How to clean the iron from carbon

Russians are used to combating all citric acid contamination. Remove carbon from an iron without citric acid is not easy. We'll have to buy a special tool containing citric acid as an additive.

Universal Topperr 3013: Descaling agent plus pencil for 331 rubles

There is no mistake in the name, we consider Topperr 3031. A not very convenient system for assigning names to a company is only numbers. For AB Trade tried German Reinex Gmbh. For 240( or 331, depending on where) rubles they offer to buy 250 ml Topper 3031 and a powerful pencil, which is used to clean the iron from carbon.

A universal set for iron care will allow you to effectively deal with carbon and scale.250 ml liquid gel is designed to be filled in a water tank at the dosage indicated on the package. Most steamer manufacturers recommend acetic acid production, but irons plants are not so categorical. Remember the simple rule:

Any means for removing scale or cleaning other household appliances is suitable for an iron.

If it is permissible to clean the washing machine with liquid or powder, the iron will do as well. Remember a little nuance - you can not rub the sole. There is a thin coating, which gives the device remarkable properties. If you try, the useful layer is easily erased. Salt, soda, powder and toothpaste are not used for cleaning the soles of irons from carbon. All of these funds are considered representatives of the family of abrasives. There is nothing remotely resembling a powder in the Topperr set. It happens, users do not bother to read the instructions. To avoid accidental harm, the manufacturer of a means of cleaning the iron from soot has maximally simplified the life of people.

Inside the package there is a gel with a capacity of 250 ml and a pencil weighing 25 g. Enough to put the iron in order, eliminating carbon deposits. Germanic product is ideal for cleaning Teflon soles. Pencil improves gliding. Separately worth 44 rubles. If you are concerned only with soot, we see a little sense to save. The pencil for cleaning carbon deposits is synthetic; terrible acrid smoke will come on while doing work. Clean close to the ventilation system or window. Ideal pencil to remove iron deposits with teflon soles.

During the cleaning process, the working substance dissolves to a semi-liquid state and begins to drip. The tool is absorbed, spread a newspaper or cloth in advance, removing carbon from the iron. Remedy with a slightly delayed effect. It should be rubbed a little longer so that the carbon on the iron begins to lag behind. The undoubted advantage of the product is recognized price.

To clean scale, pour a solution from one part of Topperr 3003 liquid and two parts of water into the iron compartment. Put the iron in steam mode and heat it vertically. Then put the sole on the ironing board for two hours, disconnecting from the outlet. During this time, Topperr 3003 will work, it is possible to drain the liquid using the steam button or self-cleaning button. Do over the sink or basin. Then rinse the compartment with water. As a result, the carbon from the holes for steam supply comes off. Removed scum accumulated inside, the raid on the walls of the water tank.

If the remedy did not help the first time, repeat the procedure, increasing the concentration of Topperr 3003. After contact with the skin, wash the solution with plenty of water, the same applies to the eyes and respiratory tract. The product is not poisonous, but contains active substances that can damage health. Work relies in rubber gloves. Reagent is stored at a temperature from 0 to 35 ºС.The composition includes nonanionic( spelling manufacturer) surfactant in an amount of about 5%, citric acid.

Means for removing scale and scale on the holes for the steam supply

Means Topperr 3031 is suitable for electric kettles. Having spent on a bottle with a capacity of 250 ml of 139 rubles, we find a faithful assistant in the fight against scum, cleaning the water tank and steam output channels. The liquid is non-toxic, approved for use in places with drinking water. We recommend structure for cleaning of irons of a scum to use. The packaging says that the chemical is suitable for any heating devices.

The tool is available for 95 rubles on the site Slightly frustrating the lack of instructions. Need to work in the seals. We believe that the composition and methods of application are not too different from those discussed above for the Topperr 3003. Cleaning the iron from carbon is carried out using universal methods. For example, apply a little money on polyethylene, process the sole. Put the iron on top for an hour or two. As time passes, some of the dirt will be removed.

Topperr wipes for stainless steel and other surfaces.

30 wet wipes for cleaning stainless steel surfaces are easy to purchase from Topperr for only 80 rubles. The approach is aimed entirely at the sole. With a weak soot, the Topperr wipes will cope; leave the scum on the heating element until the next time. The composition includes:

  • water;
  • cationic and non-ionic surfactants;
  • EDTA( ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid);
  • preservative;
  • perfume.

The simple composition suggests that we have a synthetic universal detergent. Will help clean the iron from carbon. We'll have to organize something like a soak. Put the iron on the sole with a napkin - all together on polyethylene - wait until the soot falls off. Cleaning the air on the air will become dry; the basis of the active ingredients is water. Close the packaging between uses and in the case of soaking, ensure that the sole fits snugly against the napkin. The action is graphically depicted right on the package.

It says that the products are designed for microwave ovens and refrigerators in order to remove grease, at the bottom is an addition: a universal tool. If specifically designed for metal surfaces and glass ceramics, suitable for getting rid of iron.

One gets the impression that the wipes will be useful for cooktops, if the pollution is not too strong. The base of non-woven material Spunlace durable, allows you to wield hand without difficulty. The composition is not poisonous, about the gloves on the packaging of the warning is not written.

ZetTech LLC is engaged in the production of napkins and is headquartered in Moscow, Bakuninskaya Street.

When there is no time to clean the iron from sootThing should be used when there is no time for a major cleaning. Of course, the Teflon accessory protects things from burns. It is permissible to iron appliques and embroidery. Curiously, the use of steam does not become a contraindication for the use of the nozzle. It is unclear how the holes of the sole and the Teflon shield match. But if the carbon has accumulated inside to a critical mass, the accessory is almost useless. Yellow spots guaranteed.

If it burned the day before, paying 280 rubles, it will be possible to delay the cleaning. In principle, no carbon is formed on the nozzle. According to the authors, this thing for delicate fabrics. Buying a Topperr IR2, we get a device of type 2 in 1, suitable for all classes and models of irons. The latter sounds boastful - just rewrote the phrase from the dealer site!

Set Topperr IR 3 - 3 in 1

For 320 rubles you can take a teflon nozzle for delicate items, the kit includes napkins for the sole and a pencil. Products have already been described above. New will not add. Pencil, of course, more effective than napkins. The nozzle is similar to the Topperr IR2.Users claim that they cope much better than gauze. There is a saving. If you look at prices, a set of tips( 280 rubles), a pencil( 44 rubles) and napkins are much more expensive.

It is allowed to clean the iron from carbon with microwave ovens. It is important to understand that the iron is considered to be a rough product, it is not in direct contact with food, almost any kind is suitable, including universal cleaning products.

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