Choosing a good bread maker for your home

  • How does the
  • bread machine work? Selection criteria for the
  • bread machine How to choose a bread machine for the house?
  • What to look for:

expert advice Currently, there is a wide range of bread makers for the home. This is no longer a luxury item, but a method of improving the quality of life. They can be both small and quite voluminous( like an oven).Many housewives make the choice of a bread maker in order to delight the family with top quality home baking with minimal time and labor.

Choosing a bread maker may be difficult due to the variety of functions of the appliance. However, this is also the main advantage of modern bread makers: they provide an opportunity to experiment to create real masterpieces that are not served on the shelves of standard stores.

Principle of operation of the

bread machine No matter what you choose the bread machine for the house, they all work according to one simple principle: choose a recipe, say, rye bread, put all the ingredients in the right quantity, press a few buttons and wait for the preparation of homemade bread. In the meantime, the bread maker:

  1. Knead the dough;
  2. The batch is stopped, the dough “rises”, “fits”;
  3. A second batch occurs, excess gases accumulated inside the dough are removed;
  4. Kneading stops, dough "fits" a second time;
  5. With the help of special heating elements, the dough is baked.

Breadmaker does not require human intervention, the dough baking process is fully automated.

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Criteria for choosing an

bread machine Before you choose a bread maker for your home, the hostess should decide not only on the size of the device, but also on the required set of functions. It is also necessary to choose the optimal location.

Important points when choosing a bread machine for the home:

  • Particular attention should be paid to covering the bowl: Teflon are considered less practical and even dangerous to health. This coating can be ruined even with a wooden spatula;products begin to burn strongly. Instead, Teflon should choose more reliable, with ceramic and even with a diamond non-stick coating.
  • For bread-maker paddle less requirements. There are models with several oars that provides more thorough kneading of the test. It is better to choose non-plastic oars, as after some time substances dangerous for the body will be released into baking.
  • A bread machine model with a wide window allows you to monitor and control the baking process.

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How to choose a bread machine for the house?

Breadmakers differ in heating temperature, number of baking programs, time for baking bread, a complete set, various functions, different parameters and characteristics, the presence of a digital screen. We will look at all this below:

Standard functions

All breadmakers are equipped with the following basic functions:

  1. crust frying degree( light, medium, dark);
  2. batch of dough of different consistency, and it can also be yeast or without yeast.
  3. baking bread with a soft middle and a crispy crust.
  4. breadmakers are equipped with the function of accelerated baking( the cheapest, may not have this function).In this mode, you can bake bread in just 2 hours.

Additional features

It all depends on the cost of the bread machine. The higher the price, the more extra features the bread maker has. Consider additional features:

  1. Baking muffins;
  2. Jam Making Function. Jam cooked in a bread maker saves more vitamins, as fruit is processed in a more gentle way. Of course, with the help of the bread machine it will not be possible to close the whole cellar of jam, but with a few jars, it will easily cope.
  3. Cooking pizza;
  4. Baking bread: black, rye and with additives;
  5. Cooking Easter cakes;
  6. Pastry Baking;
  7. Gluten free pastries. You can bake bread from rice and buckwheat flour;
  8. The option to add raisins. After the first kneading, the breadmaker stops and beeps, so that you can put the necessary additives in the dough;
  9. Yeast dough cooking mode;
  10. Temperature maintenance mode. Keeps bread warm until you get it from the bread maker.

What to look for:

expert advice Experts recommend choosing the best bread maker model for your home, using the following tips:

  • The bread making speed is directly dependent on the power of the appliance for the home. To choose the best breadmaker correctly, it is not enough to take one parameter into account, since the cooking time is indicated for each recipe individually.
  • It is worthwhile to calculate in advance the family's daily need for bread: in some models, the weight selection function is programmed.
  • The most elementary breadmaker contains up to five functions of baking bread. The desire to choose a multifunctional furnace is justified only in the case of using these programs, otherwise it is a waste of money.
  • Practical in application delayed start function. It allows you to set a specific time for which the bread should be ready. All ingredients are preloaded into the bowl and dispenser according to the recipe, and the stove begins to knead for a set time. So at home for breakfast - this smart car will present the owner with freshly baked fragrant buns or muffins.
  • Young parents want to choose a bread maker for the house with protective functions: not only from power surges, but also from children's intervention in the bread making process.


Bread machines are equipped with surge protection, but experts recommend connecting it additionally through a surge protector. This is guaranteed to extend the life of the bread machine.

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