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I have heard a lot about using Ferctika's drug when growing potatoes to increase yields. Tell me, what is the instruction on the use of fertilizer Fertich for potatoes? When is it best to make the drug?

Ferctik's preparation belongs to the complex mineral fertilizers presented in various variations depending on a type of plants for which it is applied. When growing potatoes, a special “Potato” fertilizer is used. It is a powder-like preparation with fine granules that dissolve quickly and completely in water.

Characterization of the drug

The composition of the Fertilizer fertilizer "For Potato" contains a full range of nutrients needed to obtain a rich crop of root crops:

  • nitrogen;
  • phosphorus;
  • potassium;
  • magnesium;
  • is sulfur.

The fertilizer is absolutely chlorine free and is harmless to plants and humans.

Useful properties of the fertilizer

As a result of the introduction of the drug:

  • potatoes actively grow and ripen faster;
  • increases resistance to various diseases;
  • , a greater number of tubers are laid, resulting in increased yields;
  • root vegetables are stored longer and without loss of taste.
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How is the preparation applied?

Fertilizer Fertilizer "For Potato" has a simple instructions for use. Depending on the period during which the preparation is used, it is introduced as follows:

  1. During soil preparation, .Before planting potatoes in early spring, fertilize at the rate of 80 g per 1 sq. M.m. and dig, while removing the roots of weeds.
  2. During planting potatoes. In the prepared wells, made at a distance of about 40 cm from each other with a row spacing of 70 cm, sprinkle fertilizer in a small amount( maximum 20 g per well).Spade gently turn over the soil in the hole, mixing it with fertilizer, and then lay out the tubers. This is done so that the potatoes are not in direct contact with the granules.
  3. During the period of growth of potatoes .During hilling, potatoes can be fertilized with Fertic, using 1 square meter.m. 30 g of the drug. Spread the fertilizer around the bushes and gently mix with the ground. Hilling should be carried out twice, the first time - when the landing grow to a height of 10 cm, and the second - before the ranks close.
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A feature of the preparation of the drug is the incorporation of granules into moist soil. In dry weather, additional watering may be needed to dissolve the drug.

Experienced gardeners note that the best effect is provided by the fertilizing of potatoes with Fertica before planting tubers or directly during planting, since such application provides the necessary balance of nutrients.

Fertilizer for potatoes - video

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