The washing vacuum cleaner for a laminate

Laminate requires care. The basis of the coating is wood, stuck with epoxy glue, protected by a polymer coating against mechanical stress and moisture. It is not recommended to wash such floors. But wet cleaning is needed. Simply wipe the laminate with a mop slightly moistened with warm water. In the worst case, if there is an excess amount of moisture, the wood base will swell, the coating will be damaged. It is difficult to recover. The washing vacuum cleaner for a laminate is able to wipe a surface, without spoiling facing material.

Important! Moisture resistant laminate is rather a myth. The development stage of the chemical industry is such that the appearance of such materials in the near future can be expected. Today it makes no sense to wash the laminate plentifully in order not to spoil the coating.

Laminate Care

To keep the laminate from scratching, the legs of furniture and chairs are supplied with soft linings. Choose type F wheels from computer chairs. Experts say that there is no abrasive in the detergent for the laminate( powders with soda content are unsuitable).Liquid products are expensive. Experts of Channel One found that not every advertisement needs a buyer to believe. Two samples of detergents were investigated:

  • special liquid product for laminate;
  • universal liquid remedy for smooth floors.

It was established that the statement about the content of antistatic additives in the washing liquid was not true. Specialized tool did not differ from the universal. The expert advised to use the latter without fear and avoid abrasive powders. It is said that special detergents with acrylic granules are produced to give gloss to the laminate. Lay down evenly, protect the surface from abrasion and give shine.

It is useful to recall that the strength of the laminate and abrasion resistance are characterized by a class consisting of two numbers. The larger the number, the stronger the material, but more expensive. Do not expect to turn the fragile brand into durable with an acrylic laminate cleaner. The right choice of coating will provide the desired degree of wear resistance. Another thing - to prolong the life of the laminate. This acrylic care product can.

Polymers have visibly entered our lives, and now they are used in detergents. Acrylic acid has given life to several groups of compounds, whose aqueous dispersions form a solid film when cured. It is used in special varnishes and paints, now progress has reached detergents. Adhesion interferes with contamination eliminated during cleaning, and the surface is covered with an even and durable layer, at the same time acquiring shine. When choosing a detergent, give preference to at least 5% non-ionic surfactants. Information is available on the label.

How to further protect the laminate, the service life of which is short-lived even without abrasion. Fans recommend cooking mastic, like covering the floor, from natural ingredients. You will need:

  • Carnauba wax from palm leaf growing in South America. Substance is registered as food additive E903 for glazing. In its original form, the wax is a yellow shavings or flakes. The substance has a high melting point, on the basis of the chemical turns a delicious mastic, which will not melt under the sun in hot weather. By the way, the substance is part of the wax to protect the car paint. Often compared with more expensive synthetics. Carnauba wax is used in medicine and cosmetics as an auxiliary substance.
  • Tung oil from the fruits of the same tree, 85% composed of fat, is not so safe. In large doses, poisonous. We do not recommend eating the composition, as an unknown inventor who uploaded a video on YouTube. There are a number of species of tung trees. Most are poisonous. For example, lacquer tree, whose juice is the basis of Japanese black lacquer. Plants grow in Asia, Australia and South America, on selected islands. Tung tree oil is often used as a technical, quickly hardens on the air. Washing the laminate with a vacuum cleaner over such a coating is safe for woody base material.

  • Flaxseed oil is used by athletes as an antioxidant and source of essential fatty acids of the Omega-3 and Omega-6 families. Tellingly, it is necessary to take the composition for the night, which contradicts the rules for drafting gymnasts, who are not recommended to eat after 19.00.Rancid linseed oil contains a lot of harmful substances, including aldehydes and ketones. The deterioration process is activated when heated. Rancid flaxseed oil cannot be eaten. The substance is the basis of natural linoleum in contrast to the artificial oil. The product is considered environmentally friendly and harmless( to rancid).
  • Blue cornflower oil from blue flowers is often used in cosmetics, is an effective drug. However, cyanic compounds in the composition are considered poisons. In large quantities the substance is dangerous.
  • Propolis is a product of the life of bees, used in medicine and cosmetics. The substance is provided with bactericidal properties, which is important for floor coverings, contains 16 classes of active substances, and many have not been identified to date. Therefore, today the production of artificial propolis is not possible. No wonder the substance is called beeswax, the composition will serve as an effective additive to the brew.

Before coating, the floor is washed with a special rubber mop, which limits water ingress to the laminate to a minimum. It is important to conduct a degreasing. The composition is smeared with a rag, the slots are separately clogged from water entering there, and vice versa - from penetration of microbes and dust from the holes.15 min composition should be dry. Now we carry out the polishing of the coating to distribute the wax in a thin uniform layer. After applying the method of wet cleaning will not cause irreparable troubles. The mastic layer is periodically updated.

Washing Vacuum Cleaner for Laminate

Go through the laminate with a washing vacuum cleaner, then wonder why the floors are swollen. Be comforted: the term of use of coverage rarely exceeds 5 years. Not because the laminate wears out. Just begins the process of depolymerization, followed by the release of substances harmful to humans. In places with poor ecology on the general background it is unnoticeable. But unhealthy.

Information about Vax - a washing vacuum cleaner:

  • Forcedly the device fills with moisture carpets. Thanks to high power it sucks water back.

Let us doubt that if you force water into the gap between the laminate plates, then it is easy to get the liquid back. The said vacuum cleaner is suitable for swelling the surface. Is that wax coating first process!

The Bissell Steam & Sweep Hard Floor Washing Vacuum Cleaner is specially designed for smooth floors. We strongly doubt that the unit is good for laminate. However, try it is permissible - the device is not so powerful. Therefore, much damage to the laminate is not expected. This is a manual model 2 in 1, made in the form of a collapsible mop. Walmart users are interested in laminating cleaning with a Bissell Steam & Sweep Hard Floor vacuum cleaner. Among the advertising responses found noteworthy:

  • The washing vacuum cleaner Bissell Steam & Sweep Hard Floor is suitable for laminate, if you reduce the steam power to a minimum. At the same time, microbes will partially die.

Robots are amazingly suitable for wet laminate cleaning. What means to fill, already indicated above. It is better to take an intelligent assistant( for example, iRobot), so that the surface is processed without gaps. We do not recommend steam cleaners for laminate; high temperatures are harmful to this type of coating. The floor protected by mastic will withstand heat treatment, but not a bare layer of polymer deposited on thin wood.

The steam mop is more thrifty when handling the floor, but the temperature suggests that this is not the best way to deal with dirt. Dose detergent and steam. Do not forget that steam cleaners can only support distilled water. Ask the dealer before buying.

If you rub wax on the floor with a wax, any Zelmer washing vacuum cleaner will do the job. Please note that the composition of the above substance melts at a temperature below 100 ºС.May not withstand steam treatment. Today, in our opinion, there is no worse idea how to clean laminate with a vacuum cleaner. Try it is possible, how to do, already told!

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