Heat gun from China

For years, Russians have been suffering from abnormal frosts. Despite the fact that the cooling lasts only a few weeks, when the temperature drops to -25 degrees in the appliance stores, the demand for heaters sharply increases. About devices for local heating of premises lovers of outdoor recreation know almost everything.

You can meet the New Year holidays at the cottage only with a large supply of firewood and additional weapons - electric heaters. In addition, heat guns save during a cold snap not only in winter but also in summer, when for one or two nights you do not want to heat the whole house.

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Heat guns are in the assortment of Russian online stores. Manufacturers use ceramic plates, heating elements or spirals as a heating element. The main advantage of this device is a slight effect on the cleanliness of the air in a heated room. The quality of the equipment and many years of experience have allowed the Kraton company to become a leader among other manufacturers of heat guns.

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The ERN-2000 heat gun is one of the most popular models equipped with stainless steel heating elements. The device is compact and weighs about 4.5 kilograms. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to move the electric gun around the house. Power is regulated by a special switch, and the built-in thermostat prevents the device from overheating. Price in domestic stores - from 1,800 rubles.

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A few years ago, on the AliExpress international platform, the Mall option appeared - delivery of goods from Russia. Clothes and accessories, toys, building tools and household appliances are a wide range, and prices are much more attractive than in Russian online stores.

The ERN-2000 heat gun model is also represented among the products in the Mall. Ordering through AliExpress gives you the opportunity to purchase quality goods at an attractive price of 1,490 rubles( up to 40% discount on sales days).In addition, delivery times are significantly reduced - from 5 to 15 days. Buyers note a slight discrepancy between the heat gun model in the photo and live, which, however, does not affect the performance and quality of the device.

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Reviews also advise to take into account the small power of the fan heater. During the first start, a strange smell appears, which disappears after heating the heating element. Included is a manual in Russian, warranty card and addresses of service centers.

The heat gun model is ideal for use at the cottage, and by ordering through AliExpress, buyers get the perfect combination of “Chinese” price and Russian quality.

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