How to whiten yellowed white mink

In the wardrobe of many women there can be a white mink coat. The fur is quite capricious and needs careful maintenance and storage. If you find traces of yellowness on a white mink coat, you should take emergency measures.

Why fur loses its whiteness

First you need to figure out why soft gold loses its appearance. There are two main reasons:

  1. Storage does not comply with the rules. This is one of the most common reasons why fur loses an attractive look. Most problems are detected when winter comes, and the hostesses take out fur outfits from the closet. And here it turns out that their state is deplorable. To avoid this, store a fur coat in special refrigerators or at low temperatures in the closet. Additionally pack clothes in a protective case treated with antimol.
  2. socks conditions. Yellowed fur can be detected if the fur coat often falls under the sediments. Also on the state of the product affects the city and its soot, ashes, smog and dust. Many women of fashion pour on a fur coat a large number of perfumes, which also adversely affects the state of outerwear.

If it happened that you could not save a fur coat and a yellow patina appeared on it, then you should become familiar with effective methods of dealing with unpleasant stains.

Dry Cleaning

About this method of controversy. It will help only if the yellowness is fresh. Dry cleaning will return the fur to its original whiteness. A product that has been fundamentally spoiled may not be accepted by cleaning staff, since there is a high risk that it will turn yellow even more from chemicals.

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But not every woman will risk giving her coat to dry cleaning. You need to be sure that only high-quality products are used there and skilled workers work.

Flour and starch

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These substances will help if the fur is really real. To whiten the fur used:

  • potato starch;
  • wheat flour.

Grill flour with starch in a pan to 70-80 degrees. At the same time constantly stir, so that the mixture does not burn. Apply to fur directly hot. Gently rub with a dry sponge. After clothes must be carefully knocked out.

Flour can be replaced with semolina. This cleaning technology is also suitable for knitted white mink products.

Bran Against Pollution

Yellow spots are waiting for any white mink fur coat sooner or later. Bleach the product can be tried with wheat bran. Prepare them as follows:

  • take the metal dishes;
  • put a small amount of bran;
  • put on fire;
  • bran must be carefully heated, while constantly stirring.

Slightly cool the mixture and pour warm bran on a fur coat laid with fur facing up. Dry with a brush or sponge rub the mixture. It is necessary to clean the product along the pile. After shake the clothes thoroughly.

Bran can be replaced with wooden cat litter and water with gasoline. Soak sawdust in it and clean the resulting coat with a mixture of fur.


White fur coat, if it is very yellow, is difficult to clean. You can try to disguise unpleasant traces. To do this, prepare the following ingredients:

  • ammonia;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • regular white chalk;
  • shampoo for cats or dogs;
  • blue.

Of all these ingredients, you can prepare various solutions for masking fur from yellowness. It all depends on what you have at hand. Let's start cooking recipes:

  1. Take 1 tsp from your first-aid kit.peroxide and add to a glass of water. There pour a few drops of ammonia. First check the reaction of the fur to the solution. Add it to the inside. Look, if the fur has not lost color, then apply the mixture with a sponge to the entire pile. Dry your outdoor clothing in the sun.
  2. The fastest and most effective remedy is chalk. Crush it into fine flour and evenly distribute throughout the fur. Rub it with a brush. After shaking the product thoroughly. Mel copes well with pollution and whitens the mink.
  3. You can make a complete imitation of perfectly white. To do this, dissolve a little blue in warm water. It should be a light blue liquid. Using a sponge, apply the solution to the entire surface of the fur coat and dry it.
  4. Fresh contamination removes animal shampoo well and quickly. With it, the entire surface of the fur coat is processed. After drying, carefully brush the pile.

Cardinal measures

If you bleach a white fur coat did not work out any of these methods, then there is only one way out. Refer to the studio, which is engaged in fur and ask to repaint the product. Please note that this service should be carried out only by specialists using high-quality dyes.

Do not try to repaint your fur coat at home by yourself. The result may upset you.

When buying a white mink fur coat, remember that it will still begin to turn yellow during the socks and whiten the fur will not be easy. We advise to start to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of such outerwear.

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