Cleaning the washing machine with citric acid

With a great sigh of relief exhausted women: there is an automatic washing machine that can wash things yourself. The owner left to fill the compartment dirty laundry, measured off adjusted time period to get a clean, thoroughly squeezed. Beauty? Limit women's aspirations! Philistines heard: cleaning washing machine with citric acid helps relieve typewriter machine from scale, settles on the heating element. Try to understand, to find out how to perform the prevention of scale better salt build-up is considered the most dangerous "enemy" of the washing machine, or rather parts, shell heater.

Assistant of the modern woman

Washing machine is expensive - to look good enough to be able to, or you may quickly fail. Motivated reasons guess - prerequisites legion, starting with hard water, ending voltage fluctuations.

The heating element of the washing machineOf course, the worst enemy of the miracle machine consider unfiltered tap water, the quality of which have long known: the liquid will undermine health, destroy household appliances. Russian Pipeline find deplorable. Drinking water supplied home plumbing comprises rust useless impurity, scale salts. Harmful chemicals, adversely affecting the well-being of the population. Home free to put a filter, the water that we drink, without great fear. It remains a washing machine, put the flow filter is expensive.

Try using advertised agents, emollients water softeners are not cheap. Efficiency prove necessary, in fact, the chemicals go completely useless, do not want to disassemble the machine in order to see the result of "there."

Such softening chemicals are not completely rinse out clothes; allergies, people with sensitive skin can suffer. It is possible to do prevention with softeners every month, from hard water is powerless to measure. Wait a little upset, thinking that the machine has not long delicate work: found proven, effective, affordable way to "cure" of automatic machines against scale, salt deposits: cleaning washing machine with citric acid. Food. Citric acid crystals efficiently purified scum buildup corroding disordered structure. We talk more in detail about effective ways to combat the effects of threatening the machine, caused by hard water.
Washing machine drum in scale

The cleaning process of the washing machine with citric acid

During operation of the washing machine at times becomes a cause scale, settles shell of the heating element, are salt for washing machine parts. However, special tools are used to remove the salt scale, are expensive, the effectiveness of the chemicals in question. To get rid of the scum can be cheap and effective way - citric acid.

Be careful. The acid damages the cuff compartment adjacent to the door. Please rate the usefulness of cleaning.

You will need:

  • Soft cloth for cleaning limescale particles;
  • Citric acid food.

How to clean the washing machine with citric acid:

  1. First make sure that the chamber is relieved of the things you need to run the washing machine is empty. Otherwise the citric acid will corrode the plaque and clothes.
  2. When the tank is empty, the need to fill the main receiving compartment (main wash labeled numeral II) 100-200 grams acid. Is acceptable to pour the chemical into the drum. If you have heard that lemon juice is suitable for this purpose, can not even try. Lemon juice low concentration, is unable to remove the scum.
  3. Bother after put the washing machine on the longest-running mode, the switch temperature translate into maximum temperature - 90-95 degrees.
  4. When launched the machine, avoid to go far, there is no scale pieces will be displayed in the sink, can see conglomerates, making citric acid coped with womb cleaning task unit.
  5. When the washing machine is turned off, you need to open the door, check rubber elements. If the seals under the accumulated pieces of scum, remove the excess with a soft cloth and wipe dry with a washing machine. Inspect the drain hose: can scale pieces.
  6. Saw pieces of scum, then do the procedure correctly, the washing machine has passed quality cleaning, thanks to which will delight spotlessly clean linen, trouble-free operation.

Methods of cleaning machines machine

Perhaps clean the washing machine with citric acid failed, most likely, a little poured the chemical. But if disappointed action of citric acid, try other methods of disposal of hazardous sludge.

For example, use a water softener, neutralizing harmful salts, preventing scaling. Softeners act as follows: under the action of powerful magnets located therein, the salts are split into the molecule. However, know this: an exotic way to expensive cost if you decide to get hold of a magnetic filter, forget about the problems caused by hard water. Remember, cleaning washing machine with citric acid, is carried out in other ways are always the most accurate.

Progressive water purification process is and installation of mechanical cleaning filter fitted with specific replaceable cartridge. Filter called sedimentary: purifies tap water from rust, sand, impurities which are contained in the transmitted stream. If you set the filter to clog the tube stop, equipment will be less wear.

We say that another way to ease admires: laundry at a temperature of 30-60 degrees Celsius. It is simple: the higher the temperature, the more the scale is formed on the heating element. That last method considered cost-effective, to prevent the emergence of scale, save electricity, the heating elements consume electricity more than the rest of the electrical part of the device.
Cleaning the washing machine grinder

What to consider

Also the owner of automatic washing machines need to know: the more dilapidated to erase things from the clothes pile, the greater the scale on the heating element. Such clothes in the wash fabric loses particles adhering to TENu, strong liking thereto together with scum.

Properly and carefully using the washing machine, extend equipment life, greatly save energy consumption. Systematically use extremely specialized Washing powders erase modes for providing minimum water heating. Choose sparing, short programs offered arsenal accommodate memory chips.

Do not forget to look for the machine outside, periodic washing with soapy water, soft cloth. Abrasive powders, use beware.

WasherThere is no need to buy arhidoroguyu car, buy expensive powders, which remove limescale. Just enough time to time to clean the machine above methods. Use the method that is more like it, will seem more productively.

Respectable housewives washing machines rarely observed damage, complete uselessness of things. Sometimes, rusted machine, spilling, disfigured by old age. Do not be a degradation of materials, equipment trouble-free to wash a ton of clothes.

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