Is the multicooker bad for health?

The article will attempt to comprehensively assess the problem. People were born who considered exploitation unsafe. Other subjects say: living is bad - most are dying. Probably the truth is in the middle, each has its own. Is the multicooker bad for health? Throw away the laptop!

This is interesting! People on Earth wear perfluorooctanoic acid in their blood, which is used in the manufacture of Teflon before the start of the 21st century. The highest concentrations are recorded in Korea, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Peru. Studies of rats showed that 91% of the acid is removed from the female body in 24 hours, and 6. From the male body. The substance disrupts lipid metabolism, the human hormones, causes cancer of the liver, kidneys, pancreas, other organs.

Sustainability Coatings

Ceramics has gained popularity due to shocking news. Perfluorooctanoic acid, which is a carcinogenic agent, is used in the technological cycle of Teflon annealing. Serious argument. Opponents of Teflon for multi-cookers unanimously yelled: the bowl releases PFOA by filling in the ingredients placed inside. The acid decomposes at 250 ºС, the coating itself is applied at 400 degrees. It seemed a little Europe, obsessed with health. By 2015( decided on January 25, 2006), European manufacturers will stop using a toxic agent in the manufacture of teflon for multi-cookers.

On the other hand:

  • DuPont, the owner of the Teflon brand, was fined: from 1981 to 2001, it did not provide the results of product analyzes.
  • In laboratory animals, PFOA causes cancer of the reproductive organs, liver, the ability to remain in the body for up to four years makes the substance dangerous.
  • Above the company's factories, excess concentrations of acid in the water were found, inhabitants of the surrounding area received compensation.
  • The fact that a bomb exploded produced a fact: all residents of the United States found traces of acid in their blood, and Teflon was blamed.

The half-life of PFOA is hundreds of years, the poison is accumulated by the environment, people. The concentration inside the animal is several times lower. The company has changed the production technology of the coating.

Opponents calmed down. Teflon is a polymer, degrades over time, breaks down into its constituent parts. Does the trouble multicooker? There is reason to believe that manufacturers have applied special technologies that slow down decay. Experts say: degradation begins no earlier than after 5 years when it comes to building materials.

After 2 years of use from the Teflon coating does not leave a trace on the pot of the multicooker. I think it was done not by chance. Surely you can put a layer of thicker, not done due to the ability of polymers to disintegrate. In other words, whenever the multicooker is analyzed, nothing harmful will be found. After 2 years, after 5 years. Studies have shown that the concentration of hazardous substances is extremely low, except that the production technology of the products is violated.

The trouble - the rumors - concerns not only Teflon. They say that catalysts and hardeners are used in the production of ceramic coatings for multivarks. Those remain in the frozen layer, at some temperature they begin to mix in the slow cooker with food. As far as the truth is difficult to judge, "AIF" was given information.

Ceramics sintering takes place at a temperature of 1000 ºС, it is simply impossible to apply a coating on an aluminum pot of a multicooker. Therefore, chemicals are added to the composition. Manufacturers claim: natural components, experts tend to doubt. Serious studies were not conducted.

As for the stainless steel, the eternal problem is nickel. The metal used in multicookers is good, when you need to give the metal strength, allergies are not inclined to be considered the best additive. You can argue one thing. A half-century stainless steel is used by household utensils, in multivarks, no one died. It seems that the coating can not exceed the risk of Teflon, ceramics, which is dubious in the technology of applying. Hardly steel is harmful to health when it comes to making pots for multicooker.


In one review of juicers, plastic cases are called unhygienic, quickly getting dirty. Agree: Multicooker should be shackled into steel. The device radiates. The frequency of 50 Hz is extremely harmful to the brain, the fields suppress the vital activity of the body. Try to check the field with a screwdriver-tester( the price is 200 rubles per piece).

Think about it: our young people should not keep such powerful sources of radiation on their knees, let healthy offspring be born. An American professor spoke about mobile devices with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies. Even scanty radiation is enough to disrupt the reproductive function of the human body. When you put the laptop on your lap, turn off the wireless adapter.

Multicooker radiation cannot be called strong. A typical household appliance, a metal case will greatly weaken the factor. Applies to induction heating multi cookers. Electromagnetic waves are present in the open under the pot. Given the power of an average device of 800 watts, radiation can harm human health. It concerns the case when the multicooker pot is not put in place. True, induction heating of expensive models in parallel with the option of protection against inclusion in a disassembled form. Through the plastic waves will pass without difficulty.

Figures are given, saying: the effect of high-frequency waves adversely affects the quality of food. Not applicable to multivarcsInduction heating works due to the high current density in the surface layer. Radiation focuses between the bottom of the pot and the inductor. Electromagnetic waves do not reach food in multicookers. Talk about harm prematurely.


The multicooker retains the maximum amount of nutrients if you use a relatively low cooking temperature. It is believed that a slow cooker operating at 80 degrees Celsius is valued by gourmets for this feature - to benefit the health.

In the absence of air, the multicooker will preserve vitamins and enzymes. In the end, no one forces to purchase products equipped with non-stick pots. Fans of a healthy lifestyle will recommend multicookers with earthenware, steel saucepans. Materials have long been known, have shown their best side.

With regard to recipes, some models of multicookers perfectly cooked porridge. In a world full of preservatives, genetically modified products, flavor enhancers, it's nice to find an outlet. Let's look at a couple of healthy multi-cooker recipes.


Vegetable Soup

  • Chop cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, green beans with a total weight of 200 grams. Dice a couple of potato tubers, add salt to taste. Pour into the slow cooker, add 1 liter of water. Turn on the "Quenching" mode for 1 hour. When serving, sprinkle with dill.
  • Cut 5 red onions into rings and fry in 100 ml of vegetable oil in a slow cooker under the "Baking" mode. The resulting mass is poured 1.5 liters of water, refueled with salt, stewed for 1 hour. Grate 100 grams of cheese and sprinkle with bread slices, pour cream over each. Enjoy your meal.
  • In a multicooker lay 50 grams of white beans, add 3 liters of water, simmer for 2 hours. Meanwhile, cut three tomatoes, one onion, chop 100 grams of white cabbage. Dice crumble 2 potatoes, one carrot, zucchini, celery root. Chop the parsley, basil. Strain the broth from the beans, pour back into the slow cooker. Add 20 ml of olive oil. Pour onion, carrot, celery, garlic, zucchini, fry under the "Baking" mode. Then season with tomatoes, 20 grams of tomato paste, 50 grams of peas, potatoes, beans, cabbage, 50 grams of pasta. Salt, add pepper, parsley, basil, simmer for 1 hour in a slow cooker. Spilled soup sprinkled with cheese.

  • Rinse 50 grams of dried porcini mushrooms, pour 1.5 liters of water, cook with a slow cooker for 1 hour. Meanwhile, cut into cubes a couple of potatoes, one carrot, onions just chop. Add to the broth, seasoned with herbs, salt, pour 100 grams of pasta. Continue to cook with a slow cooker for one hour. Soup, serving to the table, season with sour cream.

http: // watch? V = MO7B69cWKpg


It’s not right to say if a slow cooker is good for health, its qualities please. Justifying, say: in the West, fireproof mattresses were sold to dissolve the internal organs of sleeping people, someone even placed such substances in toys( sold).Preferring clay, stainless steel is hard to lose. It is desirable to choose the body metal. The remaining properties are determined mainly by the recipe of dishes. Preference is given to natural products.

What is harmful multicooker for health. Today, rather, nothing. The rustling induced by the US technology will prevent teflon manufacturers from cheating with perfluorooctanoic acid, harm is excluded. Until inventive blockers of polymer degradation are invented, it is estimated as a dubious choice in favor of aggregates due to one non-stick coating.

Is the multicooker harmful to health. .. Time will tell.



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