How to quickly stretch the shoes that are tight and rubbed

From time to time we are faced with the problem of narrow harvesting shoes and try to stretch it in different ways. There are many answers to the question of how to distribute shoes, now we will consider and organize them, so that it would be convenient for you to choose the most optimal way for your shoes.

How to stretch natural leather

The most comfortable, beautiful and healthy material is skin. Leather shoes can always be spread, if they are a little tight or rubbed. But if the shoe is yours, and the size is true, then there will never be any problems with leather shoes.

You can carry new shoes from the skin, if you moisten them a little and put them on a thick sock. Moisturizing should be gentle, for this you need:

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  • to wrap a box with shoes with a wet rag or towel;
  • leave it for 4-5 hours.

Sometimes girls spray cramped shoes from a spray bottle and even completely immerse them in water, soaking them( oh, horror!).But leather models are different. Some will be able to withstand such a test, while others will unstuck after that, the insole will disappear, the paint will deteriorate, stains will appear. Therefore, it is better not to risk it and wait a bit than to rush hopelessly spoiling new shoes in a hurry.

If you need to quickly spread shoes that are too tight, then take thick socks, wet them and squeeze them well. Shoe straight in these socks and walk around until they dry.

There are also professional tools that are very convenient to use at home. Only about their availability should be taken care of in advance by purchasing an aerosol, a spacer or a special block in a shoe store.

We pull shoes from suede

Now let's look at how to distribute suede shoes. Suede is the same skin of some horned animals, only processed in a slightly different way. Usually suede shoes stretch very well, so you should buy them strictly according to size. At first they can reap a little, but after a few days of wearing they take the shape of a leg.

If suede shoes are unbearably tight, then you can use a foam stretcher. It is applied to the suede from the inside to avoid stains. They handle the place where the new shoes are the most tight, and put them on a thin sock. Be careful not to wear thick socks, because suede shoes can stretch too much, and then the foot will squish.

But how to distribute suede shoes, if there is no special tool at hand? To do this, at home you need to use vodka. Cotton swab moistened in an alcoholic beverage and wipe from the wrong side of the place in which presses. It should be well moistened suede, and then put on shoes at home and walk.

It is not recommended to treat suede shoes with grease or cream, because it will leave stains. You can slightly wet them and raznashivat, but in this case there is a chance that they stretch more than you need, and will subside.

Hostess lacquered shoes

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Special care must be exercised when you want to carry varnish shoes. To them, as well as to suede can be applied at home vodka or a solution of alcohol, only from the inside. With a strong stretch, the varnished surface may crack, so do not overdo it.

Varnished shoes are so pretty, but tough, especially if the main part is made of leatherette, and not of genuine leather. In this regard, you only need to buy the right size and during the fitting you close your eyes in order to fully trust your feelings, and not to admire the shoes. The leg should sit completely free, but not hang out at the same time. If you feel your fingers are clenched, then this effect will worsen while you are wearing.

If the patent shoes are still tight, you can lubricate them with castor oil, rich cream or Vaseline, and wear them on your toes at home. You can lubricate inside and outside, the material from this will quickly soften and stretch.

How to spread shoes from leatherette or fabric

Shoes from cloth or oilcloth you are unlikely to be able to carry. Rather, the material will burst and tear. But sometimes shoes made of artificial suede or leatherette still be able to increase in size, and very quickly. To do this, use the freezing of water.

When water turns to ice, it increases in volume. This property is used to stretch shoes that are made of leatherette:

  • in two plastic bags pour water and close them. It is better to use bags with a special clasp;
  • put bags of water in the toe of shoes;
  • put shoes in the freezer and leave them there.

When the water freezes, it puts pressure on the surface of the shoe. The pressure is so strong that even glass jars burst, so that the material will stretch exactly.

Some fabric stretches slightly, and if it is wetted and then walked in wet, it will take the shape of a leg. But this is not always beautiful, and divorces can remain.

If he rubs his back, then this problem is very simple and will quickly cope by applying a candle. Paraffin candle rubbed the inner surface, and it ceases to strongly press. In the process of walking, the paraffin wax will be erased, but by this time the tight shoes will stretch enough. Instead of paraffin, you can use solid soap.

Useful tips

Here is a list of tools with which you can quickly carry shoes.

Means What shoes can they stretch
Moisturizing + thick socks Skin
Stretching foam Depending on the purpose( leather, suede, varnish, leatherette)
Fatty cream, petroleum jelly, asymphoma and your product, eau de cologneIf you wear too-narrow shoes, your legs, your spine and tights will suffer from this, and the shoes themselves will wear out faster.

Shoes can not be spread if they are:

  • small in length;
  • smaller by 2 or more sizes;
  • if they are tight in the area of ​​the edging seam;
  • are made from some artificial materials.

Especially often problems arise with leatherette and oilcloth. It seems that when you try them on, everything is fine, but when you start to wear, you feel terrible discomfort. Therefore, we advise you to choose "wooden" stiff shoes for half the size more.

Consider the fullness of your feet and the features of the lift and never choose shoes only in size. It happens that your size and shoes do not even fit on the foot, because it is much wider, although not longer. A good seller will tell you which model is suitable for thin and narrow legs, and which one is full and wide. But those who have a perfect shape of the leg and the average size, can only be kindly envied.

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