How can you easily clean the leather white boots at home

Most likely, every woman, going into a shoe store, was staring at white boots in which she presented herself on the way to work or on a walk in the winter. But the thought that it was difficult to follow them pushed you away from their purchases. In this article we will talk about how easy and simple to care for white boots or shoes at home.

With the help of the lemon

First of all, an important thing to be noted: white leather products will never remain as snow-white as the day you bought them. In order to clean them at home and a little bleach, you can use lemon. It contains the acid of the same name, which copes well with any contaminants and, moreover, acts as a bleach. On top of that, lemon has a very good smell. Follow the steps described:

  1. Mix lemon or lime in the amount of two tablespoons of water.
  2. Take a sponge or toothbrush and wet it in the mixture made, then gently rub the white boots.
  3. To finish the process, wipe the shoes with a dry napkin.

The most important thing is that this method is absolutely safe for the color of your shoes. Lemon does not contain dyes that can change the shade of white skin, but on the contrary, will help not only to clean it, but also to whiten it.

Tip: For best results, use everything in the specified proportions and using recommended items. Be careful in experiments, as this may cause the product to deteriorate.

This method may take a long time to give a white skin a well-groomed look, but the result is worth it.

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Baking soda

She is in the closet of any hostess. This universal remedy is used both for baking and domestic purposes. It is used not only to whiten clothes, but also teeth, so that it is completely safe. This method is very popular among owners of light leather things, as soda is not expensive, but it has excellent properties. This is what experienced users are advised to do in order to clean white leather shoes or boots:

  1. Mix soda in equal proportions with water.
  2. Soak a soft-bristled brush in solution.
  3. Wipe the surface of the product with it.
  4. And finally, wipe the surface of the boots with a napkin or rag.

Tip: To preserve the whiteness of your shoes, try to clean it immediately. Because the more time passes from the moment of occurrence of pollution, the more difficult it will be to remove it, since dirt eats into the skin.

Soda is not absorbed into the structure of the skin, so it is perfect for cleaning white products. However, remember not to scratch the surface of the product, carefully stir the solution.

Tip: do not forget to wipe your boots after cleaning with a dry cloth, as well as stuff them with paper( but not with a newspaper, the paint from which can spoil the color of the shoes).The skin has shrink properties, and if the shoe is not shaped, it can deform.

Care after cleaning

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You learned how to clean white leather shoes. Now we will deal with the final stage - polishing. It helps not only to give a noble shine to any product, but also to protect it from the appearance of minor defects, as well as from getting wet. Since most polishing agents contain wax, which does not allow moisture to penetrate into the pores of leather products. Here are several types of polishes:

  • liquid, it is quite easy to use, as it exists in both sponge and spray formats, but is not able to soak the skin;
  • wax well protects and improves the condition of the leather product;
  • paste impregnates the skin and moisturizes it, perfectly hiding scratches and various defects;
  • cream acts like a paste, suitable for all skin types.

Creams and pastes are the most common means with which white boots can be polished. Moreover, they have a variety of colors that are suitable for completely different shades of boots or shoes. And also it is rather simple to use them:

  1. To begin with, select the appropriate type and color of the product, in this case they are colorless or white shades. If the boots consist of combination skin of different colors, then use a different shade as carefully as possible so that it does not hit the surface of the white parts.
  2. Next, wipe the already cleaned surface of the product with a polish.
  3. Polish should be used in small quantities over the entire surface of the product, but if you have small defects, add a little more cream in that place.
Tip: before starting polishing, apply the selected agent on a small area to make sure it is suitable for your shoes.

It is very important to remember this cleaning step, because it is one of the most necessary in the care of your favorite leather boots.

With the help of a folk remedy - Vaseline

Grandmothers say that this is a wonderful tool for completing the cleaning of white leather shoes, as well as for protecting them. Perform the following steps to achieve an effective result:

  1. To begin, apply petroleum jelly on the surface of the shoe with a smooth and clean, lint-free cloth.
  2. Next, rub the tool in a circular motion.
  3. Leave the white boots for some time to stand, about an hour.
  4. Remove residual vaseline with a cleaning cloth.

This method will effectively help protect your shoes not only from unpleasant defects, but also will not allow moisture to wet the surface of the product and your feet, since petroleum jelly has water-repellent properties.

Tip: so that your white boots or shoes retain their presentable appearance for a long time - try to care for them daily at the end of the day, and not in the morning, before running to work.

The methods described above will help you not only to keep your white leather shoes, but also to update them. And now, when you go to the store, you can not avoid a shop window with light boots or shoes, but feel free to buy them!

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