9 best home use nebulizers

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  • Top-9 Best Nebulizers Neutral Neighborhoodsthe smallest particles of medication fall, but the usual inhaler delivers only steam. And although many modern non-steam appliances are also called inhalers, this is not entirely true. In this article, you will learn which nebulizer is better to choose for the house in 2017-2018, and what makes them better than the steam counterpart.

    The principle of operation of the nebulizer and inhaler

    Roughly speaking, the principle is almost the same: inhaling the drug through a special device. But, here is the principle of filing them completely different. If the inhaler is able to produce only hot steam, which contains in its composition sufficiently large particles of water( although invisible to the eye), then the nebulizer delivers a solution of room temperature and the particles are so tiny that they can penetrate into the most remote areas of the lungs. This means that the medicine gets very quickly on the inflammatory focus and the healing process is not delayed.

    The word “nebulizer” is a derivative of the Latin “nebula”, which means cloud, fog. But the "inhaler" is derived from the word "inhalo", which in translation from the same Latin means - inhale.

    Now there are several types of inhalers. If you are already looking for a brand that suits you, then you probably know that they are divided into types:

    • Steam
    • Electron-net
    • Compression
    • Ultrasonic

    And for the convenience of the consumer, all these modifications are called inhalers. In fact, only the first of them is such, but the rest are nebulizers in their pure form. With the help of an inhaler, you can only warm the airways thoroughly, soften mucus and deliver substances of plant origin to them, such as decoction of medicinal herbs.

    But using a nebulizer, you can use any antibiotics and other drugs. So, these two types are completely interchangeable and, to a large extent, if you suffer from frequent colds of the respiratory tract, it would be nice to have both in your house.

    And with the help of an ordinary inhaler, you can steam your face skin for cosmetic procedures.

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    Which inhalers actually are

    nebulizers In general, it was clear from the previous block which of them are nebulizers. But all the same, for the order we list them, because repetition is the mother of learning!

    • Electronic-mesh devices
    • Compression devices
    • Ultrasonic devices

    That is, it doesn’t matter how the manufacturer called its product. The principle of action is important.

    Well, now let's consider the specific models that the current market offers us. Now there are too many of them and it is just right to get confused if you do not have a lot of knowledge before going to a specialty store or pharmacy.

    You will find out which nebulizer is better to buy, based on various parameters.

    Top - 9 best nebulizers in 2018

    In this section we will only give a complete list of the best products in this area, for your convenience. But below you can learn more about each of them and find out their approximate prices for today.

    • Little Doctor LD 250U - stationary, compressor for the whole family
    • Little Doctor LD 207U - stationary, ultrasonic mesh-nebulizer for the whole family
    • Little Doctor LD 212C - Compassional Cards, which can be used as a part of your own life and your own life plans for your family
    • Little Doctor ID 21 21CU2 - stationary, ultrasound for the sake of the entire family
    • NEB 50 - Compressor Nebulizer for the whole family
    • Pari Velox 4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/5/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/3/ of the best ultrasonic nebulizers with the help of new windows.it is quite inexpensive.


      • Affordable price despite the fact that the universal device
      • is completed with three masks, for adults, children and babies
      • Works very quietly, almost silently
      • There is a 30-minute timer

      - 17-year 17of all types of drugs

    MED 2000 Pingoo U2

    Price - 3,500 rubles

    Country of origin - Italy

    Brief description - a very interesting and fun design in the form of a toy penguinProcedure with children in the form of a game and practically without any persuasion and tears. But besides the design, this inhaler is attractive both in price and in functionality.


    • Special childrens view
    • Absolutely silent operation, which is important in the use of infants
    • There is a timer that can be set to 30 minutes of work
    • The spraying modes of this model are different and they are three, which ensures a different level of respiratory respiration.air can be controlled that provides an opportunity to give medicine in various concentration


    • This model does not have an adult mask in the set. But since this device was made specifically for children, the minus is very conditional

    A & D UN-231

    Price - 4,000 rubles

    Country of Manufacture - Japan

    A brief description is not a stationary, but a portable mini-inhaler and in thishis advantage. For people who often need such procedures, it will be convenient to carry it with you at all times. The price is quite loyal, but the Japanese quality speaks for itself. The only thing I would like to emphasize, do not forget that in any ultrasonic inhaler you can not use antibiotics, their molecules are destroyed by the oscillation of the waves.


    • Manufacturer's Warranty 10 years
    • stufflone, which means that it will not be possible to deliver medicine to the lungs and to the trachea. And this is a very big and fat minus.

    Rating the best mesh nebulizers

    Little Doctor LD-207U

    Price - 3,400 rubles

    Production Country - Singapore

    A brief description is a wonderful inhaler that the whole family can use due to the fact that it is equipped with three types of masks. The price is quite affordable, and the quality is not satisfactory to consumers. This model of the inhaler is one of the most popular and sought after.

    Plus s:

    • It is possible to use in a horizontal position, that is, lying
    • There is a possibility of using a large range of drugs, as this is a mesh-nebulizer, and not the usual ultrasound
    • There are 3 masks( for adults, for children and for babies)
    • there is no use of drugs remaining, which is quite important with the current high cost of drugs
    • Type of food double: batteries or from the mains, optional


    • Somewhat noisy at work, which can frighten very young childrenher

    Omron Micro Air NE-U22

    Price - 15 000 rubles

    Production country - Japan

    Brief description - this is the most high-quality and versatile device from all of our top. The price is, of course, cheerful compared to others, but the possibilities are very wide. It is possible for them to treat all types of diseases of the respiratory system and nasopharynx, also to use all types of drugs, while adjusting the air stream at will. The engines are in the engine: the engines are in progress. The engines are running.:

    • The price is not accessible to everyone
    • There is no mask for babies, which at such a price would be highly desirable

    Pari Velox

    Price - 12 000 rubles

    Production country - Germany

    Brief description - this device is distinguished by the fact that the procedure can be performed in the shortest possible time. Just three minutes is enough for a person to receive the required dose of medication. This is possible due to the fact that the device of this inhaler is of membrane type. It is also equipped with a special sound timer, with which you will know exactly what time the procedure is over. Well, another plus is the dual-type food, which will allow you to take it with you to nature, to the train and other places where it is problematic to connect to the power grid.


    • Ability to carry out procedures quickly
    • There is a shutdown timer
    • Economical consumption of drugs
    • Mobile thanks to its compact size and dual power type: mains and batteries


    • No mask, no mains and batteries,

    The fact that short procedure is more important for children more than adults

  • The price does not please at all

Rating of the best compressor nebulizers

Little Doctor LD 212C

Price - 2,100 rubles

Production country - SinHapur

Brief description - a very affordable and yet universal inhaler for the whole family. The design is made in such a way that the children like the device: it shows a cute bunny and, in general, it resembles a toy.


  • High-quality assembly and complaints about the manufacturer no
  • The price is very nice with such versatility
  • There are 3 types of masks: adult, childish, baby


  • Medicinal products are not used very economically. That is, saving money on the purchase can then overpay for the whole life for medicines. But this fact is important only to those who use this device almost every day with the use of expensive drugs, while in other cases the difference will not afford to hit at all.
  • The procedure itself is for some reason shorter than the cooling time

A & D CN233

Price - 2,900 rubles

Production country - Japan

A brief description is a very good option at a price that is more than loyal to Japanese production. The disadvantage of this device is noise, but this is a drawback not only of this model, but of all compressor inhalers. If you have a goal to get it for babies, then it is better to look at other options, since excessive decibels at work will scare the baby and he will scream heavily, which will complicate the procedure and reduce the therapeutic effect.


  • Very easy to use, turn on just one button
  • solid list of permitted medications
  • There is an automatic protection against burnout


  • No masks for children

Microlife NEB 50

Price - 5000 rubles

Country - Switzerland

Brief description- this inhaler is notable for the fact that it can work without interruption for an hour, which is not so common among inhalers, but rather in demand for delivering certain types of drugs.


  • The price absolutely corresponds to the quality. Quite affordable, not expensive and not cheap, but very reliable
  • There is an automatic shutdown in case of overheating
  • It turns itself off after an hour
  • There are two masks: an adult and a child

This is our review and we are sure that now you know which nebulizer you should choose for your home in 2017-2018.All the best to you and do not get sick!

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