What hand otparivatel for clothes to buy

The hand otparivatel differs in the small size, low power, it is convenient to fix the device with a pair of small folds. This is not an ironing device, but small wardrobe defects can be eliminated with skilled hands. The power of the Philips manual steamer, for example, is 24 g / min, but, when properly concentrated, it hits flawlessly on any small folds. Let's talk about what handheld otparivatel for clothes to buy.

Manual Steamer

What are the Manual Steamers

Sometimes there is a need to buy a road steamer for clothes. In case of a need to leave home, it is possible to buy a steamer for clothes with the combined function of an electric kettle. Tell us what steamer buy for home.

Manual Steamers Philips

Manual Steamers cannot be turned over. At Philips, water is pumped by a pump, where it immediately changes to another state of aggregation. We do not think about the position of the brush when using the standard steamer, the tank with the generator and the tank is constantly on the floor. The right to wield a brush as we want. With a manual steamer otherwise. Although there is a wire, we drag a tank with water with our own hand, trying not to turn it upside down.

By the way, Phillips doesn’t happen to be dangerous, just the steam supply will stop. The first thing that interested the authors - protection from scale. The competitor Tefal tries to insert his Ultimate AntiCalc wherever possible. Involuntarily wondered what Philips does. According to the manual and the brochure, when it comes to a manual steamer, nothing. This means you have to fill the device with distilled water, or clean your home as much as possible. Let's say filter, then boil and re-pass through the cleaning barrier.

Manual Philips Steamer.

Philips attaches a strip to the steamers to determine the level of water hardness. It is necessary to lower the item in a glass filled with water. Levels five. Use water from the tap is valid if the hardness is zero or at the first level. We immediately say that the values ​​do not correspond to the scale adopted in the Russian Federation, where the hardness of drinking water is, according to the law, no more than 7 mg eq / l. Residents of regions with indicators below 4 can use Philips steamers without restrictions. Find out at the station value, then think about whether you want to spend money on distilled water.

When it is not possible to use water from the tap, the Philips Steamer turns into a difficulty rather than a household helper. Although the flow is not too large. The manual lists a number of limitations. In particular, it is impossible to purify water chemically and to pass health-improving devices and filters through the magnetic fields.

In the complete set of hand otparivatel we will meet a couple of nozzles. The first for remote ironing small folds. This does not always help, the second is made in the form of a round brush, it is required by the device to touch the laundry, helping the couple. The pressure does not fall too fast, enclosed in an enclosure of thick bristles. We add that the readiness for operation of the Philips Steamer is achieved in 45 seconds, and the first release of the jet contains water droplets, this is normal. Mittens are included in the set for selected steamers; this is a good addition for the hand in order to avoid burns.

Hand-held steamers MIE

Today on the Yandex market there is a well-established classification of devices for cleaning and ironing with steam. Devices are now correctly divided into groups, a selection of manual models is available. I am glad that order comes to the home appliances market in Russia. A hand-held MIE steamer was found on the Yandex market at a price similar to Philips, so they decided to inspect the device.

The first difference is easily seen: the steam generation rate is 40 g / min. This is one and a half times more than Phillips’s at a reasonable price. Whether the indicator means better ironing is hard to say, much depends on the design of the nozzle. Nozzles are similar, but MIE suggests removing the nozzle from the steamer at all, replacing it with a transparent cover from the kit, it turns out a household electric kettle. A dubious combination, the water for drinking is clearly not distilled. Whether scaling forms - let's look empirically.

Steam production rate is 40 g / min, this with a capacity of 0.5 liters is enough for 15 minutes of work. From the reading it becomes clear that the device does not have a boiler. This is a typical kettle, and steam generation is controlled by a relief valve. Slightly unusual scheme, hard water is not really so terrible for such a device. The precipitate is usually washed away by pressure from the boiler; in this embodiment, the heating element is below. It is undesirable to roll the MIE hand otparivatel, you can not turn the bottom up.

Descaler can be removed by any means at hand: factory-made diskeylers, a pinch of typical citric acid. Moreover, the process can be observed visually, which provides additional benefits when cleaning. The ready time to work is 1.5 minutes, this is a typical value, given that the power consumption is 1.2 kW.In general, the only doubt is: why is a simple kettle so expensive? Almost 3 thousand rubles!

Hand Steamer MIE


  1. Teflon-coated mitten to protect your hands from steam.
  2. Heat-resistant plate for ironing pockets, cuffs and collars.
  3. Bag, brush and cover for the kettle.

According to the authors, the described model of a manual steamer( Piccolo) compares favorably with the previous ones by the possibility of using tap water without restrictions. It is clear that high pressure is not obtained. No wonder the manufacturer is silent about the value. And without an indicator, the effectiveness of the steamer is in doubt. The choice of steamer is made exclusively by the working pressure.

Manual Steamer Super Jet SJ-6H

The model looks like a copy of the MIE.The power is less, the capacity is slightly larger. Judging by the time of development of the tank with a volume of three fourth liters, the rate of steam production is 45 g / min. With a power of 900 W, the ready time for work — read, boiling — is 2 minutes. The result is a Chinese copy of the above device.

The manufacturer did not bother to put the instructions, we offer readers to inquire on their own in case of interest. Similar models will be found in Grand Master and Endever. Both are cheaper than Philips and MIE.Power consumption is comparable.

Manual Steam Steamer Super Jet SJ-6H

Worldwide leader in manual steamer

The result was not a surprise. The Steamfast SF-435 is named number one among hand-held steamers. Reminds electric kettle. No features:

  • Before the steam nozzle is a filter for collecting scale, filaments, and other items.
  • The water inlet port is located in the upper part, separate from the nozzle.
  • On the side of the tank - an indicator of the level of fullness.
  • In 12 minutes, 7 ounces( 210 ml) are produced at a power of 800 watts.

Everything is the same: a brush in the form of a nozzle for cleaning and smoothing clothes, steam comes out through the nozzle. The mesh prevents foreign particles from entering the garment. The instructions detail how to get rid of scale. You will need to disconnect the steamer from the power supply by electric current, empty the tank. Then the tank lid is removed, water is poured, and 4 ounces( 118 ml) of wine vinegar is charged inside. Everything is topped up with water( 118 ml), left for exactly 40 minutes. Minus we consider the lack of guidance on the temperature of the process. Apparently, enough room temperature.

The device costs around $ 25 on Amazon. In some cases, such simple solutions look better and completely dismiss the desire to buy a steamer for clothes professional. However, the cost, in the opinion of the authors, is tall.

Recall that in manual steam boilers, “kettles”, the role of the bypass valve is often performed with rubber or simply with a mesh.

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