Glass electric kettles with light

According to Channel One, the best teapots are made from clay. A specialist with closed eyes tasted the drinks obtained under equivalent conditions in different dishes, the result is obvious - the Chinese do not bother to brew tea and coffee in teapots made of Ixin clay. The production of dishes in those places began before Christ, today the potters have reached a high skill. There is a restriction - in a kettle made of Yinsky clay it is allowed to brew a single sort of tea or coffee. The vessel takes a bouquet into the pores, if you break the rule, you get a cocktail of flavors. Leave the mixture to blenders. Glass electric kettles with lighting are in the lead because the bouquet is not able to be absorbed into the heat-resistant glass - we pour water, we get the taste without extra additives.

The advantages of electric kettles of heat resistant glass

Glass teapot is made of the most inert material on the planet. No wonder chemists make dishes from glass. Any reaction will take place without interference. Glass can only dissolve hydrofluoric acid( HF).Even royal vodka, which absorbs gold( previously considered to be the most inert element), is unable to counter its strength to glass.

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Inertness means the stability of the glass, the absence of harmful substances that can be mixed with tea. Manners of the struggle for environmental friendliness began when the harmful properties of polymers were discovered, and an electric kettle made of plastic can cause poisoning( in the worst case) or an allergic reaction. People wondered how to get dishes that are harmless to health. Three solutions:

  1. Glass.
  2. Metal.
  3. Clay.

And the first decision is constantly growing in popularity and gaining points. The reason: clay absorbs aromas, and water reveals a taste. As for the metal, the body of the kettle often leaks at the site of foreign inclusions from glass or plastic. In addition, steel is not as inert as it seems, special coatings have to be applied.

As for the glass, the first users of such electric kettles complained about the fragility of the device. Enough of a little effort to break the body.

Today's electric kettle made of heat-resistant glass can withstand a fall from a small height and is now a little inferior to models with a body of other materials.

The greatest attention is now fascinating teapots Vitek. This Russian brand, initially disguised as a European for marketing reasons, really deserves praise. The best glass electric kettle VT - 1102 on assurances of the company's employees is considered the best-selling in Europe. High-quality German glass that withstands temperature fluctuations from -70 to 150 degrees, and British controllers, designed for 10,000 guaranteed shots and sets of electric kettle, do business. The British are recognized as leaders in their segment, and Vitek products received the status of Production Number 1 in Russia.

Like in these electric kettles a big concern for the consumer. Models have been created, where it is possible to set the temperature of water heating with an accuracy of a degree, to see the result of actions on a small liquid crystal screen. It's nice that the creators of the electric kettle Vitek know that not all people know what the temperature of brewing in various drinks. Especially for the mass consumer, models with a glass case have been released, where a number of buttons are installed, signed by the names of teas and coffees in Russian. It is necessary to press one to get water over time the desired temperature.

Electric glass thermostat allows you to instantly brew an unknown potion, bought in the nearest store, according to the inscriptions on the packaging, and this is convenient. Glass electric kettles are good because they demonstrate the process of boiling water. It's beautiful, children are happy to admire the bubbles.

Features of glass electric kettlesAn additional advantage of inert materials is durability and the possibility of cleaning. It is assumed periodically to boil in a glass electric kettle a weak solution of citric or acetic acid so that the closed heating element and the walls of the body are not covered with brown patina. This is how cleaning is done.

The automatic shutdown mechanism of the equipment is based on a bimetallic plate. Do not be afraid of the scientific term. Imagine a plate welded from two strips of dissimilar metals with a sandwich. Each material has its own coefficient of thermal expansion. When heated, the plate bends towards the metal with a smaller value. The relay is working, the electric kettle is turned off. Restarting is possible when the plate has cooled. The described mechanism controls the shutdown of an empty electric kettle with a randomly pressed button.

Lighting is an important element. It is performed on LEDs and signals either the presence of power or the process of the start of heating( in different models in different ways).It happens, the color of the glow changes depending on the mode, it is convenient. There is an electric kettle with lighting, gradually changing the range according to the water temperature. It turns out that the color changes smoothly as it approaches the boiling point.

Choosing a glass electric kettle

It is recommended to take the device of maximum power with an eye to the possibilities of home wiring that can simply not withstand significant loads. Pay attention to the filter near the spout. The mesh quickly becomes clogged, and the fixture does not play a big role. The filter can interfere. Individual users at the end of the warranty period specifically delete the specified structural element. It is better to use desktop water filters to boil the already cleaned.

Better if the lid is opened by pressing a button located outside of it. Then do not have to convulsively cling fingers locking mechanism. Respectively, safety of operation increases.

The volume of the glass kettle is selected from a compromise of two conditions:

  • Boiling time.
  • The required amount of water.

Sometimes it is more convenient to boil a small electric kettle with a glass bulb twice than to wait for readiness from a large specimen.

Fans of ground coffee or tea from exotic herbs are highly recommended to pay attention to models with a built-in infuser - a mesh under the lid. When water boils, a special pump passes it through the brew. The result is a finished drink.

Another plus - glass, unlike clay, does not pick up aromas, drink a new drink every time without harming the taste. But the bouquet is foreseen incomplete. Traditional coffee makers can be made from copper or Yixing clay. Prepare to be criticized by gourmets, but if refinement is not required, everyone will be satisfied.

The main disadvantage of glass kettles is the relatively good thermal conductivity of the material. Holding a boiling appliance, it is easy to burn yourself. In the case of plastic, this does not happen. However, a small minus is indicated, just put the electric kettle away from children.

Individual models have a scale of volumes applied directly to the glass, the other divisions are located on the plastic handle. The latter option is easier to manufacture, plastic is not exposed to high temperatures. There is the possibility of loss of paint due to abrasion at the touch of hands. But the design of glass electric kettles is such that the chance of such an outcome is minimized. For example, the handle has the form of a loop( and not the bracket), marks are applied on the surface adjacent to the body. The owner of the kettle in this place is not taken with his hand.

As for durability, only clay will argue with glass. They say that a bottle lying in the ground can maintain integrity for hundreds of years. However, time fades before the lifetime of ceramics. No wonder all the treasures were buried in earthenware jars. Which glass electric kettle is better, do not undertake to say. Everyone is good!

Glass electric kettles with light

Glass electric kettles with lightKettles

According to Channel One, the best teapots are made from clay. A specialist with closed eyes tasted the drinks obtained under equivalent conditions in different dishes, the result is obvious - th...

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