Refrigerators Beko: TOP 7 best models, reviews, pros and cons

Need to purchase refrigeration equipment occurs infrequently, since it assumes operation within 5-10 years. That is why the approach should carefully choosing this technology. It is recommended to pay attention to the features and product capabilities.

Given the affordability and high quality of the equipment, the company that produces refrigerators Beko, deservedly occupies a place in the top five in terms of sales.

The content of the article:

  • Unique technology equipment Beko
    • Sleek design and color variety
    • Usability and accessibility of use
    • A capacity management option
    • Antibacterial sheeting with ionizer
    • Dual-circuit cooling system NeoFrost
    • Full NoFrost technology against condensate
    • Power consumption and noise levels
  • Popular models of refrigerators
    • Model # 1: Beko DS 328000 S
    • Model # 2: Beko GN 163 120 W
    • Model # 3: Beko TS1 90320
    • Model # 4: Beko BU 1100 HCA
    • Model # 5: Beko RCNK 270K20 S
    • Model # 6: Beko RCSK 250M00 W
    • Model # 7: Beko RCNK 270K20 S
  • Customer Reviews: advantages and disadvantages
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Unique technology equipment Beko

Modern refrigeration brand eyelid has high performance characteristics, ergonomically designed, ultra-technological solutions.

Product range is represented by medium and high price range with an additional guarantee from the manufacturer for a period of 5 years.

Refrigeration equipment brand Beko

Refrigeration equipment with Beko logo presented units of premium and mid-price segment. The cost of aggregates is justified superb performance and reliability systems

Constantly improving processes with the use of innovation, the company has developed a number of unique features that allow you to maintain product freshness for 2-4 weeks.

Sleek design and color variety

Beko refrigeration equipment attracts attention with its modern style, clarity of lines, diverse size range.

This technique allows you to have in the rooms of any size, with different designs and styles solutions, ranging from modern - high-tech, loft and Scandinavian-style to classic - modern and Rococo.

The color scheme of the equipment

Technique disclosed in the wide color range. The range of products allows you to choose the standard white, beige, marble-beige and black, as well as to pick up exclusive SLR colors - red, white, black, silver

Recently, an innovative solution - developing the coating of stainless steel refrigerators that protects surface from dust and dirt. With this the user can no longer worry about constant cleaning products from fingerprints hands.

Another solution, which increased functionality - the ability Repositioning the door in the most comfortable position for the person on the right or left side.

Thus, no need to select a product that has only the right or only the left door. Outweigh the door can be independently, depending on the habits or future location.

Saving space in an apartment or a house is achieved by equipment flat back of the refrigerator. Now it is possible to have the equipment near the wall in the range of 1-2 cm. Access to such panels free, so they are quite easy and convenient to clean.

Beko fridge installation in the niche

Specific rear wall constructive solution allows to have next to a refrigerator in structures at a distance of 1-2 cm, which allows to save space. Setting a permissible gap, between the walls of a refrigerator and which must be the same gap

Usability and accessibility of use

Some products range are equipped with economical LED lamps white color. This type of lighting allows you to create a brighter light is saturated.

To accommodate the fresh fruit and vegetables provided practical boxes, folding and rotary-type containers. The advantage of these boxes is the possibility of quick access to needed products, even if not fully opened door.

After closing the refrigerator containers are closed automatically. In folding boxes is convenient to store small items of food, canning jars, snacks.

Dispenser for water and ice

Lovers of soft drinks and ice can make use of a special department for storage of purified water, ice cubes and split form

Automatic dispenser is controlled by a touch panel, making possible to pour water or getting ice without opening the door. The freezer compartment is also set for a container of ice and water to the cartridge, are protected from overflow.

Further provided a cooling space able to accommodate beverage volume to 2.5 liters. To get the capacity required to lower the door of the mini bar and use it as a table.

To secure the cooling bottles with alcoholic and soft drinks in the refrigerator compartment is removable chrome panel with bends. If necessary, free up space in the fridge brand eyelid holder is removed.

Adjustable shelf for storing bottles

For proper storage of the bottles in a refrigerator and for the rational use of space to the models of Beko attached removable light shelves

No less practical details in the product - pull-out shelf in tempered glass with plastic bumpers.

Due to its functionality you can get the products that are placed close to the rear wall without removing disposed ahead dishes. In the case of liquid spillage plastic tips at the bottom of the boxes will protect from falling inwards.

Some models are equipped with technology drawers that let you use all the available space to the maximum. These containers - removable, allowing their quick removal and easy cleaning of accumulated debris.

Drawers in refrigerator Beko

Drawers operate using the movement of their special guides. This feature protects the surface underneath the containers from scratches and chips

With the control system multifunction refrigerator compartment can be converted into a single chamber for freezing.

The item set temperature -24 to + 10 degrees Celsius. Freezers have sufficient volume for comfortable placement of frozen berries, vegetables and meat products. Depending on the type of product, in the product 4 can be set temperature mode including the quick-freeze function.

A capacity management option

The manufacturer has developed a host of features that allow to use the equipment easily and safely.

When the modern system Eco-Fuzz refrigerator enters power saving mode. This function takes effect only after the door is opened for more than 6 hours.


The owners of the Turkish refrigeration unit it is possible to translate into economical power consumption mode to the long absence of the owners in the holiday period

Selecting "vacation," the technique is converted into electricity saving mode. At the same time she freezer is not cooled, and the freezing compartment only works department.

In the case of a loose closing the door or leaving it open for more than 60 seconds, the electronic system will beep an existing problem.

Antibacterial sheeting with ionizer

In order to impart high hygienic properties of the coating, prevent foreign odors and freshness preservation of the long products in the equipment used ionizer.

This system allows the air inside the product saturation by negative ions that have a bactericidal effect.

Antibacterial air purifying system

After passing through separating equipment, spent air returns to the vent filter is mounted, enters the ionizer, and then enters again in purified form

Special antibacterial filter prevents bacteria and microorganisms on products and surfaces. In addition, the filter element eliminates odors, and prevents their mixing.

Doors and other functional elements are fitted with rubber seal with anti-bacteria function. For proper storage of fresh fruit and vegetables provided compartment backlit blue.

Technology Fresh Blue Light It provides a long-term preservation of useful properties of the products. Fresh herbs can be stored in containers having a humidity adjusting function.

Compartment with optimum moisture retaining

The range of refrigerators Beko models have organized area of ​​freshness, within which the best preserved aroma and natural moisture fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits

Dual-circuit cooling system NeoFrost

An innovative step in the company's development and production of new and improved models of refrigerators Beko brand is the development of dual-circuit cooling system. This eliminates the need for defrosting equipment.

In the practical application of this system is the possibility of maintaining a desired constant temperature and humidity inside the two chambers - the refrigeration and freezing, individually.

Technology NeoFrost It represents two different cooling and conditioning elements which operate independently of each other. Thus, in the refrigerator odors do not mix, and cooling occurs uniformly.

NeoFrost modern technology in products

The system allows you to maintain the freshness of the products from a few days to a month, preventing dehydration of vegetables. fruits, semi-finished and multiplication of bacteria in them

The circulation of the air mass occurs continuously and uniformly in all sections and flanges even if the OFF of the compressor.

Maintaining optimal temperature and speed of the air flow helps to prevent a possible freezing of the products.

Full NoFrost technology against condensate

This cooling system is designed to prevent condensation and icing on the walls of the equipment.

The technology provides for automatic defrosting ice due to constant operation of the ventilation system without the need for forced defrost. The presence or absence of such a cooling system is indicated in the data sheet of each model.

The circuit of the refrigerator without frost

Continuous circulation of the air mass inside the refrigerating and freezing chambers eliminates condensation and formation of ice buildup. The unit automatically gets rid of them creating conditions

Also, thanks to the NoFrost and a special chamber for freezing placed in one of the sections of the freezing chamber may produce flash-freezing, preserving the structure and maximize the beneficial properties of the product.

thermal management is done using the touch screen, which displays the settings.

Power consumption and noise levels

The entire product range is characterized by low power consumption and noise. The equipment belongs to the class A + and A ++, which ensures reduction in the volume of resources consumed by 15%. This category of goods predominates over the class A and saves from 10 to 30 kW per month.

Characteristics of the model on the level of noise and energopotreblyaemosti

Despite the fact that the equipment has multiple cooling fans, the noise level is quite low - less than 40 dB

Refrigerators advantage is the use in the construction of only environmentally friendly and safe materials that are non-toxic to humans. The product elements installed with the gaseous coolant that does not destroy the ozone layer.

Practically all of the elements and materials and clean after use can be recycled.

Popular models of refrigerators

Analyzing a wide range of Beko refrigeration equipment, it should be noted that their design features, technological capabilities, appearance, enable the buyer to choose the products you need according to his individual requirements.

Technique can pick the right size, taking into account the greatest possible available space to accommodate its future. In the present market portfolio buyers are offered a variety of models, in Vol. H. and built-in type.

Types of Beko brand refrigeration equipment

Products are one-, two- and three-compartment, with a different type of location of the freezer, or without it, with electromechanical and touch control type equipped with additional functions

For sure select the desired model should be familiar with the most popular, which have been identified by experts and buyers. The rating is based on a combination of several factors:

  • the presence of positive and negative feedback in the operation;
  • How relevant is the price to the manufacturer quality;
  • unique capabilities and technologies that impart versatility of the equipment;
  • designs and colors;
  • practicality in use;
  • the level of energy consumption.

Below are the models characterized by the type of design and dimensions.

Model # 1: Beko DS 328000 S

Model DS328000 S - silver refrigerator configured in modern design. The product is characterized by simple design: the housing there is no handle that allows you to quickly clean the surface. Freezer located at the top, the volume is 51 liter.

Equipment Dimensions - 54h60h160 cm, total volume of 257 liters and a weight of about 50 kg. It operates almost silently and consumes only 25 kWh per month. The advantage of this model is the ability to maintain the cold even when disconnected from the mains for 12 hours.

The system is controlled by a mechanical lever. The lighting inside the structure - the standard yellow. Doors equipped with perimeter antibacterial sealing rubber, which prevents the formation of mold and mildew and bacterial growth.

To accommodate the vegetables and fruits one box provided, and for other products - 4 glass shelves. On the door are 4 plastic containers, which are designed for storing bottles, eggs, cans, and other small products.

Defrosting the freezer in manual mode and the second section is equipped with a dropping defrosting system.

Model # 2: Beko GN 163 120 W

Model GN 163 120 W - combination of luxury, elegance and innovative technologies. The product is made in a classic white. This equipment allows us to store a large amount of food in the refrigerator and the freezer department.

Without electricity technique it can maintain the optimum temperature inside the chambers to 21 hours. The model is impressive size - 91h72h182 cm and higher weight - 115 kg.

Main advantages:

  • a protective layer which prevents leaving fingerprints;
  • presence antibacterial filter to prevent the propagation of odors;
  • High energy efficiency class - A +;
  • maintaining the indoor temperature between +10 and +43 degrees;
  • presence NeoFrost technology - dual-circuit cooling system;
  • Active Fresh Blue Light function allows you to store fresh vegetables in a box, keeping as long as possible vitamins and minerals due to the blue lamp;
  • present for freezing ice dispenser and a container for cooling water are located on the two doors;
  • the presence of the holder for bottles, additional departments for long-term preservation of fresh products on the shelves in the freezer door;
  • prevention of growth of microorganisms on food products through purification system airflows ionizing filter;
  • electronic control type.

In addition to these advantages, the product is characterized by a rather low power consumption (1.29 kW per day) and silent operation. This type of equipment is suitable for large-sized apartments or private houses.

Model # 3: Beko TS1 90320

TS1 Model 90320 - compact and practical single chamber assembly white color, size 47,5h53h81,8 cm. Refrigerator for apartments or rooms with equipment for subsequent delivery of their business trip or leisure. He has a small weight - about 26.5 kg and acceptable energy efficiency - 0.77 kW for 24 hours.

Operated of electromechanical system with which failures are rare. Useful volume of 93 liters. Cooling is performed in a static manner, the model requires periodic defrosting.

As advantages include the possibility of doors and changeable presence on them gum which has antibacterial properties. To perform the cooling function is used isobutane. The product refers to climatic class SN; T.

Model # 4: Beko BU 1100 HCA

Popular model among the built-in type refrigerators is considered to be a single-chamber unit BU 1100 HCA. Dimensions see 59,8h54,2h82 allow installing equipment in the furniture modules.

Technology provides efficient distribution and storage of products, saving space in the room. Models equipped with doors with flat smooth surface without any design decisions. The design is intended for installation in the kitchen.

The model has two separate chambers, which are provided inside the multi-functional glass shelves, various holders for bottles, containers for fruit and fish. Special Section - freshness zone, there is a department for freezing ice.

Advantages of this model - high power saving class (A +), the touch control mode, noise level less than 40 dB and a high climate class - SN; T. For lighting inside the lamp is yellow. For ease of installation and subsequent use of the door can be moved from one side to another.

Model # 5: Beko RCNK 270K20 S

Products with freezers located below the cooling department, in its functional qualities are similar to models which have an upper class location of the freezer. The only difference - the type of construction.

Among the most popular models on the market technology in this section - RCNK 270K20 S. The product is made in a white color and has two separate chambers. On the door is convenient for quick opening chrome handles, as well as present sealing gum with anti-bacterial development. Installed inside the refrigerator LED-lighting and temperature regimes mechanical regulator.

The freezer department has 3 roomy compartments with lockable plastic doors. Volume of the refrigeration division - 250 liters, which allows you to place a large number of products. space volume is achieved through internal product dimensions - 60h60h200 see.

The model provides fast freezing and cooling functions. freezer defrost is performed in a manual mode as needed, and the refrigerating chamber does not need to defrost, as It supports the cooling circuit No Frost.

Climate class energy efficiency and also have a high level - continuous operation of equipment to save up to 15% of electricity compared with similar models of consumption class A. This model may be placed in rooms with high temperature performance - up to 38 degrees.

One of the main advantages of the refrigerator - possibility to maintain the optimum temperature inside chamber to maintain freshness of fruit, vegetables and prepared dishes until 18 hours after disconnection from network.

Model # 6: Beko RCSK 250M00 W

Small refrigerator RCSK 250M00 W kvartirok suitable for small and minority families. Housing height 158 ​​cm, width 54 cm depth and 60 cm, respectively. The model offers the owners of 240 liters usable space, of which 65 liters takes the freezer compartment.

As the cooling chamber and the freezer will have to periodically defrost because they are cooled in a static manner. According thereto condensate inevitably formed which drops removed through its receiver intended for collection. From time to time it due to low temperature it turns into frost or ice.

Management of the electromechanical type, attracting simplicity and trouble-free operation. There is a sound indication, warning about not completely closed the door. Machine freezes up to 4 kg per day. The furnish used antibacterial coating. Klassnost climatic criteria N; SN.

Model # 7: Beko RCNK 270K20 S

Elegant silver fridge RCNK 270K20 S is designed for those who often uses located below the freezer compartment. Height unit 171 cm width with depth, respectively 54 cm and 60 cm. Useful volume of the model is 270 liters.

As the refrigerator compartment and freezer are cooled by No Frost technology. Frost and ice build-up, requiring compulsory defrosting equipment for their removal, inside the chambers will not.

Controlled by a simple and failsafe electromechanical device. The decoration applied antimicrobial coating. Climatic model class assigned to the T category; ST; N; SN.

Customer Reviews: advantages and disadvantages

Refrigeration equipment brand Beko - the optimal ratio of the value of the product and its functionality.

Through the development and constant introduction of technologies to modernize the design, improve product design, the manufacturer has won loyal customers all over the Russian Federation territory and the world.

expert advice on the selection of technology

Basically only positive customer reviews show that the brand is rightfully occupies a leading position in the ranking of sales in the market Byttekhnika

Among the negative reviews usually point out the following:

  1. Inconvenient location of shelves.
  2. Insufficient boxes for storage of vegetables.
  3. Lack of timely service from the manufacturer.

Positive comments about the technique much more:

  • Freshness is preserved for a long time;
  • Prevented the formation and development of disease-causing organisms;
  • The air purified by the ionizer;
  • Preserved vitamin C in fruits and vegetables using the blue lamp in the container;
  • You can get ice and cold drinks without opening the refrigeration department.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

A realistic assessment of the pros and cons of refrigerators Beko brand held equipment repair master:

Given the characteristics of the popular lineup eyelid refrigeration equipment, everyone can choose to the model, which will meet the requirements and wishes with respect to functionality and appearance species.

From art economy level to the high price segment, of elementary functions to modern high-tech from minibars to large-sized two-door products - any of the models will be indispensable in maintaining product freshness house.

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