Robot vacuum cleaner Redmond RV R100: Charger + function and competitor analysis

Robots for cleaning houses and flats are no longer upstart gimmick and gradually become the same customary apparatus such as a TV or a refrigerator.

Among the low-end models good performance demonstrates the robot vacuum cleaner Redmond RV R100, with technical features which stands to read the future owners.

The content of the article:

  • Model features Redmond RV R100
    • Appearance and equipment
    • Four modes of operation
    • Features and nuances of operation
    • Sensors and automatic schedule
  • Comparison with competitors
    • Competitor # 1 - Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum
    • Competitor # 2 - Kitfort KT-504
    • Competitor # 3 - Genio Profi 240
  • The pros and cons in a review, owners
  • The best offers on the market

Model features Redmond RV R100

This robot cleaner for dry and wet cleaning to a small variety of floor coverings. It can be used on tile, linoleum, laminate and other hard surfaces.

With respect to carpets, carpeting and similar bases, here for Redmond RV R100 available only pile length not exceeding 20 mm, otherwise the device performance will decrease significantly.

Appearance and equipment

Together with the device is also provided a set of devices that provide for its operation.

This is the basis for charging the battery and the battery itself, as well as an adapter for connection to the power supply and necessary supplies: one central and four side brushes, for cleaning the floor cloth, two HEPA-filter etc.

There is also a remote control for remote vacuum and detailed instructions for its use.

Robot Redmond RV R100

Robot Redmond RV R100 has a stylish and sleek design, it will look good in a modern interior

A housing made of durable black plastic, has for this type of conventional circular shape devices.

Top cover located under which hides the dust bag and filter elements. Below are the wheels, brushes, nozzles mounting space for wet cleaning, etc. In this regard, the Redmond RV R100 is not much different from its analogues.

Options redmond-rv-r100

Model Redmond RV R100 is equipped with all the necessary elements for its operation, as well as some additional supplies

Four modes of operation

An interesting feature of the robot cleaner Redmond - four modes of operation that can be set depending on the situation:

  • automatic cleaning;
  • Work on the fixed area;
  • cleaning in the corners;
  • fast cleaning.

Auto mode. Ideal for regular cleaning of the room. When using it, the vacuum cleaner is moved across the floor space as long as the battery charge is depleted, ie, for about a hundred minutes.

The device then automatically returns and joins the base to recharge the battery.

Settings redmond-rv-r100

vacuum cleaner Redmond RV R100 settings include four automatic cleaning mode, and you can choose a scheme of the device movement: zigzag or spiral

fixed cleaning used for the treatment of local areas, which are concentrated contamination.

For example, from the table to the floor accidentally dusted crumbs. Suffice it here to include Redmond in the fixed mode, and within two or three minutes, the problem will be solved.

The device can move along the zigzag or spirally from the center, gradually expanding the exposure area. The desired motion of the cleaner variant is also defined settings.

Cleaning the corners .It is appropriate when dust accumulates near the wall. In this mode, the robot vacuum cleaner will move only along such objects (walls of the room, furniture, walls, etc.), removing the pollution intensity.

Quick cleaning. This mode allows the device to increase the speed to shorten the time it works.

Convenient option to install a remote control / u. This control method is also useful if none of the conditions are not suitable, and you need to make adjustments to the operation of the device.

Features and nuances of operation

The principle of operation of such a device is quite simple. Side brushes move in different directions and move the dust and dirt to the central brush.

There contamination picked up and moved to the dust collector. The air passing through the enclosure, is processed in filters.

The dust collector must be periodically cleaned of accumulated dirt. To do this, remove it from the body, free from accumulations, wash with warm water, dry and replace.

Operation redmond-rv-r100

Redmond RV R100 is suitable for almost all smooth and hard floors, as well as to surfaces having a nap no more than two centimeters

Charging station vacuum cleaner is best to install the wall. At a distance of about two meters away from it there should be no obstacles to the instrument could freely return to the station in automatic mode and start charging the battery cycle.

If for some reason the vacuum cleaner is not got to the station, it is necessary to connect to it manually.

There are times when the cleaning cycle should be stopped without waiting for the automatic shut-off. To do this, simply click on the device Home button.

Redmond RV R100 go to the station. If the button indicator Auto will change from green to orange, do not worry, it shows that the automatic mode is disabled.

besides HEPA-filter an additional device is provided with a fabric filter, which can be rinsed under running water. His pre-installation must also be dry.

But HEPA-filter must not be to rinse in water, it can only be replaced. Resource such element is enough for about a year.

Do not neglect these simple maintenance rules. If the dust bag is full, the robot cleaner may simply shut down and stop working. For a time, up to this point of an engine will work with the increased load.

Dust bag is full robot

If the vacuum cleaner is started during operation is too much noise, it is a sign of a problem, it's time to check the condition of the dust collector. If the capacity is full, the device is turned off, there is a possibility of serious damage

Sometimes it happens that the Redmond RV R100, previously with no problems performing cleaning on the installed program, suddenly ceased to act in accordance with the settings. You need to check them and correct.

If made the day before replacing the batteries in the remote control is likely lost the date and time. After correction of this information vacuum again begin work on the program established earlier.

Specifications redmond-rv-r100

Manufacturer's specifications Redmond RV R100 allows you to get an idea of ​​the advantages and disadvantages of this modern device

If the device beeps, there is a flashing red light on the Auto button, then you have problems with charging. Usually this is due to the incorrect position the start button. It simply translate to the position "Inclusive".

It happens so that the battery is fully discharged. In this case, you must manually install the robot vacuum cleaner to recharge and wait until the battery charge. You will need approximately four hours.

A small video review model Redmond RV R100 brand with a focus on the features of this robot vacuum cleaner:

Sensors and automatic schedule

Navigation system cleaner Redmond, as in similar models, is ensured by a set of infrared sensors.

They help the device to determine its position in space, create a map of the premises, to avoid collisions with various objects and a fall from a height.

If you want to restrict the movement of the device at any particular area of ​​the room, you can use infrared beacons.

These devices create a barrier which vacuum sensors will detect an obstacle. Lighthouses are very compact, they will not stop people, they are easy to install and remove for cleaning is finished.

planning function

The presence timer can be programmed operation of the device for the week ahead. In this model, can automatically turn on, so the cleaning will be carried out even in the absence of home owners

Upon completion of the program or when the battery is low, the unit will return to connect to the base for charging.

If the sensors do not work, or the unit will turn for some other reason, it just stops working. Thus, this model responds to the loss of contact with the floor surface.

To restore its operation after this incident, it is enough to put the vacuum cleaner on a flat and smooth surface.

Comparison with competitors

Redmond RV R100 favorably with some competing models. A comparison with the other three robots manufacturers: Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Kitfort KT-504 and 240 Genio Profi.

Competitor # 1 - Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum

In Redmond RV R100 has two side brushes, instead of one, as in the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Which significantly improves the quality of garbage collection.

In addition, Xiaomei has nozzles for wet cleaning. Managed by pressing it on the body, as well as remotely - at the expense of built-in wifi, smartphones and mobile applications.

Vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum, unlike the model Redmond, has a white body which facilitates searching device jammed under furniture.

Technical parameters of the device:

  • cleaning type - dry;
  • fine filter - is present;
  • type / capacity of the battery - Li-Ion / 5200 mAh;
  • duration operating times - up to 150 minutes;
  • dimensions (diameter / height) - 34.5 / 9.6 cm;
  • additionally - it supports smart home system, equipped with a laser sensor range.

This model Xiaomi has only two built-in operation. Limit the scope of work of this model are not beacons, and magnetic tape, which is not so convenient.

But there is this vacuum cleaner is one useful feature - if the cleaning was not finished during the first cycle after charging vacuum cleaner returns to the place where his work was interrupted.

Competitor # 2 - Kitfort KT-504

Model Kitfort KT-504 compared with Redmond RV R100 has several advantages.

In addition to the double filtration system, it has a built ultraviolet lamp, which provides an additional decontamination of surfaces during cleaning. Although some owners find this module unnecessary.

Features of the robot:

  • cleaning type - dry;
  • fine filter - is;
  • type / capacity of the battery - NiMH / 2000 mA * h;
  • the duration of battery life - up to 90 minutes;
  • dimensions (diameter / height) - 34/9 cm;
  • additionally - noise is 50 dB, is equipped with touch buttons.

In Kitfort KT-504, you can choose one of three cleaning modes: automatic, local treatment, or manual operation, which is carried out with a remote control / u.

However, there is this model Kitforta one unpleasant property: while returning to base to recharge the vacuum cleaner sometimes shifts it, and then can not connect the contacts, it is necessary to adjust its position manually.

Competitor # 3 - Genio Profi 240

Genio Profi model 240 as well as the Redmond RV R100 can serve a surface with a low pile.

However, he copes with the cleaning of hair and pet hair. Special nozzle allows you to use the vacuum cleaner as a polisher for wooden floors.

Specifications Genio Profi 240:

  • cleaning type - dry;
  • fine filter - is;
  • type / capacity of the battery - NiMH / 2000 mA * h;
  • duration operating times - up to 120 minutes;
  • dimensions (diameter / height) - 34 / 8.5 cm;
  • in addition - a virtual wall, timer, voice commands, touch screen control panel.

The brushless motor and the high rotor contribute to conserve battery power, resulting Genio easily copes with the cleaning two or three rooms without recharging.

Designed for continuous operation and high capacity dust collection. Here, as in Redmond, there is a timer and automatic programming function.

The pros and cons in a review, owners

Redmond RV R100 model comes with an understandable and detailed instructions, which describes how a vacuum cleaner assembly, its rules of operation, possible malfunctions, etc.

Care assistant that does not cause problems that the owners of this model is also considered an advantage.

Thus, care device should promptly cleaned dust collector, as well as periodically replace worn consumables: brushes, filters, etc.

Nozzle for wet cleaning redmond-rv-r100

To the bottom of Redmond RV R100 attached nozzle microfiber, which is designed for regular wet processing flooring

A distinctive and pleasant feature of this model of the robot cleaner - low noise level.

The owners say that sleeping in a room with a working device is difficult, but other models are buzzing much louder.

Another important advantage of this model - its working speed of movement around the room. To clean 20-25 square meters Redmond RV R100 takes about half an hour.

The total duration of the cleaning varies depending on the load. If the contamination is small, the vacuum cleaner can work not half and two hours.

The price of this model is usually around 15 thousand. rubles or slightly less, depending on the vendor policy. Buyers evaluate the value for money as the level is quite acceptable.

Vulnerability such device - the control panel. Some customers complain that he is too quickly fails. And an obvious disadvantage.

Remote control redmond-rv-r100

Remote A / Y gives the ability to change the speed of movement and vacuuming Redmond, as well as quickly adjust the device settings

Another negative quality equipment - preparation of the territory. Before turning on the vacuum cleaner is better to remove the floor socks, small toys and other such items.

They are not high enough to overtake their device, there have been occasions when the socks simply wound on a central shaft of the brush. These problems can cause the device to malfunction. The angle of a small rug can also suck inward.

If the room where the cleaning service, there is what is called "a bunch of wires" to their time better to remove or restrict access to a robot cleaner in this area. The device is not always cope with such obstacles, it can get stuck or roll over.

Some owners do not like this feature in the machine, but it is not unique to technology from Redmond, but also many models of competing brands.

Another shortcoming - the restriction on the size of the debris. Buyers point out that the robot cleaner with the cleaning handles generally satisfactory, although the filler pellets for cat litter appeared to him "too tough".

These solid and light pieces of vacuum cleaner brush just scatter. The same problem arises with sand and small pebbles.

Benefits redmond-rv-r100

Redmond RV R100 rises above the floor by only 73 mm, which allows you to effectively perform the cleaning of the space under the fixed items of furniture

Among the drawbacks may be mentioned the need for maintenance. Periodically, you need to check the condition of the wheels and shaft of the main brush, since they often wound hair and wool.

How often you need to perform such a check and cleaning it depends on the intensity of pollution. Some come to remove hair every three days, others do it enough times in two weeks.

Quality wet cleaning, this gadget does not provide, but it also applies to other robot vacuum cleaner with such a function. Small microfiber cloth removes dust rather just than actually cleaning the floor.

For quality of cleaning will have to arm themselves with a conventional mop and a rag or standard wet vacuum.

The best offers on the market

In general, the robotic vacuum cleaner Redmond RV R100 can be considered one of the best in its price category. Cleaning efficiency and the service life of this model largely depends on how well respected manufacturer's recommendations.

Such devices substantially reduce the time and effort that are normally expended in daily cleaning.

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