How to stroke the tulle

Fatin is a semi-transparent mesh fabric, which is usually used for concert or holiday wear: a variety of puffs is a semi-transparent mesh fabric, which is usually used for concert or holiday wear: a variety of puffs is a semi-transparent mesh fabric, which is usually used for concert or holiday wear: a variety of puffs is a translucent mesh fabric, which is usually used for concert or holiday wear: a variety of puffs is a translucent mesh fabric that is usually used for concert or holiday wear: a variety of puffs is a translucent mesh fabric that is usually used for concert or holiday wear: a variety of puffs is a translucent mesh fabric, which is usually used for concert or holiday wear: you can get a variety of curly patterns to enjoy a varied pattern, you can feel at home, in order to get comfortable and enjoy the color for a good day at home., of course, veils. However, ironing and putting in order this fabric is very difficult, since any crease or bruise will immediately be evident. The risk that you can spoil it is very high, so you need to prepare for the straightening process in advance and carefully. Thanks to the following methods and tips that you will find in this article, you will learn how to properly iron delicate things yourself at home.


First you need to talk a little bit about how to care for these tissues to avoid problems with creases. At home, a complete care of the satin wardrobe is quite complicated and ironing is problematic. But if there is still a stain on a dress or a festive suit, it is necessary to give it to professionals - use a dry-cleaner. However, on the way home, the fabric can also be deformed, and you still have to put it in order. In order to avoid such problems, you need to independently learn how to properly care for such products. To do this, just follow the simple rules.

  1. It is better to erase delicate things manually, but you can also use a typewriter on a special mode and low revolutions at a temperature not higher than 40 degrees, so as not to stretch and tear the fabric.
  2. But drying the satin will be more problematic. If you have a “drying” in your washing machine, use it, since its principle of operation is based on the principle of a steam generator.
  3. You need to dry the product on the street or on the balcony in an even form, hanging it on a hanger, or spread it out on the dryer. So it will not hesitate and will not lose its appearance.

But if you have the desire and strength, it is best to wash the tulle by hand. However, remember the main rule - do not need to squeeze it hard. It is better to hang the product on a hanger or dryer and let it drain, after which it should dry out in the open air or in a ventilated room.

When washing the tulle, use an air conditioner, this will help make the fabric softer, which will prevent the appearance of unwanted creases.

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With the help of an

iron, it is best to keep the product with such mesh fabric in a straightened form so as not to worry about how to stroke it further. But, if you still need to straighten the tulle, you can put it in order with the help of the iron, adhering to the following rules:

  1. To begin with, set the mode for “delicate fabrics” and the minimum temperature on the ironhigh temperature, then in this case it should be done gradually).
  2. Put a thicker fabric on this translucent material so that the device does not come into direct contact with the tulle. This will help avoid tissue damage.
  3. Gently walk the iron on the surface of the material.
At the time of stroking the satin fabric, do not pour water into the iron for steaming or sprinkling the surface of the fabric. Before each use of the iron, check the cleanliness of its surface, it should be perfect, because later you can stain the fabric and even ruin the entire outfit.

If you need to stroke the tulle sleeves of a dress or any other item of clothing, in this case it is best to purchase a special nozzle for the ironing board. As a rule, it is given in the kit. The iron must be used to treat each side of the necessary part of the product so that no irregularities remain.

With the help of the steam generator

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If you could only dream of such a device as a steam generator today, this is quite a common technical device. It not only has wide functionality, but also makes life easier for many hostesses. Fatin is particularly well steamed with the help of this miracle device. Follow the steps below to get it right:

  1. Hang the outfit on the coat hanger.
  2. Walk along its surface with a steam generator as many times as necessary to ensure that no wrinkles remain on it.
  3. First, start stripping larger items of clothing, and at the very end go to small ones, for example, sleeves and a collar.

This method can also be applied to curtains, suits, shirts and other delicate things. If there is a steamer in your house, then you will not have problems not only with caring for clothes made of tulle, but also with any other piece of clothing, as it will easily cope with the most difficult rooms.

Using an

bath filled with hot water If you didn’t have a steam generator at home and ironing it seems rather difficult, but you need to straighten crumpled tulle, then you can use the safest method. They are usually used by brides and their mothers before the wedding in order to arrange a magnificent wedding dress. To learn how to iron in this way you need to do:

  1. Fill the bath with hot water and wait until the room is filled with steam.
  2. Hang a wedding dress or a necessary outfit on a coat rack near the source of steam.
  3. Leave a wardrobe item for a couple of hours.

As a rule, this method is used if you do not have an iron or a steamer or a piece of clothing that needs to be put in order, rather voluminous. However, if you need to straighten only a small portion of the tulle material, in this case, you can use another method:

  1. Heat the kettle with water.
  2. Wait for it to boil.
  3. If you have a whistle on the kettle - remove it.
  4. After that, hold the necessary small item over the steam until the unevenness is smoothed out.

This method will help you replace the steam generator. If, however, it was not possible to smooth out the necessary piece of clothing, then it would still be necessary to use an iron. Hang the outfit on the hanger carefully so that, while in the bathroom, it does not fall into the hot water.

Using an

Hairdryer This is another interesting way to smooth out the tulle element and get rid of wrinkles and creases on the surface of the fabric. Surely everyone has a hair dryer at home. Here is the method itself that will help smooth out the necessary piece of clothing:

  1. Hang the product on a hanger.
  2. Pick up a hairdryer and a spray with regular tap water.
  3. Slightly sprinkle the tulle and dry it with a hair dryer, if you see that during the drying process a fold is formed - sprinkle it again.

The flow of hot air from a hairdryer will be similar to the steamer. So that your product does not lose its appearance and does not deteriorate during the drying process, choose the average power on the device.

Fatin is among the delicate fabrics, care for which should be special. If you adhere to the basic principles of proper washing of this kind of things, then you will not have to suffer with folds formed on the surface. However, if the unpleasant room still appeared, you can easily cope with it in one of the ways outlined above.

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