Steamer or steam generator, which is better?

For a long time, the irons were deprived of steam generation functions. Housewives came out of the situation, putting wet cloth, gauze on clothes. Helped, used the required amount of water. It is not surprising that they soon invented the construction of an iron, endowed with the possibility of ejecting steam from the openings of the sole. Today, there are at least 70 holes. The next step of evolution made you think, steam generator or steamer, which is better?

The second term is provided with a historical background, the first does not apply to ironing. Just a long time to pronounce a long token iron with a steam generator, reduce the phrase conveniently.


device The idea to handle things with steam is inspired by professional dry cleaners. Steamer in everyday life - vacuum cleaner. Lazy to draw in the air, brush - throws out a hot stream, leveling fabric. Such a device is composed of two parts:

  1. housing with a steam generator.
  2. Water tank.
  3. Steam Hose.
  4. Ring.
  5. Telescopic tube.
  6. Brush.

Telescopic device will help to hang the brush on the ring in the breaks between work. The rest is just like two and two.

Working Principle

The tank is filled with water and inserted into the case. Traditionally, we see several modes of operation, each has an appointment. The switch knob selects the desired one. Passing the outlet of the housing, a hose, a hot jet of steam strikes out of the brush, getting on the clothes, aligns.

The cleaning mode is similar. The capacity of the steamer is charged with a weak solution of vinegar. The ability of acid to dissolve fats is used to the fullest to clean the tracts of the device. To steamer completely get rid of dirt, leave for half an hour on. It is useful to hang a telescopic tube brush. Steam must hit the air.

After work, empty the container using a drain plug, drain the remaining liquid. Now the pipe is being formed, the ring and the brush are removed. The device is ready for storage, waiting for the next time.

Description of the work process. The brush is provided with a series of steam outlets. Hard pile edges collect dirt. The steamer is designed to be ironed, but positioned by the cleaner. Remove the device:

  1. furniture;
  2. curtains;
  3. clothing;
  4. carpets.

According to some information, selected enthusiasts use steamers to clean the window glass in a typical mode. At the end the surface is wiped dry.

Facilitating the work of housewives, steamers are completed with hangers, other special devices. For example, a frame frame that simplifies ironing pants. The main advantage of the steamer is the ability to work on weight. Ironing board simply disappears. Professional dry cleaners can steam things. Folds disappear. Houses are different.

Steamer is simpler. Ironing occurs by steam pressure. Avoid touching things, it is recommended to hold on the reverse side, above. You can buy a special thermal glove to do this yourself. To work with a steam generator, they use a wool mitten worn over a rubber glove. It is allowed to create sandwiches of three layers. Hand try steamer does not burn.

Steam Generator

Actually called a steam generator is completely called an iron with a steam generator. The device simply expands the abilities of an ordinary ironing device. The kind hostess heard the term steam blow. The phenomenon implies an increased emission of steam. Regular irons are considered a steam blow, for a steam generator - cruising mode. Water consumption is small, as you can think, there is enough supply for half an hour to work, sometimes longer. Defined by construction.

The difference between a steam generator and a steamer is first described by its purpose. The first to iron, the second - rather to clean various things. The differences do not end there. To make it easier to understand, we note: the steamer resembles an ordinary vacuum cleaner with its appearance. The steam generator remains an iron connected by a flexible pipe to an ordinary plastic box.

Based on the described properties, the second difference is not difficult to notice. Steamer can not be used as an ordinary iron. The brush is a plastic product, the sole of the steam generator is adapted to use the ironing board. Another thing you can do without it. Having turned on the steam to the full, we turn the steam generator into a steamer with one exception - there are no bristles, which clean the dust well. Therefore, pat the thing out, clean it off - hardly.

Steam generator or steamer, what to choose? The answer is obvious:

  • cleaning - steamer;
  • ironing without cleaning - steam generator.

Why not be satisfied with one steamer. So well strokes, cleans! Folds to make with it looks like an archdot task. The steamer is well leveled, give the clothes a shape - a steam generator is more suitable for the purpose. But the duration of the work, the power generation of steam will remain for the steamer. Just perfect for cleaning.

Life example “on the fingers”

Of course, it is permissible to walk with a steam generator in your hands to iron the curtains, the device is simply not intended to perform operations. To demonstrate, let's imagine how an iron with a steam generator or a steamer acted in this situation:

  1. A mobile “vacuum cleaner” can easily be brought to the place where the curtains hang. It will only be necessary to start the steamer, move it from side to side with a brush, it's done. There is no need to remove the product from the eaves, on the contrary, it will be better to look at the canopy.
  2. Now imagine, there is no steamer. We will put a heavy steam generator on a fairly high table, trying to reach guaranteed every corner of the curtains. Only if the product is completely clean. Otherwise, the algorithm looks more complicated. You will need to wash the curtains first, then stroke. The ironing board is not well suited for large-sized sheets. Giant curtains in general will not be able to stroke. Therefore, the product hangs back, begins a long tedious walk around the square with the "iron" in his hands, a table standing nearby. Is it much better to use a steamer, or not?

The second example concerns the pleated skirt. The steamer can fold, but at what cost? Difficult process. How does a steamer differ from a steam generator? Constantly hovers in the air above the thing. Take and try to properly fix the clothes for ironing and do not burn yourself with steam.

Another thing is the steam generator. In a natural manner, a fold is carefully folded behind the fold; if necessary, steam is used to enhance the effect. The success is fixed with a hot sole, pressing down the surface. Steam generator, steamer - different things, the examples given fully reveal the aspect.


Steam generator - a device exclusively for ironing. Ironing fast, high quality with the ability to fold, arrows. The device will allow to restore order by reworking a pile of linen for a short time.

Steamer - a device for cleaning. Thrifty hostess can quickly clean the fabric items: furniture, curtains, carpets. Not forbidden to go jackets, pants. The main thing is that the thing is not afraid of exposure to heat.

Steam generator and steamer - the difference is obvious. The first device was created solely to iron, the second - to restore order and iron in parallel.

On contradictions

In industry, steam generators are called special steam generation devices, so the phrase iron with a steam generator is officially worth using. In industry, the generated steam drives, for example, turbines of nuclear power plants. The unit( steam generator) weighs tens of tons, and is the size of a small house. Avoid scattering terms without thinking.

In the light of the definition of a steam generator, the described devices include such a device. Therefore, the division takes place at the household level: it is easier for people to understand the device under discussion.

It is important to note that steam generators have two power buttons:

  1. One - an iron.
  2. The second - steam installation.

Allowed to iron things in the usual style without steam, use the product as a steamer. It is not excluded the existence of models without heating. For gentle ironing, it is recommended to purchase a product with a silicone coating.

A curious model was invented - a manual steam generator-steamer. A small plastic iron where water is poured. Avoid basking, only steam issues. Works exclusively upright.

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