What is better to choose a refrigerator

Portal VashTehnik announces new craze: reveal the world's leading sales. Read online reviews, so useless, as paid for by the manufacturer of refrigerators. We will try to find the truth. Not always analytical reports refrigerators allow stores to distinguish the white, discarding the black, the actual numbers often are sold, collected annual almanac with predictions of unholy price. Simple guys should be able to quickly find the answer to a question by elementary methods. If the solution to the dilemma of how best to choose a refrigerator, will have to pay 40,000 rubles, it is better to buy a Bosch KIN86AF30, avoiding suffering. The German company did not suffer a marriage that today customers like?

Analysis of the market of refrigerators: 2014

Yandex-market considers the most popular brand of household appliances:

  • bosch;
  • LG;
  • samsung;
  • indesit;
  • BEKO;
  • Hotpoint-Ariston;
  • Shivaki;

Refrigerator for the house

  • liebherr;
  • electrolux;
  • Gorenje;
  • Atlanta.

Did not mention Siemens, extending the Bosch division, for similar reasons could hush Ariston, not everyone knows that he is part of the Ibdesit. Let's see the top three best sellers M-Video:

  1. LG.
  2. Hotpoint-Ariston.
  3. Samsung.

To be honest, we experienced little surprise. LG will be opposed Samsung, added a European concern. 10 years warranty on the inverter motor gives the company, the third largest. At Samsung, and so good conditions of service for smart refrigerators. Heard, South Korean firms have agreed among themselves only in the TV segment. In other areas there is still a fierce competition.

Two-door refrigerator

Definitely say which is better Fridge - LG, it is impossible. The spread between the trio in the sales percentage is so small that the buyer's discretion reserve selection. Ozon leader delivered today cooler bag cost 580 rubles, take it everywhere on the road. The product Yiwu Gao Qi Bag Factory work, implementing the principle of the thermos. Electric batteries not provided. With the volume of 26 liters a great choice of ice cream sellers, fishermen have found carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, which lowers the temperature of the jet (one filling costs 200 rubles). The design will give 100 points handicap adsorption chiller, running from the gas cylinder: safe, nothing to break. It should be much cheaper.

According to the consumer, the best refrigerator - bag Thermos Yiwu. With statistics useless to argue. If it is going correctly.

Today, popular among buyers

For 2013 forward broke NoFrost technology now accounts for about half of total sales in units in Russia. Models French Door, popular abroad, in the lead: LG, General Electric, Samsung, Kenmore, Whirlpool, Electrolux. Approach seems a bit Americanized, world leaders here too see. Refrigerators differ from Side-by-Side presence of more than two doors. Large models are often equipped with an ice machine.

Large refrigerator for home

Among refrigerators with top location of the freezer Kenmore lead worth more than 30,000 rubles. Brand is popular in America. The company brings self: the most titled brand, has more than a century. Canmore Canadian city, but it comes to the company's home appliances, US refrigerators. Reviews unanimously give the brand the first place. Add Fame overseas colleagues, remember refrigerators few words, give a tribute to the well-known throughout the world of American technological products.

  1. The first prize was 78,002 at the cost of about 50,000 rubles. America's not so hot high cost, but not the lower segment. The model has remarkable characteristics. LED temperature adjustment range impresses simplicity, clarity. Of course, inside NoFrost, immediately evident how the designers tried, industrial gasket night cooling channels. In the Russian market the company is not, however, free to get the goods, visit e-bay. The question is limited to the delivery price of the refrigerator. In justification say: small gadgets like the iPad has long ordered overseas as domestic dealers try to cheat. The US has long received a courtesy lesson. Kenmore refrigerator models do not entirely popular. Produce brand (72 122), facing a much cheaper (the level of 40,000 rubles).
  2. Second place was awarded 79,432 model standing expensive. Refrigerator with solid glass shelves, ice machine, the internal dispenser. It is equipped with a built-in removable water filter. freshness zone is equipped adjusts tray for regulating humidity. Delights control panel located at the back wall near the ceiling of the refrigerating compartment: LED temperature control range. Model type cooling NoFrost, for obvious freezer. Much more difficult is the case with the lower cooling chamber. There's output channel is masked in the photo. Management focused fridge inside, there is no attempt to diversify the strict exterior design.

Comfortable and roomy fridge

In third place is the Kenmore 78822, which does not undertake to consider. Get gizmo in Russia will be quite difficult. The impression: good technique feels at home. Which company best refrigerator in America now know.

As for the lower camera arrangement situation turns out totally different. Of course, in the first place American brand Amana ABB2224WES, shares the lead with Whirlpool GB2FHDXWS. The second mark is made the United States, it is easy to find by browsing the domestic Yandex Market. In sharp contrast previously described goods. There are domestic-mentioned review of the refrigerator. Go over the global brands of refrigerators, is a popular US.

Global brands popular in the United States

Among refrigerators with top location of the freezer there is a South Korean LG LTN16385PL. The price of 25,000 rubles, not dare to call cheap, but not the upper segment. The Americans immediately to the shortcomings of rank blue backlight LEDs on the back wall. Fill the refrigerator compartment victuals does become invisible, hidden mountain eatables.

Ironically, the product is made according to American tastes, forgotten Russian business website. He took sixth place in the overall ranking. See NoFrost (Multi Air Flow), pallet with regulation of humidity, temperature scale LED.

Manufacturer of refrigerators learned preferences of Americans, the audience gives the desired

  • rigorous design, devoid of controls on the outside;
  • high handle;
  • large white refrigerator compartments.

With light lost. The best brands of refrigerators in the US are made by local rules.

Among the models with the lower chamber arrangement is seen the same brand LG refrigerator. Believe wrongly placed here, it looks funny. If the refrigerator is so much, that was placed in the ratings twice. At the bottom of freshness zone, it is permissible to store vegetables, fruits, looks lovely. But we need to know what brand of refrigerator is better in this segment, except for the US. China found! The company Haier has a few years the share of worldwide sales of around 8%. The best index among the brands of small household appliances.

Refrigerator Haier HBQ18JADRS took ninth place in the ranking if you remove mistakenly got the LG, get eighth place. American style fully, described above. Let's see what the best company of refrigerators in Russia.

Best refrigerator Russia

Analysis showed the US market: LG leader among foreign brands. There is a share of Samsung, can not be seen Indesit. The imprint is applied tensions with Europe. In the light of what he saw will recommend to pay attention to Haier refrigerators are not as widely known in Russia, Yandex-market exhibited. In the Far East Machinery must be inexpensive, the Japanese cars. Presented by 42 models, the choice is assured. Avoid search refrigerators, above: produced with an eye on the United States. Although it looks lovely!

What type of refrigerator choose, it should be understood. NoFrost fashionable model. As for sales in Russia. Try to ask the ratings Ozon, persistent suspicion that the shop promoted expensive brands, like in America promoted domestic. Recommend admire refrigerators Samsung, LG. Agree, it eloquently put ratings of sales at the beginning of the review. We hope readers of the portal VashTehnik decide how to choose a refrigerator!

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