6 best yogurt makers according to customer reviews

  • Why do you need a yogurt maker?
  • What is important to know before buying a yoghurt maker
  • List of the most popular and selling yogurt maker models

Yoghurt maker is a great helper for culinary fermented milk masterpieces. Delicious and nutritious yoghurt, so healthy and made from ingredients you have tested, will become a favorite treat for you and your family. But how to choose a good device among all the variety of prices and models? Does it make sense to overpay for a brand or advanced functionality? Read our review and find out a lot of interesting and useful information about this device. You will also learn how to choose a yoghurt maker, based on the rating of the best models of 2017-2018 year, based on customer reviews.

Why do you need a yogurt maker?

Fermented milk products must appear on the weekly menu at least twice or three times. This product is especially important for children. It is yogurt with active cultures of the "right" bacteria that will help normalize the work of the whole organism in general and the gastrointestinal tract in particular. The presence of fermented milk products and human immunity is beneficial.

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This device consists of a tank, yogurt containers and a lid that covers the device. In special cups that are already included in the kit, you pour pasteurized milk, preferably slightly warmed, and add a special leaven with live bacteria. After switching on, the yoghurt maker slowly warms the mixture to 40 ° and continues to maintain this temperature until the yoghurt is fully cooked. Please note - the best yogurt makers do not violate the cooking technology and comply with the temperature regime.

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users reviews What is important to know before buying a yoghurt maker

If you decide to buy a yoghurt maker - for your own use or as a gift, then you need to know what criteria are important and really affectquality cooked yogurt. After all, on the shelves of stores are well-known companies and new items, more expensive and cheaper models - which one fits your needs? In our ranking are the most popular and discussed models of yogurt makers, which means it will be easier for you to choose.

But first, we will tell you what to look for before buying. Take a closer look at:

  1. Tanks for yogurt. There are models with portion jars of glass or plastic, and there are full-size bowls. The first - more practical for making different types of yogurt for a large family. Bowl models are more compact. Well, you choose!
  2. Material for the manufacture of containers for yogurt. If plastic is food grade, well, and optimally, glass is easier to disinfect. An interesting option is bowls and containers for ceramics yoghurt, such models are in our rating.
  3. Power. Although all yogurt makers work on the same principle, a device with a nominal power of 8–18 watts will still be safer. More powerful devices can overheat or heat the yogurt mixture to 60 °.In such a product, the number of active beneficial bacteria will be somewhat lower.
  4. Availability of auto-off feature. This is a reasonable precautionary measure. The device will automatically turn off at the end of the work and notify you about this with a sound signal. So you do not miss the moment when the yogurt is ready, and there is no risk of peroxidation in the yogurt maker. It is this criterion that often plays a decisive role in the selection of a particular model in the rating of the most successful devices for making yogurt.
  5. Additional options - timer, display, delayed start, the mode of cooking cottage cheese or milk desserts. These features will affect the price of the device, but will make your yogurt maker more convenient and productive.

At the time of the ranking, we paid great attention to these criteria, and also studied a huge number of customer reviews. What model preferred visitors of various online stores? Which manufacturer has established itself as the best? Let's find out about it right now!

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List of the most popular and best-selling models of yogurt makers

So, yogurt makers are the best. And on the first line - the best models with capacious bowls and portion jars for yogurt.

Tefal Lacteo YG260132 from the reputable company Tefal.


  • 1.75 l plastic bowl;
  • auto power off and timer;
  • compactness;
  • reliability;
  • durability;
  • the ability to prepare Ryazhanka, kefir or other dairy drink.

Users noted the noiselessness of the Tefal yoghurt maker and the high quality of performance.

Redmond RYM-M5401 is a stylish and productive yogurt maker with a set of portion containers. The leader of numerous sales ratings.


  • 8 glass jars of 180 ml;
  • touch control;
  • timer and auto power off;
  • attractive and reliable metal body;
  • ease of management;
  • low cost( about 3000 rubles).

This model is the most popular and most discussed on the Internet. And everyone agrees that it is a worthy choice for home use and a wonderful choice for a gift.

Two of the most popular models with containers for yogurt made from ceramics from the Oursson brand will continue our rating. This brand is not as advertised as Tefal or Redmond, but already has its supporters among housewives.

Oursson FE2103D is the best yogurt maker with a spacious ceramic bowl.


  • 2 liter capacity;
  • convenient electronic control;
  • timer;
  • beverage preparation modes - kvass, wine, tinctures, etc.;
  • bright appearance;
  • strength;
  • durability.

This yogurt maker is a rather expensive pleasure, but it is becoming more and more popular and marketed due to its expanded functionality and well-developed characteristics. In addition - a colorful and stylish appearance will decorate your kitchen.

Oursson FE1502D is a model with ceramic kegs for yogurt. In terms of quality, this yoghurt maker is not inferior to such proven brands as Moulinex or Redmond.


  • 5 ceramic containers of 200 ml;
  • timer, display, time display;
  • power of 20 watts;
  • fermentation mode;
  • auto wrap;
  • low weight;
  • comfortable size.

Buyers emphasize the distinctive properties of ceramics - it keeps the temperature well and is easy to wash. A dense silicone seals will not allow sour-milk drinks to leak and soak the device or refrigerator.

The highest quality yogurt-maker of the inexpensive ones will continue our rating.

Lumme LU-1480 - the best, budget option.


  • 4 containers of 200 ml of glass;
  • markers to indicate the date of manufacture;
  • time stamp;
  • elementary simple control;
  • absolute reliability of the device.

In this model, there are no such electronic upgrades as auto power off, indication or timer. The hostess simply turns on the device and notes the time on their own. But this can be regarded as a plus - such a yogurt maker will not get off and not “bog down”, but will regularly and for a long time pamper you with fresh and proper yogurt.

The premium quality yoghurt maker with the advanced functionality is the last position in the ranking of the best.

Tefal YG657132 is a high quality instrument from a trusted manufacturer. What kind of yogurt maker can be better than powerful and multifunctional? With such a device on your table will always be a variety of dairy products and desserts with a minimum of your intervention.


  • program for dairy desserts;
  • 6 glasses 150 ml each;
  • 5 modes for the preparation of various products;
  • timer, auto-closing, various indications;
  • the possibility of cooking cheese;
  • thick filter included.

This yogurt maker will save you a lot of time and space in the kitchen. And this model will pleasantly surprise with its versatility and ease of management.

So, we told you how to choose a yoghurt maker - a ranking of the best models of 2017-2018 for preparing nutritious and healthy yogurt at home. Let your purchase please you with stable and efficient work, and you will often indulge yourself and your household with tasty and healthy dairy delicacies!

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