Steamer for curtains

Steamer steam cleaner is different from the appointment. He needed to iron clothes, furniture, curtains. But hybrid models produced by modern manufacturers, difficult to identify. Try to understand what is characterized by a steamer for curtains, and how different from the steam cleaner. Overview learn to distinguish the hybrid device capable of performing a wide range of functions.

Steamers and steam cleaners compared

The method of analysis, we have concluded what Garment Steamer steam cleaners and difference and their similarity in principle. Both devices, steamer and steam cleaner, is used to operate a steam jet. instrument appearance is often the same.

Let's start with the appointment:

  • Steamers are positioned as equipment designed to work with cloth. Moreover, its functions include two global trends:
  1. Ironing of clothes, sheets starting and finishing coats.
  2. Disinfection, removal of odors, greasy stains, allergens.
  • Steam cleaners specifically designed to deal with the dirt. They stroked the manner of the Garment Steamer. It works with any such equipment surfaces, but especially with rigid. This kitchen tables, floors, walls, windows, tiles, bricks, cement, enamel and metals. Steam cleaner is not afraid of any dirt. A thick layer of fat, dirty toilet bowls, floors covered obscure substances. Hot steam jet loosen and wash away the excess.

Steamer for curtains

With the appointment of steam cleaner and steamer, we decided, let's see how the instrument specializing in practice. The analysis of design solutions from different vendors, we were able to identify three aspects that distinguish the device.

  • Firstly, of course, vary nozzle.
  1. We steamer has a special "brush" without bristles, like a vacuum cleaner, but with a smooth surface. Located on the underside a number of steam outlet openings. Sometimes there is a special loop where skipped leg or arm. This allows ironed thing on weight.
  2. Steam cleaner is equipped with an extensive array of nozzles with a single central opening. Provision clamps for fastening terry cloth (Steam Mop). There are also sockets, like a gun at the gas station. This design maximizes the vapor pressure, which greatly simplifies the process of struggle with the mud.
  • Steamers, except for portable hand-held models are equipped with a telescopic pole. Many do not understand why you need a device, and think that there is hung, "brush", until the device is ready for use. In fact steamer rack is designed specifically to serve as a support hanger. After stroking the steam in the air, and it is inconvenient to keep clothes in one hand and the other to work. The house is difficult to find an analogue desk. Incidentally, steamers called devices for vertical ironing (steam generators are operating on an ironing board).

Telescopic rod for steamer

  • The third difference is optional, but professional models pronounced. The steam pressure in the steam is small, the effect of smoothing the laundry explained by straightening the fibers under the action of temperature. In steam cleaners differently. We already mentioned about the special nozzles, tapering toward the exit, in order to achieve a strong jet, but it's not the only option. Steam cleaner is designed to generate a strong head of steam. This allows you to quickly cope with mud.

What good is a vertical steamer

Vertical steamer for curtains allows you to iron clothes on weight. Taken hanger, jacket and placed on the bar. After sufficient reason steamer brush at a distance (!) Over the thing to wear found the perfect smoothness. No direct contact. That's what good steamer for curtains. Things do not have to deal with, which means that it will not wear out so much. Couples take good care of the laundry, rather than a red-hot iron sole, so will be able to handle even delicate products. At the same time treatment kills all germs, removes stains, removes allergenic factors. Dirty jacket do not wash, and try to clear the steamer for curtains (accurately, from a distance).

Vertical hand-steamer

But what about the dust? The housewife advertising smartly ironed curtains, and one might wonder what happens to the dirt? With steam cleaner clear, it is removed with a cloth or toweling remains on at steam mop. The material is then washed under running water. A steamer? He did not remove the dust. Get rid of washing only way to succeed - often wield a steamer. Fouling layer is entrained flow. If we try ironed fabric coated with a layer of dust, it is probable that the great divorce.

This point also applies to furniture. Steamer cope with the spot, but have excess fat wipe cloth. Cm layer did not disappear.

If there is a shiny spot on the jacket, the steamer handle. Dirt just will blow out (on the furniture fat goes into the upholstery). Do not count steamer miracle tool that will purify the whole house, if only at a distance to hold a brush. No dirt does not disappear, but turn into a form from which it is easier to get rid (instead of fatty stains small puddle).

Do not add water to the steamer special means, unless the instruction. Cheap models refill with distilled water, and the way to work and plumbing. Models have their own clearing systems - special terminals or filters. Water softener, a special salt in the dishwasher.

Garment steamer and curtains have several speeds generate steam. The thicker the fabric, the more difficult it pat. Conversely, gentle things better handle gently to the first speed. The technical solution makes steamers versatile device, suitable for all occasions. The device removes unpleasant smells, it is recommended to treat them bought a new thing (instead of washing in the machine). Useful tactic would be the owners of clothing stores. Otparivatel lead contents in the order of display windows and normalizes the atmosphere from the viewpoint of airborne unpleasant odors.

Steamer for clothes and curtains

Handheld steamer for curtains like a kettle with a long spout for nozzle. Either it's a little "hair iron". Water inside the steamer dressed little device works without a break for half an hour. This is sufficient for most applications. Given the lightweight and compact handheld Garment Steamer, we can recommend them for the ride. At the new place the equipment owner will look neat and pleasant smell of clothes.

To summarize, let's say that the steamer for curtains indispensable in the household, when you need to fix a business suit or clean the coat, a jacket, outerwear, not recommended for washing.

professional steamers

Professional steamer for curtains different qualities that processes record number of things in minimum time:

  • High peak power. Ironing process takes less time. There are modes for delicate handling things. Steamer cope with any amount and nature of work.
  • Capacious tank ensures continuous operation of a long (80 min).
  • The main body of the switches can be controlled by foot, without departing from the ironing process. This saves time when a large volume boot.
  • Professional models are equipped with reinforced racks for heavy things.
  • Robust housing in the event of different incidents.

And, of course, the resource and the cost of professional products are great.

What a steamer for curtains you choose? The leaders are on Kromaks market Superjet, Mie, Sauber and Grandmaster. Recently began producing steamers and Phillips. This robust appliance manufacturers. Podgadat try to repair service appeared nearby.

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