctance of people to be poisoned by polymers( until technology chemists put it in order), some manufacturers began to produce bowls that were devoid of coating. Today they sell three types:

  1. Steel. Typical option and covered bowls. The steel surface is bare, glitters, as it should be stainless steel.
  2. Aluminum. The second main type of bowls. Covered with food tin, pure aluminum is dangerous to human health.
  3. Ceramic. Burnt clay. The cup heats up for a long time, but it’s definitely safe. Avoid confusion with ordinary polymer ceramic coating. The walls are entirely formed of baked clay, not a thin surface layer.

Bork Multicooker

But back to our Bork multicooker, the device is fraught with many more surprises. Firstly, the time for automatic heat maintenance after cooking has been increased to 36 hours. After lying for 1.5 days, porridge is guaranteed to sour, forgetting the cook to take preventive measures. Study instructions, seeking clarification. The indicator light will help to assess the prescription by eye, not counting the fact that exact numbers are dimly lit on the LCD panel. The duration of autoheating( read, time elapsed since the end of the last recipe) will help determine the color.

  • Green less than 6 hours.
  • Yellow - 6 - 12 hours.
  • Red - over 12 hours.

Multicooker Traffic Light. A delayed start is set for up to 13 hours. At night, the trip is planned( Sabbath, sleet), in the morning the Bork multicooker, fulfilling the schedule, will provide the owner with fresh porridge. Isn't it great? Of course, we see the traditional warming up in the Bork multicooker, plus two pluses:

  1. Agree, the Bork multicooker is easy to wash, the lid is removable, like the valve. A body wipe with a cloth.
  2. Italian chef, using the Bork multicooker, cooked up three proprietary recipes, implemented by pressing a single button. Seafood risotto, octopus, stewed in Liguria, cream caramel. Three recipes are inscribed near the corresponding case buttons. Put the ingredients in the slow cooker, enjoy the result.

Display Panel Multivarki Bork

A marvelous thing, forgot to explain the reason for paying 50,000 rubles( to an Italian chef?).Give 2000 misers who have occupied the Yandex Market. Buy a Multivarki Redmond pan, forget the troubles by paying a total of 15 thousand rubles( including the appliance).Visit the official website of the manufacturer, see the best offer, surely the functionality will not be worse. Plus Yogurt, French fries, proofing dough. We believe that Bork could cite figures regarding the reliability of the multicooker, instead of the mean phrase: 5 years of operation;guarantee cover the full period - not three years.

We understand the significance of the three recipes of European chefs, one button for realization, but let's think about who the Russians are and when they last eaten risotto with seafood, octopus stew in Liguria or, at worst, cream caramel. We suppose we will survey a hundred people, two or three will remember something similar in life in general. A chance to try with the Bork multicooker, with one touch of a button. .. after paying 50,000 rubles.

Multicookers in the West

They think they are mistaken that some Redmond multicookers dominate. The counter is gradually replenished with new players, European and Asian brands are developing a shaky arena, looking for profit. Avoid calling the multicookers Polaris American, forget the difference - they would cook right away! You do not need to start shopping. Read the recipe book, add some advice: you have to decide whether you need the pressure cooker option. It is inexpensive, will cook faster. Let's think together about which multicooker firm is better to buy.

A colorful multicooker

Sure if the multicooker is not a Russian invention, probably a Sino-Japanese one. The Wikipedia article on devices, studied English later than the Russian version, refers to the source files of the native mighty. The Chinese search engine Baidu( meaning "a hundred times", the phrase of a romantic poem) indicates the Wikipedia domain, explaining the term, the circle is closed. American inventions call the patent of the inventor, the inventors of the magic pot hid. In view of such simple, far from unique, observations, the stated conclusions regarding multicookers are inclined to be considered true.

Attempts to push the device were undertaken in the West in parallel with the appearance in Russia.2007However, fresh foreign videos of YouTube regarding multicookers began to appear. Guess when! Synchronously article about multicookers native Wikipedia, plus or minus a couple of months. The marketing managers, unknown to anyone who invented the device, took hold of their heads, quickly began to patch up the holes of the advertising campaign. West, still throwing out multicookers, takes aerogrills, microwaves.

The first foreign reviews( independent or purchased) have appeared, lists of the best multicookers are listed. Here is a view of the English Independent:

Multicooker Sage

  1. The first place was taken by the Sage multicooker, which is able to cook risotto, garlic, popular unknown foods of the Russian Federation. The review, frankly, concerning the device( in English) is given mediocre. Add, the device is very different from the Redmond, firstly, the apparent lack of a display. Six buttons, one - Start. An abundance of programs are ashamed to please. Kind of multicooker makes it clear - designed to decorate the kitchen of James Bond. The device is made under steel - we put a plus - like the buttons. It looks like a large 4-liter saucepan, a cardinal difference: the glass lid is devoid of a sensor. Internal algorithms are fundamentally different from multi-cooks that appease the Russian market. Conclusion: for Russian realities, take Redmond, if you are going to eat risotto all year round, appeasing James Bond. Too close attention is paid to the device, the solution to the strength of the chef Sherlock Holmes, but not our tortured mothers. The device boasts a price of 100 pounds( more than 8,000 rubles).
  2. We see that overseas major multicooker manufacturers are contrasted by the specified Yandex market. The native Tefal 8 in 1, constantly thinking about us, is missed by the Russian electronic catalog. The device is half the price( without a 61 pound stock) of the previous one, can steam cook, cooks rice, interested in, phrase 8 in 1. Having looked through the Russian site Tefal, they have to admit: the manufacturer thinks not only about us. More precisely, when it comes to multicookers, Russia was forgotten 100%.The video shows: the instrument contains programs. They found something to rejoice in in the Russian Federation the simplest Multicooker Redmond is ashamed to sell with a smaller set. Subtracting heated. Most multicooker programs aim to defeat unleavened rice, the peasant user will not be pleased. Verdict: do not get fooled by foreign marketing, we take native, domestic Redmond( Polaris, Vitesse).


  3. The third place overseas graduation placed an unprecedented wonder. LAKELAND MULTICHEF( Multipov Lakes countries).Cool thing, not a slow cooker - food processor. Paying 400 pounds( the salary of the head of the department of the defense enterprise), we make a miracle shred, grind, replace the mixer. Actually, the manufacturer says: throwing a mountain of kitchen appliances, we will buy one. The bottom of the bowl is equipped with a cross-shaped knife of a blender, and the mixer blades are put on top as needed. Hellbelt next to it, whether the sharpness of knives reduces heat, is difficult to say. One bowl will return paradise to the mistress who has managed to cope with an unusual multicooker. Electronic management, the concept is unusual, sure: good able to throw out 400 pounds, bypassing the head of the department. Before buying, inspect the blender knives, see if you can remove, specify the material of the bowl cover, you would not take teflon. Bother to make inquiries about the parts: the device is deprived of the range of the Russian market.
  4. Morphy Ricards 48615 Intellichef Multicooker looks like a backward yogurt maker. Seeing the price of 50 pounds( about the minimum salary of the Russian Federation), we are filled with a sense of rightness. The device will oppose the number two rating with a large 5-liter bowl, a lid equipped with a spacious window, mechanical control of one handle, what a miracle, a display showing the temperature. The slow cooker is positioned as a heating element, heating the cup, which is convenient to follow. Let down the departed owners if the children are in school. Unprofitable typical Russian family option.

    The Multer-Cook Salter

  5. Too lazy to watch, considering what you see, what makes the Salter 8 multi-cooker different in 1. The second drop of water is the price, design, and functionality.

Apparently, the question of which multicooker is better to buy a company is decided by geographic location. You have seen: not a single brand known to the Russian market. Models are localized to meet the alien needs of the Russian gut. The needs of the delayed start timer, heat saving by an insulated thick lid, snacking on the move thanks to the pressure cooker mode, and other delights of domestic realities are discarded. Surely each country promotes only its producers. Typically England, America, not Russia.

You see, the product is localized, adapted to the needs of local cuisine, local products, local tastes of local people. Now it reminds one's own proverb: they don’t go to a foreign monastery with their charter. Russian-language forums asked questions about Tefal 8 in 1, similar units, the respondents said it was unintelligible, the old-timers called the product rice cooker. How many years you need to live in the country, explore the tastes, cuisine. Alien goods cause rejection of the local consumer. How many percent of the masses in Russia are eaten by risotto, the preparation of which is devoted to the advertising multicooker. Buy a device worth 8,000 rubles to make risotto?

The answers are obvious: it is better to buy a slow cooker with a yogurt maker function, taking advantage of the offers of the domestic market. Overseas residents take the product, visiting the shop milkman. Intentional hyperbole to show the fundamental differences of tastes.

Criteria for choosing

It is possible to prove with foaming at the mouth which one to buy a spare multicooker bowl until you try, 100% of your confidence is deprived. Having prepared a couple of recipes, you will find out if the urge to purchase goods was correct. What to do if not enough. .. well, let's say, bird milk. To buy multicooker forceps is not an option, an immersion mixer is appropriate. The Multipov function will help withstand the temperature mode.

It is impossible to foresee in advance: an engineering calculation is performed, equipped with a pledged error of 25-30%.Know the place of the fall, straws would spread. Fortunately, cheap multicookers cost 3,000 rubles. Poor family - a gift. Experiment, find out the needs, you will know what to buy a pan for the Polaris multicooker( pans, not bowls, we see solid plastic grips).

Add a couple of tips:

  • Try to keep the center of fashion trends. Recently, Redmond released multicooker, equipped with a single control knob-timer. The ability to regulate the temperature is missing. Clearly, the novelty is powerless to win the soul of the buyer. Mean functionality, lack of simple understanding of programs. Westerners multicooker liked( see carefully the description above).
  • The multi-cooker is able to cook porridge. Avoid positioning the device center of the universe, and everything will be smooth. Multivarka suitable to solve a narrow range of tasks of supplying the family with food.

Any device can cook. The pressure cooker makes faster, in the slow cooker the porridge is crumbly. Match with free time, culinary preferences. How to buy a cord for the multicooker, think as necessary, the device will break, get tired of the menu. Also take into account the location of service centers. Closer drive repair better. We promise to tell you why you need to buy a valve for the multicooker.

Home Multivarka SUPRA MCS-4702

Sales of home multicookers to Russians for the period beginning of 2012 - the second half of 2013 increased 8 times. We conquered a wide segment of domestic household appliances.2013 revealed a booming sales of home multicookers. Including Russian manufacturers. The point is not which firm to choose the slow cooker. Would prepare the device needed, had the necessary functionality. Words speak little, we suggest to consider concrete examples. Let's start the budget home SUPRA MCS-4702 multicooker, then we'll see!

First of all: Supra is incredibly far from the Japanese Toyota. The company is shy of origin, the official website is silent about its own history, place of birth. A typical case, the native Russian Vitek disguised as Europe, seeking to improve product sales.“Technologies for life” were emphasized, if we are not mistaken. Both brands have long taken root, they can cast aside mythical foreign roots. Household appliances Supra typical middling, today we are going to discuss the home multicooker MCS-4702.Please note: the name of the brand copies the style adopted by the West. However, the products are not getting better or worse.

The first eye cutter is a strange body coloring. Says eloquently: the device is female. No manufacturer has bothered to color the plastic, Supra decided to leave white, covered with pink circles of various sizes. We find it difficult to assume the cost of such a technology, the home multi-cooker sells at a price of 1,500 rubles, we consider it significantly below average, even — excuse those who saw the tautology — in the lower price segment.

Get the necessary functions:

  1. Steaming.
  2. 7 programs.
  3. Delayed start timer.
  4. Convenient handle to transport the unit.
  5. Lid lock.
  6. Heat Maintenance.

Astonishingly complete lack of information about the brand. Functions, features home multicooker. Of course, guessed it, non-stick coating Teflon. The authors have guessed the average buyer will fail. Devices are devoid of differences. Mentioned the program, as far as we understand, it is impossible to adjust the time, in automatic mode we prepare soup, porridge;pea puree home multicooker will give the application of 2-3 programs. Rare lover upset, the site sets out a recipe book, thrown out a set. A practical way to save printing, reducing the cost!

A good home cooker with a minimum of features. Get ready in a couple of years to buy a new bowl, Teflon will not last long. A special paddle in a set of home multicookers is no accident. The accessory will help the chef avoid scratching the cover. Avoid washing the bowl with steel mesh, the surface does not stick. Of course, the housewives use other items mixing the home-prepared multi-cooker dishes, make soft devices. We believe that the device is an excellent choice for beginners; it will make it possible to comprehend the concept of home multicookers.

Give the first advice for beginners. Do you think which company to buy a slow cooker, Supra MCS 4702 is laid out by Yandex-market!

Home Multicooker Polaris PMC 0517AD

Polaris quadrocycles are widely known, the pros have watched films created by riders. Household multicookers PMC 0517AD are priced at 4,000 rubles, day and night compared to those considered by Supra. Is Polaris an American company, producing household appliances, difficult to say. Transportation costs, customs duties are powerless to increase the value of the goods to heaven. We think that the instrument was assembled by China, accurate information requires a lot of research. Just today, the vast majority of household appliances, home multicookers, going to China. Quality ceased to suffer, starting 10 years, the Eastern brothers even win.

One particular feature of the Polaris RMC 0517AD that is rarely seen: The cup is equipped with a pair of good plastic tongs besides the handle of the case of a home multi-cooker. Take care with your bare hands. Great trait if we cook a lot of dishes. Be bought a traditional spare bowl, used can not be removed: hot, no pens. Uncomfortable wanting to cook a lot. Convection will give a hundred points odds ahead, use the chef a few clay pots at once. Pay attention when you decide which multicooker manufacturer is better.

Honestly, the outer handle of the case does not seem very comfortable, resembles a plastic bucket - a long, narrow one. However, the ceramic bowl coating immediately makes it clear that we have a good product. To be honest, for one fact we will pay 4000 rubles, requested by dealers. We get a home cooker, serving 5 years, the American manufacturer provides excellent quality, whether the assembly and the Chinese.

We see 16 programs, the notorious Multipovar. The official site is colorfully decorated, cool zoom function photos of the device. The site contains a dozen shots. What is missing is a working compartment without a bowl. A big drawback, but when you look at this colorful design, you realize that taking a home multicooker for 4000 rubles will be a success. The online store in Moscow asks for 3340 rubles, the only case that regrets the remoteness of the capital of local peasants.

The device is equipped with 3D heating, it turns out the best pastry, prepare yogurt, jam. Please note, heating is listed as one of the programs, an unusual marketing policy. Like, unlike other brands: the official website of the program is painted in terms of temperatures, duration, it will be possible to easily create custom recipes using the Multipovar option. Pay attention, the composition of the program "American"!In the home cooker, we can see the Pizza mode, absent.

Sure, fill the gap with other programs. Minus we indicate the oversight of the moderator: the list of programs contradicts the instructions given.

Separate contribution of the manufacturer: forced the editor to lay out the recipe book in addition to the instructions. We leave to readers the joy of first acquaintance with the publication, we add: without a brochure, it is simply impossible to decide which brand of multicooker is the best. We take the kitchen appliances to cook appetizing dishes, do not adorn the design, filling the table, flaunted a high energy rating. The material, covering the bowl occupy the second plan, the priority position goes to the functionality of the home multicooker. For the way to the man’s heart lies through the stomach, to the woman’s heart - through the dishwasher, where the plates will calmly sift, enjoying the automatic mode. The ceramic bowl will do, so the question of the watch of the sink will be left entirely to the neighbors.

Home Multicooker Moulinex 300E30

Please note: today there is no Redmond information on the volume of the bowl. Not by chance, the portal has given a lot of reviews earlier. Today, the catwalk of the VashTehnik portal was taken up by solutions eluding the consumer due to the lack of advertising. Moulinex is notable for making smaller prices. Those who forgot to read the review about the revolution in the juicers of the company we recall: the commercial success of the first device of the company was delayed for decades, while the developers were eager to lower the price of the device. Then many wanted to buy the unit.

Home Moulinex multicookers are powerless to boast transcendental functions, some properties make the line more attractive:

  • metal case;
  • intuitive interface;
  • comfortable, durable case handles.

The model in question is equipped with a stirrup holder. What company has a good slow cooker? Moulinex! The assembly of goods is conducted by France. The equipment includes the usual programs, the launch delay timer, the market releases, requesting 2000 rubles. Looks better Supra, thanks to a solid body. The disadvantages of the old - Teflon coating, low power. The choice is called the preference for beginners.

As a result,

When deciding in favor of which manufacturer to bow, making the choice of a multicooker, pay attention not only to Redmond. Dear, advertised brand push competitors. It was shown that the cost is mainly determined by the set of programs, the material of the bowl, the set of functions of the equipment. Now everyone will decide which brand is better to buy a home cooker.

How to choose a multi-cooker-pressure cooker

How to choose a multi-cooker-pressure cookerMultivarki

Heard, in some stores, sellers are trying to find 10 differences between a slow cooker and a slow cooker-pressure cooker, no wonder. Young people are forced to answer questions all day long, merc...

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DIY repair multicooker

DIY repair multicookerMultivarki

Repair home multicooker begins with the study of the electrical circuit. Let us take a brief look at two photos: the image of the track pattern and the installation of a printed circuit board, wh...

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