How to choose an iron for the house

Today you can iron with an iron, steam generator and steamer - the choice is great. There are stationary and compact models, portable and handheld, wireless and steam. How to make the right choice when buying tools for ironing, so that it satisfies the user, we will tell further.

Ordinary irons

A steam iron must have at least 50 holes in the sole in order for the technology to be used with maximum results. For interest, they decided to explore several brands for the rule.

Tefal and cordless iron Freemove

This model comes in two versions, the characteristics of irons differ in two parts:

  1. The power of steam blow is 170 against 150.
  2. The sole of Autoclean Catalys against Ultra Gliss.

The UltraGliss ceramic sole( material codenamed Durilium is used) has 74 holes, with a larger number located on the nose. Such steam irons and recommend taking experts. They claim that Durilium is a red enamel. Due to the special shape of the sole, an air cushion is formed during movement. The back corner is rounded to facilitate sliding in the opposite direction.

The second model differs little from steel in appearance. This palladium-coated model is similar to UltraGliss, but the color and signature( Autoclean Catalys) indicate differences. Unlike enamel, the metal does not break away with a sharp blow, but the color is deceiving. This is a simple metal-ceramic, and a special coating gives the sole self-cleaning property. This is the best iron for the home, if you do not want to spend money on a steam generator. However, not in terms of price.

A steam blow has already been said. It is more where there is palladium spraying. We add that, probably, this model will be slightly heavier, but the manufacturer does not give the mass in advertising brochures. The most reliable source gave information about 1.8 kg for both irons. It is believed hard, and, probably, means the equipped condition. From the same source it became known that these irons are sold at prices:

  1. FV 9915 - 5100 rubles( Ultra Gliss sole).
  2. FV 9920 - 6900 rubles( Autoclean Catalys self-cleaning outsole).

Palladium expensive material: in fact, we pay 1,800 rubles for the sole of the iron. Let us dwell on this in more detail. Palladium oxide integrated into cermet causes catalytic decomposition of any contaminants at high temperatures. As a result, the decay products evaporate into the air. The manufacturer claims that if stains appear on the sole of the iron, it is enough to hold a soft dry cloth over the unheated metal and there will be no trace of contamination. It is appropriate to remind that washing with abrasives is prohibited.

These cordless irons are able to recognize the types of fabrics and regulate the supply power and temperature of steam for the best ironing quality. Since the control in both models is mechanical, and inside there is a minimum of automation, it is unclear how the process of identifying material varieties takes place. Perhaps somehow measured pressure in the steam supply path. By the way, those who consider this a fairy tale are mistaken. The network already has reviews( we do not vouch that the recordings are not fake), praising this quality, they say, convenient.

In conclusion, a few words about the principle of operation of cordless irons. They are based on a docking station connected to a wall outlet. When a special light comes on, you can start ironing, but only for 25 seconds. Further, the second light will signal that it is time to return the cordless iron to the stand for charging. This mainly concerns the heating of the sole. Lack of wire gives complete freedom of maneuver, and ironing with a similar iron is much easier. By the way, if the user forgets to turn off the device, the docking station will stop powering in exactly 8 minutes.

Steam generators

Simple irons are no longer fashionable today. Steam stations are gaining popularity. More often they are called steam generators. The device includes:

  • stand with built-in boiler for heating water;
  • connecting hose of decent diameter;
  • iron, not too different from the ordinary.

In the stand, steam is generated and supplied through a hose to an iron. The difference in power. That for a simple iron is considered a steam stroke, for a steam generator - the standard mode of operation( and there is also its own steam stroke that exceeds this value).Due to this, it becomes possible to lower the temperature of the sole without reducing efficiency. This allows you to iron fabrics that a simple iron is contraindicated.

To prevent condensate from settling on the sole, it has its own heating, not much higher than 100 degrees Celsius. On the body of the stand are special regulators for steam power and sole temperature. There are also other models where handles meet on the iron.

For those who are interested in price, we inform you that the Philips GC 8620 steam generator costs 7,500 rubles. When counting the number of holes turned out 48, but do not forget about the increased power of steam. By the way, the location of the holes is also surprising. Basically, the nose and the edges. This is worth remembering when looking for the differences between the steam generator and the steamer( which often has one hole, or it is somewhat spread evenly over a certain area).

The steam generator for the house with the iron does not compare. In normal mode, the device produces 120 grams of steam per minute( a simple iron - 35 grams per minute).To withstand a similar load, the tank capacity is 2.2 liters. Surprised by the relatively low productivity in the steam blow mode( 180 grams per minute), but you need to remember a small number of holes. Because of this, the pressure on the fabric is immeasurably greater than that of the Tefal cordless irons, discussed above.

Steamers have more impressive performance. They have a brush does not touch the fabric when ironing. At the steam generator the sole more acts in the manner of a simple iron. The disadvantages of devices include:

  1. The large thickness of the connecting cord. An electric wire and a path for steam pass inside it. He is heavy to drag, he rumples underwear and is uncomfortable.
  2. Inside it is better to pour distilled water. And this factor is the only limiting constraint on the use of steam devices.

Seeing a similar situation, manufacturers of household equipment began to equip appliances with special means for water softening and purification. In particular, Tefal cordless irons are supplied with scum-preventing rods. But the manufacturer does not recommend using any water other than distilled or tap water, as this is fraught with damage to both the equipment and the laundry. A number of steam generators and simple irons are used for vertical ironing. But both types of equipment can not be compared with steamers.

Road and compact irons

Today, not only are there road irons, but also road steamers, and maybe steam generators. It is not clear how to call a small mobile iron working on the principle of a steam generator, but consisting only of a casing. To clean the tap water it is necessary to add a special salt. But it is possible to take such a model with you and not be afraid of crumpled. Probably, the device is classified as a handheld steam generator, as it does not reach the steamer, and has signs of an iron:

  1. The special shape of the body.
  2. Special sole.

By the way, similar models differ in small cost. On the counter looks like a children's toy for the price of a maximum of 700 rubles. But the possibilities are rather big: a similar iron makes fine pleats on skirts, it is permissible for them to iron knitted products.

Steam generators today are worth taking only allow refueling with plain water. Unlike abroad, where it is possible to get purified liquid at a relatively affordable price, Russia is not yet ready to accept steam generators that deny the possibility of using ordinary water.

Different statements about the sole materials today look irrelevant now, in particular, Tefal uses cermets with different types of coatings in models. As for power, any iron is able to iron, and this is important. Even for 300 rubles.

Probably upset many, but take any device of a famous brand and will not lose. And the nuances of running steam to the Russian realities have already been revealed.

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