What company to buy a refrigerator

What firm to buy a refrigerator to include a lot of dishes, is not an easy task. Read our review of where refrigerators are classified. .. by capacity.

Choosing a refrigerator by volume

For big holidays - New Year's Eve, Christmas - people usually prepare a lot of treats. For the safety of their placed in the refrigerator.

Different volumes of

refrigerators Today we decided to divide refrigerators according to their capacity, and first of all they considered the functionality and prices. Let's get startedWe will show which company to buy a refrigerator at the minimum level.

Refrigerators, baby 40 liters

On Yandex-market issued in the search for three models of refrigerators, priced from 6500 to 9000 rubles. Any little girl 50 cm high will easily enter even under the sink instead of the trash can. In the refrigerator manual it is written that you need to leave a place below, side, back, etc., we recommend not paying attention. If you really need ventilation, take the Forstner drill and make moves in the furniture so that the communications and the refrigerator are not visible outside. Other options are given, for example, individual headsets with an aluminum strip are already resting on an apron from a tile, without reaching the wall.

This kind of furniture seems to be specially made for built-in appliances( including types of refrigerators), there are incredibly large gaps - cats love them. Try in the kitchen to choose the situation wisely. And the built-in refrigerator will fit inside, and the standard model will not suffocate, but will start working. If you are very afraid, take a semi-tropical( ST) or tropical( T) performance. Make sure that the temperature does not fall below normal:

  1. ST - from 18 to 38 ºС.
  2. T - from 18 to 43 ºС.

We recommend to take the upper edge higher for a built-in or laid-in technology that the refrigerator does not overheat. It is acceptable to put in the kitchen, but see that the temperature does not fall below +18 degrees Celsius. We suppose that the compressor oil shows viscosity, which, when lowering the temperature below the bar, will greatly deteriorate the equipment.

So, the presented babies demonstrate the shape of an almost cube with a side of 50 cm. This is enough to remove the equipment in any set, under the sink( of any type) or on the bottom shelf. Shivaki and Bomann have a small freezer inside the upper right side of the refrigerator compartment. This is convenient, not all dishes that are on the table before Christmas, need a hard freeze. It is permissible to fold the remains of meat, fish and poultry into a small compartment.

Listed are not the best, but quite good manufacturers, the hand does not rise to complain. By the way, Shivaki is now overbought by Europe - for information. If you take Shivaki, they complain about the energy class and various trifles, for example, it was not possible to re-hang the door on the opposite side. Look carefully, these shortcomings are easy to identify in the store and do not take equipment that does not like. By the way, about the door you can contact the technical support service. This is a clear manufacturing defect for which the product is returned to the store, referring to the law on consumer protection.

By the way, both Shivaki babies from Yandex-Market have a power consumption class - A. It’s a sin to complain!

Refrigerator Shivaki

  • Inside the range of refrigerators - a patented silver coating that kills microbes. Alexander of Macedon saved the army during the campaigns from the epidemics of the hot climate of Asia by the fact that the soldiers drank from a silvered vessel. Similar techniques used the wise priests of Egypt. Shivaki adopted an algorithm for their own refrigerators. Due to the lack of measures in the 60s, Northern Europe literally blazed with. .. cold plague. Separate bacteria do not die at low temperatures, but multiply. There is a smell in the chambers, if for a long time to leave the refrigerator to thaw. Any owner is familiar with the phenomenon, noticeable after the holidays. Selected refrigerators are specially supplied with the mode of maintaining a minimum cold. The function is called - Vacation. So as not to smell out of the fridge when the owners return.
  • Shivaki individual refrigerators, but not described babies, are equipped with No Frost. Usually the function is added exclusively for the freezer. As for small-sized refrigerators, the SHRF-50CHP thaws drip in the lower chamber. In other cases, manual defrosting of the refrigerator is required. As for the refrigerators with NoFrost, there is moisture oozing constantly. In the intervals between work, the evaporator is defrosted automatically by a special heating element. Moisture flows under the fridge.

    Small refrigerator Shivaki

  • Pay attention to thermoelectric small refrigerators Shivaki. Energy class not lower than A, dimensions - 50 and 17 liters. In the latter case, the refrigerator will fall on any shelf. The reason - there is no compressor inside. The latter ensures low weight, almost no noise. Try true quality right in the room. How surprised guests will be when cold beer and champagne is given to those who wish from the closet! A 17-liter model costs 5,000 rubles, like a 50-liter one. The device is reliable. Peltier thermoelectric elements Kryotherm are capable of operating 200,000 hours. This is 22.5 years of continuous operation.
  • Low noise compressor babies allows you to put them anywhere. Typical value is up to 45 dB.This is a quiet whisper in a closed room for the power of sound.
  • Shivaki refrigerator doors are overhanging, it is recommended to check directly in the store. Shelves made of metal, that's great.

Small refrigerator

Testing Bomann. Ware company is good. Without non-stick coating, but the steel is smooth and thin, relatively easy to clean. Bomann refrigerators are notable for low energy consumption. The English site says:

  • The average energy consumption class is A ++.This is the maximum value today.
  • Climatic class N-T.Permissible operating conditions of the refrigerator cover the values ​​of 16 - 43 degrees Celsius. Acceptable to put in the regiment. There is almost no chance of overheating.
  • Ice generator allows you to procure raw materials for chilled cocktails.
  • Refrigerant R600a. This is a popular type of freon, it is allowed under certain conditions to replace R12.
  • The total volume of the order of 42 liters. In the upper right corner of the freezer.
  • The temperature regulation limit is from 0 to 8 degrees. Show attention, the field is heterogeneous. For example, at the top of the camera is colder. Measure with a thermometer and fold the products accordingly. Fruits and vegetables lie well at zero degrees Celsius( not lower).
  • The power of the device is only 70 W with the compressor running.

Buying a quality fridge weighing in pounds is not at all a stupid act. Refrigerator volume of 40 liters is enough for a family of two people with a child. This is based on 4 to 5 types of dishes, respectively, a liter of 3. As for the freezer, it is small, but do not forget that meat products are not recommended by bodybuilding founder Joe Vader, who survived the threshold of 90 years in relatively good health, editing Power andBeauty - we honor his memory. We believe that we have considered the best models for moderately feeding people. We believe that in this segment the best manufacturers of refrigerators are listed in the article.

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