Choosing the best food processor for the home

  • What to look for when choosing the
  • Functionality or what the
  • combine is able to create an artistry.housewives never tried to cook a full three-course dinner for a family of four or five people. What can we say about the preparation of the holiday menu. That is why our today's article is devoted to how to choose a food processor for the house. Today, appliance stores offer such an abundance of options that it is difficult to make a choice. What food processor is better and what should you pay attention to? Let's figure it out.

    What to look for when choosing

    Whether it is worth saying that a food processor that was chosen incorrectly will not only not become your helper, but will also be annoyed by the fact that it takes extra space. Therefore, to go to the store you need to prepare.

    First of all, you need to decide on what exactly you need such a device. If you are just too lazy to use a knife and a board for cutting vegetables every day, it will be enough to buy an appliance with a minimum set of functions. And since you know how to cook well and do it with pleasure, you will need a “full-scale” model that copes well with any task.

    Now you should carefully inspect the kitchen on the subject of existing devices. If you already have a stand-alone mixer, blender, juicer, coffee grinder, electric meat grinder, bread maker and other kitchen gadgets, then it is likely that choosing an expensive multi-function device does not make sense.

    When choosing a food processor, you should focus not only on the cost, but on the functionality. There is no need to pay extra money for the nozzles that you most likely will not use. For example, if you are a vegetarian, then a combine with a functional nozzle for making homemade sausage is absolutely useless.

    If you have a small kitchen, then you should also pay attention to the size of the future electric helper. A simple rule works here: the more multifunctional the device, the more space it takes.

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    Functionality or what the

    combine can do Since the food processor is a multifunctional electric appliance, let's take a closer look at what this machine can do. The high-quality combine can replace such units:

    • electromeat grinder;
    • blender;
    • Shaker;
    • mixer;
    • juicer;
    • coffee grinder;
    • ice cream maker;
    • others.

    But there is one nuance. Of course, it is very tempting to have just one kitchen unit that can replace any other. However, if the food processor burns down the engine, you will lose all your assistants at once.

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    Types of nozzles for food processors

    • circular knives with special slots - help cut diced vegetables and fruits;
    • shredder - quickly cut cabbage, carrots and other vegetables into thin strips;
    • press for soft fruits and berries - quickly make mashed potatoes of any density;
    • knife-impeller - instantly chop meat or fish, prepare a pate;
    • a nimbus( one or two) - will help to whip cream, to prepare sauces;
    • nozzle hook( one or two) - quickly knead the dough of any consistency;
    • grinder - will make icing sugar, ground coffee, pepper, flour from various cereals;
    • shaker - ideally and quickly smash ice, beat up cocktails;
    • Juicer - can handle any hard vegetables or fruits;
    • citrus press - “extracts” juice from oranges or grapefruits;
    • slicer - cut any products into beautiful, even slices;
    • blender - grind virtually any product to a puree;
    • disc grater - quickly and effortlessly rub cheese or vegetables;
    • grinder;
    • others.

    Some manufacturers provide free choice for housewives. You can purchase a “starter” model with a minimum set of functions, and then re-buy the nozzles as needed. True, the individual nozzles are not cheap, but you can buy only what you really need.

    Choosing power and speed


    When purchasing a good food processor, be sure to pay attention to this parameter. The more functions that your electric helper can do, the more powerful it should be.

    Most often, conventional household combines have a power of 250 to 650 watts. Such a unit is perfect for a small family, provided that you will not use it too often.

    If you cook frequently and in large quantities, you should pay attention to models with a capacity of at least one kilowatt. Professional harvesters may have a power of up to 2 kW, but at home it is still unnecessary.“Download” it to the full you are unlikely to succeed, but the overpayment will be significant.


    The next thing you should pay attention to when choosing a food processor is the number of turns. Cheap models usually have 2-3 speeds of rotation. But the most "clever" can boast twenty modes.

    Best of all, if your food processor will have a rotation speed of 9-10 thousand revolutions per minute. Experts believe that this number of revolutions is suitable for grinding even the hardest products. In any case, you should not buy a combine, "issuing" less than 5-6 thousand revolutions, there will be little sense from such a device.

    Bowl Material

    Three types of materials and their combinations are most often used for the manufacture of food processors:

    1. plastic;
    2. metal;
    3. glass.

    For the most expensive models, the case is most often completely metallic, while for cheap models the case is plastic. Combines of the middle price category delight the eye with a compromise solution: the body is plastic, all moving and loading parts are metal. Most of all in the device of the food processor is interesting the material from which one of the most important elements is made - the bowl.


    The cheapest and not particularly high-quality material. Plastic bowls do not tolerate low or high temperatures too well. Over time, such bowls begin to darken and become more fragile. The plastic container can be severely deformed, or even crack. Replacing this accessory with a new one is not always possible. This is especially difficult to do in the case when the model was released a few years ago and discontinued.


    This version of the bowl is much more preferable, although somewhat more expensive. Since glass is chemically neutral, it does not react at all with food. For food processors make special bowls of very strong tempered glass. Break such a difficult, even dropping it to the floor. In addition, they can easily be placed in a microwave or freezer. And for washing to use products containing abrasive additives, glass bowls it does not hurt.


    Such containers for food processors are particularly expensive. The fact is that the metal bowl is almost eternal. It is almost impossible to break, it does not crack. However, it has one major drawback: it can not be put in the microwave. Yes, and clean the bowl with the use of abrasives, too, is not worth it.


    Of course, the dimensions of each model are absolutely individual. The principle here is this: the more nozzles the combine has and the more processes it can perform, the heavier it weighs and takes up more space. Some models have special compartments for storing nozzles and knives. Others will have to post their own.

    Of course, it is best to keep the food processor in constant visibility, on the surface of the desktop. Otherwise, over time, you will be too lazy to take it out of the box each time, and then put it back. But unfortunately, not all kitchens have enough space for this. So if you plan to clean the combine every time on the shelf, make sure that it doesn’t weigh too much.

    Review of popular models from the best manufacturers of

    Since you now know much more about how to choose the right food processor, let's talk a little about specific companies and models on the market.


    It is the combines of this brand that are considered the most reliable, functional and durable. Almost all models of this manufacturer are completely made of stainless steel. By the way, Kenwood AT444 is practically the only food processor that can peel potatoes. Many parts of the models of this brand are interchangeable, and the missing nozzles can be purchased separately.

    The Kenwood KVC5030T model is considered to be the best chopper with a meat grinder. This unit has 6 speeds of work and power of 1.1 kW.The kit includes five nozzles and a meat grinder.


    • compact size;
    • sufficient functionality;
    • metal bowl;
    • ease of management;
    • durable and reliable metal case;
    • low noise operation.

    The disadvantages include only a fairly high cost and rather big weight, about 9 kg. Although the latter only adds to the combine stability.

    Bosch MUM 56S40

    If you want to purchase a unit with the maximum number of functions, we recommend to pay attention to Bosch equipment. For example, if you want to use the kneading function of various types of dough, we recommend to purchase Bosch MUM 56S40.The advantage of this model are three additional nozzles that allow you to quickly knead different types of dough. There is also a meat grinder and citrus press. Bosch MUM 56S40 can be used as a conventional blender or juicer. With a power of 900 W, the combine has 7 speeds of work.

    The disadvantages include only the presence of a large number of plastic parts, which somewhat reduces the reliability of the unit.

    Braun FX 3030

    If you are looking for a low-cost version with the maximum range of functions, you can use Braun equipment. For example, the model FX 3030, besides all the others, also has the function of a juicer. Such a combine works very quietly, and it is not too expensive. At the same time it has enough power and is equipped with a spacious bowl.

    Of course, on the shelves of home appliances stores you can find many more units that are completely different both in price and quality. The choice is represented by dozens of brands. But since now you know much more about how to choose a food processor for the house, it will not be so difficult to decide. The main thing is to clearly define which tasks you would like to solve with the help of a kitchen unit and how much money you are ready to allocate for this. Make the right choice and the preparation of delicious and varied dishes will be for you a simple and exciting experience!

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