What vacuum cleaner is better to buy

Dyson latest issues do not require changing the HEPA filter during operation, but cost 35,000 rubles. You can easily distinguish the new Dyson vacuum cleaners. The cost with the aging of the concept underlying the model naturally drops, as does the number of air outlets from the working chamber. The buyer can count the thin swellings on the cyclone tank with his fingers and see the price tag. And without prompting the seller it is clear that it is better. From this point of view, Dyson without deception: take an expensive model and you will not lose. Do not forget to fill out the warranty repair ticket correctly, so that later you will not be left without the services of a service center. And now a few words about choosing a vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum Cleaner with Aqua-Filter

Vacuum Cleaning with Aqua-Filter

We believe that a washing vacuum cleaner able to spray and suck at the same time would be a good option for cleaning wet dirt. Pre-clean the dirt with a napkin. Then proceed to vacuuming. It is important not to use a brush with a pile: the dirt will remain on it and will be smeared into the bargain.

We specify the cost of a vacuum cleaner with a water filter. We recommend to go to the Yandex directory. Recall that a vacuum cleaner with a water filter helps to remove liquid contaminants, but not all are detergent. However, the dirt can be softened with a steamer and steam cleaner.

The first flaw is immediately visible: the instruments are expensive. In fact, in less than 5 thousand rubles it is quite difficult to buy a vacuum cleaner with an aqua filter. When choosing a model for cleaning, for example, for a cat, look at two parameters:

  1. Types of nozzles. Find one where there is no nap.
  2. Suction power. Parameter is important for any type. Do not confuse with power consumption.

The suction power is calculated based on the formulas for flow. A typical value is 300 watts. What is higher, this is a relatively strong device. Most vacuum cleaners do not have the necessary attachments. But the difficulty is solved by complete removal of the nozzle.

There is a question of choosing a vacuum cleaner company, because there are a sufficient number of appliances for sale. The answer is simple. Look in the warranty part of the instruction manual and select the nearest service center to the house. Such facilities are built on the basis of the famous repair shops in the city. You can already have a good or bad opinion about them. This will help to navigate. After the choice is made, correctly fill out the warranty card and keep the completeness of the product intact. In some cases, the manufacturer requires the presence of a set of packaging materials at 100%.

As a result of the operation, the selection object may already change. So, the famous companies in small towns have few service centers, while the relatively modest ones have slightly more. The fact is that the former are trying in every way to create items under the standard logo, and the latter enjoy the support of individual entrepreneurs. It happens that the store has no choice, and there is a single washing vacuum cleaner. The last product may be defective or without a complete set. If a discrepancy is found, decide for yourself whether to take it or not, but ask in the warranty card to make a record of the shortage of parts.

Cyclone vacuum cleaner for home

Cyclone vacuum cleaners

This type of vacuum cleaner is preferred by allergy sufferers, as well as water cleaners with aqua filter. The best Dyson models do not let in incoming dust. Well, cheap ones are good because they can help you with cleaning. Some Samsung models do not have a speed adjustment. This is just a camera with a set of filters and an engine where power is supplied. Do not be afraid of much overflow, since in this case the vacuum cleaner will work for a long time. And although inside the bypass valve, which does not hurt the engine, the user will notice much faster the fullness of the transparent container and release the container.

Few small particles pass out through obstacles. It is not so difficult to buy a HEPA filter for a vacuum cleaner and improve instrument performance. In the newest vacuum cleaners these accessories do not require replacement. Cut soft parts, giving the desired shape. By the way, the output filters of most vacuum cleaners are washed in ordinary water. But for the HEPA filters, this option fits poorly, particles as small as microns will not leave occupied niches in the thickness of the material.

Cyclonic vacuum cleaners with good suction power clean the air, preventing you from filling up with dust, provided there are filters. Plus in the absence of a dense bag on the flow path. If you remember, in standard vacuum cleaners this greatly reduced the craving, the suction force fell on filling the tank with dirt. Cyclonic vacuum cleaners and models with a water filter retain quality throughout the cleaning. Remember to change and empty containers more often.

. Vacuum cleaner with dust bag.

. Vacuum cleaner with dust bag.

. Considering that such models are out of fashion, let them try to buy an expensive Mie vacuum cleaner. Let's see what they require 11 - 31 thousand rubles. Even the promised 11 meters of the radius of cleaning does not inspire, and for 30,000 rubles you can try to buy( or make it yourself) a stationary vacuum cleaner( for a private house).Frankly, we do not understand the point of paying a high price for being able to old Puma from the times of perestroika.

From the commercials of the manufacturer, it becomes clear that the emphasis in the 8th series is on quiet work with relatively high power. Visually, it is described as the fact that the dog does not notice the working equipment.71.7 dB against the usual 82. The manufacturer puts pressure on the exclusive strength of the body and the extreme flexibility of the hose. We will not question the information, the decision to purchase an expensive vacuum cleaner for the buyer.

Washing Vacuum Cleaner

For wet cleaning a special hose and brush are required. In this case, a thin trickle of water hits forward and sucked back. We recommend to buy a vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning for animal lovers. Without it, the struggle with the bad habits of cats will not be easy care. These models easily turn into vacuum cleaners with an aqua filter. While weighing more, they often contain either a pump or a boiler for generating steam( reminding a steam cleaner).In the latter case, in the parameters of the Yandex-market type of cleaning, specify dry / wet / steam, or dry / steam.

Washing Vacuum Cleaner

As you can see, vacuum cleaners without division according to the types of dust collectors have no division, you have to work around it. Washing are expensive, with steam - even more so. Prices go up to 90,000 rubles. And do not always trust the parameters. In the description there is a function of collecting the liquid, but a reasonable question arises: are there any vacuum cleaners for wet cleaning that cannot do this? The search yielded a single average model.

From what has been said it is clear - the more complex the vacuum cleaner, the more:

  • has a broader idea about the product from dealers;
  • more tales hear about the model;
  • check rumors more thoroughly.

Keep this in mind when choosing a vacuum cleaner.

Which vacuum cleaner to choose

Probably the location of a service center nearby is more important. And a good technique breaks down, and if you buy a dust collector for a vacuum cleaner it becomes a difficulty, it is better not to buy manufacturers' devices. In the first place are:

  1. Warranty service, proximity to service centers.
  2. Ability to get supplies, spare parts.

Carefully fill out the warranty card on the last pages of the instruction manual and check the completeness. Until the expiration of the free warranty, do not discard the packaging, container. These simple things will help to get the maximum benefit from the purchase, because there are expensive models, and at the end of the warranty period, you can simply throw out and buy a new similar type. Samsung's

for cheap cyclone vacuum cleaners gives a year of warranty and another two years of free service. In fact, the products will last longer. It turns out for 100 rubles per month of work. Not bad in light of current prices. We did not discuss robots, but this is a separate topic. In this segment, beware of fakes. In subsequent reviews we will tell you where and how to buy a motor for a vacuum cleaner. We emphasize the importance of service, as any model of the same Samsung company copes with the tasks of cleaning with a bang.

What vacuum cleaner is better to buy

What vacuum cleaner is better to buyVacuum Cleaners

Dyson latest issues do not require changing the HEPA filter during operation, but cost 35,000 rubles. You can easily distinguish the new Dyson vacuum cleaners. The cost with the aging of the conc...

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