How to remove the smell of sweat from the clothes under the arms

The life of a modern person passes in constant haste, which cannot but be reflected on his clothes in the form of sweat marks. Any person sweats in certain situations, this is a normal process, but after him he leaves an unpleasant smell on clothes, from which I want to get rid of as soon as possible. Standard washing is not always suitable, sometimes unforeseen circumstances can take you by surprise, then knowledge of how to get rid of the smell of sweat on clothes without washing will help.

Popular methods

Most often, the smell of sweat is formed under the arms, especially unpleasant if you soon need to look and smell just irresistible. There is not always time or the ability to completely wash the thing and dry it, often does not allow a lack of time. But even from such a difficult situation there is a way out, because there are express methods with which you can remove the smell from clothes, regaining self-confidence.

Laundry soap

This is the easiest way to eliminate unpleasant odor, the process takes a little time. It is necessary to moisten problem areas of clothing and soap them thoroughly with soap, after which leave it to soak for 10 minutes.

Then the remnants of the soap solution are washed out of the fabric by ordinary rinsing, the thing is dried in air, a battery or using a hair dryer.

Dishwashing detergent

Any dishwashing gel should be treated with an even layer of stain and left to soak for a few minutes. Instead of gel, you can use shampoo for oily scalp. After a period of time, it is necessary to remove the residues with water and dry the fabric.

Baking soda

Soda evenly poured on the affected area, you can rub it a little into the stain. In this state, the item is left for 15 - 20 minutes, after which the soda is cleaned off, and the wet spots are rinsed with water.

Baking soda is a popular remedy for eliminating various odors, after such treatment you can safely put on a refreshed thing, since you can remove the smell of sweat to the fullest extent.


The sweat itself is odorless, but the products of bacteria that live on the skin and connected with the liquid smell. In the cold, these bacteria will die, so the thing will no longer smell.

The easiest option is to hang the clothes on the rope outside the window if it is winter outside, otherwise you can put the product in a bag and put it in the freezer for 1 - 2 hours.


You can pour a small amount of medical alcohol or vodka on wet spots on clothes under the arms. In this state, the thing should be left for a couple of hours, after which it should be steamed with an iron and ironed if it is necessary to remove the remaining moisture.


This method is suitable for natural fabrics, as it is possible to remove the smell of sweat from clothes made of synthetics only by more efficient methods. To bring the smell of sweat from wool, linen or silk things, you need to dilute 1 tablespoon of salt in 1 cup of warm water.

The resulting solution is necessary to rub the stains with a cotton pad, then rinse the treated area of ​​clothing. Salt, like soda, is a well-known odor absorber, which is used in many different situations.

Salt and sal ammoniac

If the bright thing has suffered, the following recipe will help you to return it to its former state. You need to prepare a saline solution, as described above, and add to it 1 teaspoon of ammonia.

In the resulting mixture, a cotton pad is moistened with which the smelling tissue is treated. To completely get rid of the specific smell of ammonia, you will need to very thoroughly rinse the treated place.


In order to remove the smell of sweat from clothes, you must use 9% table vinegar. It can be applied using a cotton pad or a spray bottle, you can also rub it into the fabric.

After this, the treated area must be thoroughly rinsed to remove the aroma of the vinegar itself. If the first time failed to return things to their original state, the whole process needs to be repeated.

How to refresh outerwear

If you have to stand in a warm jacket or coat in a hot room, in most cases there will be stains with an unpleasant odor on the inner lining. To deduce them as in the case of ordinary clothes will not work, here other measures will be required.

First, you can air your outerwear for several days. Frosty air perfectly cope with the task, and do not have to resort to the effects of household chemicals or folk remedies.

Secondly, ordinary newspapers absorb smells very well. They can be stuffed inside the jacket or completely wrap the thing. In this state, she needs to lie for several days, after which the newspapers are thrown away, and there is not a trace of the smell.

Thirdly, if you need to quickly get rid of the smell, you can use the already known mixture of water, salt and ammonia, but a solution is prepared in several different proportions. Ammonia mixed with warm water in a ratio of 1:10, a pinch of salt is added. The solution handles problem areas of the inner lining with a cotton pad.

Prevention measures

In any case, the problem is easier to prevent than to try to solve it in a hurry, in this situation, this statement also has its strength, the smell will be better warned than eliminated. There is nothing difficult in this, you just need to always adhere to some simple recommendations:

  • should not neglect personal hygiene, it is recommended to use a shower at least once a day, so you will always exude freshness and fragrance;
  • if the item has already been worn at least once, and on the nose is an important event, it is better to wash it beforehand;
  • after a shower is recommended to use deodorant;
  • buy items mainly from natural fabrics so that oxygen can freely flow to the skin.
How to remove the smell of sweat from the clothes under the arms

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