Which air conditioner manufacturer is the best in price and quality

  • What is air conditioning?
  • Modes of operation of standard air conditioner
  • Rating of the best manufacturers of split systems in 2018

We all want a comfortable environment for living and recreation. This is especially true of our homes and microclimate in them. It is so nice to come from a dusty street into your own hearth and breathe in fresh cool air. Or go from the frost into a heated room to a comfortable temperature. Climate control systems will help in this, and if you decide to buy such a device for yourself at home, then we advise you to first read the rating of manufacturers of air conditioners in terms of quality and reliability of 2018 from our portal, as well as learn about several important nuances of choosing the optimal model of the device.

What is air conditioning?

Modern air conditioning units are divided into two structural types - stationary split systems and mobile monoblocks.

Split system consists of an external unit with a compressor and the inside of the device, which takes air from the room. The advantages of this type are obvious:

  • high power and work efficiency;
  • noiseless;
  • multifunctionality.

However, for the installation of such a unit is better to still call the masters. We will present you the rating of the most optimal models of this type of equipment, taking into account all the selection criteria. Well and you will make the decision on purchase.

Mobile monoblock will help cool or ventilate the air in a small room. Ideal for summer houses or rented apartments. It is also often used in rooms where the installation of wall-mounted devices on the facade of the house is prohibited. Advantages:

  • compactness;
  • lack of complex communication connections and connections;
  • relative mobility.

You can install the device yourself, you only need to take care of the output of the corrugated tube in the window or another hole. However, a mobile air conditioner can unpleasantly surprise with high noise operation. In 2018, many decent options for such a device were presented to world markets, and if you do not have the ability or desire to install a stationary air conditioner, a reliable mobile monoblock will be an excellent way out.

Stationary air conditioners are diverse and multifaceted. In addition to technical specifications, which we will discuss later, and manufacturers, which we will discuss in more detail, such devices can be installed on walls, under ceilings or near the floor, mounted in a suspended ceiling, or even replace a column. May differ in the principle of operation. There are ordinary devices that constantly measure the temperature in the room and then turn it on, then turn off the air through the cooling system. There are inverter air conditioners that work constantly, they only change the power level. This technology avoids sudden temperature fluctuations. And yet, inverter models are more economical and less noisy in operation. Often become leaders of popularity ratings.

Modes of operation of a standard air conditioner

Well, when one split-system performs several functions. The best and most modern models can simultaneously perform 4 main tasks of air conditioners:

  • to cool;
  • heat;
  • drain;
  • ventilate the air in the room.

More simple devices, in addition to cooling, can additionally perform one or two functions from the list. Also, additional modes of operation — timer, economy mode, self-diagnostics, and others — can be built into the device.

Specifications that determine the effectiveness of the air conditioner

When choosing a reliable and productive air conditioner that will effectively and smoothly maintain a comfortable microclimate in your home, you need to pay attention to a number of criteria and characteristics. Let's look at them briefly.

  1. Power work. The higher the rate, the faster the air conditioner does its main task. The range of nominal power of different models - from 2 to 14 kW.To find out what kind of air conditioner you need, divide the area of ​​the room by 10 - get the desired power figure of the optimal model.
  2. Temperature run - from 16 to 30 °.If you plan to heat the room with the help of an air conditioner in winter frosts, it is better to choose a model with an upper index of 40 ° C.
  3. Noise level - this indicator ranges from 20 to 60 dB.It is possible to reduce the noise of the device by using the air conditioner at minimum power.
  4. Air filtration. All devices have coarse air filters. The best conditioner will also have fine filters - ideal for allergy sufferers. Such a membrane eliminates small particles, dust and even harmful microorganisms. In 2018, such models are especially in demand among buyers.

Well, it's time to go to the facts and present you the ranking of the best companies in 2018, producing air conditioners.

Ranking of the best manufacturers of split systems in 2018

This rating review was compiled based on your feedback on a particular brand, as well as after analyzing the most popular models of various online trading platforms.

The cheapest, but reliable air conditioners are produced by the brand Electrolux .Here you will find nice and quite versatile models. You can choose options with the function of heating or drying, timer, anti-icing, turbofan. Average power and noise performance. Compact dimensions and robust communication connections. Price tag - from 14 thousand rubles.

Will continue the rating of the brand Samsung - low cost, but high build quality. This is a reputable company that tries to constantly meet the requirements of the time and shows scrupulousness and attention to detail. Samsung air conditioners will delight you with long work and simple intuitive controls. And the presence of a timer, self-diagnosis and a large selection of program modes of operation will make your daily life easier and more comfortable. The price, on average, starts from 15 thousand rubles.

Manufacturer Panasonic - another budget and effective option in 2018.About these air conditioners written a lot of positive feedback. Buyers have noted the strength and high performance of the devices, combined with cost-effectiveness and low noise. Of useful additions - powerful ventilation, fast heating and the possibility of drying the air. Carefully developed filters, compactness and long service life "included".Cost - from 15 thousand rubles.

Three of the best and most reliable manufacturers of the highest class will continue our rating.

The first on the list is the Toshiba brand .Air conditioners are characterized as devices of the highest quality and a full range of possibilities. Particular attention is paid to the air filtration system - the developers have equipped their best models with fine filters, as well as the novelties of the season - plasma membranes and filters with air deodorization function. If your budget allows you to install Toshiba air conditioner at home, then you will receive an accurate and durable electronic assistant in return. From 18-19 thousand rubles.

Continue the review firm Daikin - manufacturer of high-performance and high-tech air-conditioning elite class. You can easily find a universal model with wide functionality and optimal technical characteristics. In the arsenal of the brand - air conditioners with anti-icing, quick lowering or increasing the temperature of the air in the room, warm start, programming and remembering settings, adjusting the air flow. The starting price is from 25 thousand rubles.

The latest in rating is a manufacturer of reliable and durable air conditioners - the brand Mitsubishi .Modern and optimized technologies are used in air conditioners of this brand - an axial fan, which produces less noise and consumes less electricity, silicone control board, anti-corrosion coating, programming of air distribution in the room, anti-allergic, enzyme, and ionized filters. As for the operating modes, the choice is also wide - the timer for switching on, automatic modes and settings, energy-saving programs, auto-thawing, self-cleaning functions of the device and much more. Mitsubishi is the leader of many ratings for this and past years. The brand tirelessly pleases its fans with well-developed, modern, easy to manage and comfortable to use air conditioning of the highest level.

Which device will fit your requirements - it's up to you to decide and choose. With our recommendations on technical characteristics, it will be easier to make the right decision, and the rating of manufacturers of air conditioners for quality and reliability in 2018 will tell you which brand to pay attention to.

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