How to care for suede sneakers: clean, dye, wash

Suede sneakers are not recommended to be washed or drenched. From exposure to water, the skin becomes rough, loses its appearance or deforms. It is better to remove point-like impurities, not allowing the entire surface of the skin to get wet.

General rules

cleaning suede shoes should be cleaned after the street, even if they are not visible pollution. Brush process the entire surface, removing dust particles and straightening fibers.

Immediately after walking, the moisture that has fallen into suede is soaked with a dry cloth and brushed. It is unacceptable to dry such shoes in the immediate vicinity of heating devices.

If creases or worn spots appear on the surface, they will be removed by steam processing. Carry out the procedure using a steam cleaner or iron with a steam function. In extreme cases, a pan of boiling water will do. After 5-7 minutes of treatment, the villi are smoothed with a brush and dried.

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How to choose a care product

Special cleaning products increase the service life of shoes, while maintaining its appearance. Impregnation sprays prevent moisture from saturating the material, making it easier to remove dirt from the surface. Special dyes will help preserve the color of sneakers for a long time.

It is best to care for suede sneakers only with the use of specialized tools. The use of conventional brushes and sponges leads to clumping of the villi, worn spots appear on the material.

For the care of suede use:

  • brushes with stiff bristles to give softness to the fibers;
  • rubber spikes for raising the pile;
  • polyurethane foam sponge;
  • roller for cleaning seams;
  • rubber brushes to remove stains.

Industrial products are sometimes replaced by improvised means. They are no less effective and more accessible.

For cleaning use:

  • fine sandpaper to soften;
  • eraser for raising the pile;
  • white bread crumb to remove greasy stains;
  • black bread rind for removal of scuffs.

Dry cleaning

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In the absence of strong contamination, preference is given to the dry processing method. Cleaning is carried out in three stages. First, the entire surface is treated with a stiff brush, removing coarse dirt. Soft dust removes dust and dust. Completes the procedure processing devices with a rubber surface to lift the pile. After cleaning the shoes are treated with a water-repellent spray.

Cleaning is carried out with soft circular motions. No intense friction or pressure on the brush during processing.

Cleaning with soapy water.

Special foam is used to remove heavy dirt. This tool is adapted for suede shoes, does not allow excessive moisture during washing. Wet processing is always preceded by dry cleaning.

In the absence of foam, you can wash your suede sneakers with soap and water. To do this, in a small container diluted with warm water with shampoo or washing gel. Dry powder or soap is best not to use. They are poorly washed off the surface, leaving white stains.

Using a soft brush, beat the foam. She is treated with the entire surface of the sneakers, avoiding excessive moisture. Do not rub your shoes during the cleaning process.

The soap solution is rinsed with clean water, and then wet the surface with a dry cloth. Then they fill the sneakers with newspapers and leave to dry in a natural way. After drying, the shoes are treated with protective agents.

Removing stains

Complex stains are removed in various ways, depending on the type of dirt and the color of the suede.

Fatty stains fall asleep with starch and lightly rub it. As the powder darkens, absorbing dirt, it is replaced with fresh. After removing the stain, the remaining starch is removed with a soft brush.

Salt stains, traces of reagents are removed with vinegar. The previously cleaned area is wiped with a soft cloth moistened with acid. The remnants of vinegar clean with a clean dry cloth.

Grass marks are removed with dishwashing detergent. If the stain is old, a few drops of ammonia are added to the soap solution.

Worn, greasy places are treated with ammonia diluted in water. For half a glass of liquid use 50 grams.ammonia. The resulting composition wipe the entire surface of sneakers. Remove excess liquid with a dry cloth and leave shoes to dry.

White suede sneakers are cleaned with toothpaste. It is applied to the surface, lightly rubbed and left to dry completely. The remains are washed with a soft bristle brush.

It is acceptable to use talc with ammonia for white sneakers. Both components are mixed until a homogeneous slurry is formed. It is applied to the entire surface of the shoe and left to dry. Next, clean the dry mixture with a soft brush. This procedure eliminates the yellowness, old stains, returns sneakers initial look.

Black and brown suede shoes clean coffee grounds. It is applied to the brush and rubbed in a circular motion into the material. When the ground dries, the surface is once again brushed to remove particles remaining in the fibers.


sneakers If you haven’t been able to completely wipe off your shoes or have light stains from salt and reagents on it, it is possible to restore the former color with a dye.

Buying paint, it is better to take shoes with you. This will help to more accurately find the shade.

Dyestuffs are sold as a liquid, paste or spray. The latter is used for shoes made of thin suede. Pastes and liquid dyes are used for coarser material.

Before dyeing sneakers, shoes thoroughly clean, remove stains. The surface is treated with a stiff brush, smoothing villi. Spray applied in several stages. After each application, the sneakers are left for 30-40 minutes to completely absorb the paint. The procedure is repeated 2-3 times, depending on the degree of discoloration.

Paste or liquid is applied with a foam sponge, left to dry completely. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

Before dyeing, sneakers are free from laces and decorative elements.

Features of cleaning white or black shoes

To remove stains from black sneakers it is not recommended to use starch or talc. They leave white particles on a dark surface, which spoil the look of suede.

Hydrogen peroxide, added to the soap solution, returns a snow-white shade to light-colored sneakers, but it cannot be used for dark shoes.

You can not wipe the white suede colored fabric. The dye may remain on the light material, and it will be difficult to remove. Milk returns white color sneakers. It is diluted with soda to obtain a homogeneous slurry, which is applied to the surface. After drying, remove excess with a brush.

How to keep your shoes clean

To keep your shoes from getting dirty longer, to keep an attractive look, it must be treated with special water-repellent sprays before each exit. These funds penetrate the pores of the material, protecting it from moisture. Dirt, falling on the treated surface, does not penetrate into the structure of the fabric. It remains on the surface, easily washed off with plain water or scrubbed with a brush.

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