What should be the temperature in the refrigerator, how to determine

To keep the products fresh, the temperature in the refrigerator should be optimal. Therefore, the packages contain recommendations for storage, and different zones are provided in the compartments. What is the temperature in the cells? Let's consider this issue in detail.

Temperature control on the control panel

Content of the material:

  • 1How many degrees should be in a home refrigerator
  • 2Temperature range in the refrigerator compartment
    • 2.1Zone of freshness
    • 2.2Medium shelves
    • 2.3Containers for fruits and vegetables
    • 2.4Shelves on the door
  • 3Indication in the freezer
  • 4How much is the working temperature in refrigerators of different brands
  • 5How to identify and set the required metrics

How many degrees should be in a home refrigerator

The standard temperature in the refrigerating compartment is + 3-5 ° C. Norm for the freezer: -18-24 degrees.

Single-chambered or equipped with a freezer or refrigerator. Combined models can have a freezer compartment. It is equipped with a door, the climate in it is controlled separately. Two-compartment refrigerators "Indesit "Stinol "Bosch" have separate chambers.

How cooling occurs:

  • The electronic board sends a signal to the compressor to switch on.
  • The motor generates pressure by distilling the refrigerant into the condenser and then into the evaporator.
  • In the evaporator, it cools.
  • If the refrigerator LG, Ariston, Electrolux are equipped with the Noë Frost system, the fan blows cold air through the camera.
  • Once the system has reached the shutdown temperature, the compressor turns off.
  • In the evaporator the timer is triggered and starts the defrost heater.
  • Lattices are thawed from ice, moisture is discharged into the sink. Then the cycle repeats.

About cooling systems of a refrigeratorread in a separate article.

Temperature range in the refrigerator compartment

Let's consider average indicators. They can differ in this or that model - it all depends on the remoteness of the storage area from the freezer.

Zone of freshness

The usual temperature here is from zero to +1 degree.

The department is a godsend for the proper storage of meat and fish. Thanks to this approach, the blanks do not deteriorate, while maintaining their taste and appearance.More details on page «Proper storage of food in the refrigerator".

Products in the refrigerator should be stored correctly

Food should be packed in a film or put in a container. In the freshness department you can put:

  • Fresh meat and fish products.
  • Semi-finished products.
  • Sausage.
  • Dairy.
  • Greenery.
  • Fruits and vegetables.

Scheme of the correct location of products in the refrigerator

Further there is a zone with storage temperature + 2-4 degrees. An excellent place for meat products, which will be cooked in the near future. In the "Atlanta" here are placed trays for eggs.

To maintain optimal conditions, you need:

  1. Close the door well.
  2. Do not place hot dishes.
  3. Do not clog the camera with products.

Medium shelves

What are the indicators at this level? Maximum: +6 degrees, minimum: +3.

You can put ready dishes: borscht, porridge, sauces.

Temperature on all shelves should be adjusted

Containers for fruits and vegetables

They are at the very bottom, so the indicators there are +8 degrees.

In the lower containers, the highest temperature

Important! When loading food, distribute them correctly by zones. Otherwise, they quickly deteriorate in unsuitable conditions.

Shelves on the door

This place is the warmest: + 5-10 ° С. When you open the door creates a constant transition from the cold to the warm environment. Therefore, it is not recommended to place eggs and dairy products on the door. It is better to put sauces, oils, seasonings.

The highest temperature in the shelves of the refrigerator door

Indication in the freezer

The highest temperature is here: -18 ° С. The lowest is -24 ° С. If the "Super Frost" mode is set, then the values ​​are reduced to -30 ° C.

Mode -30 degrees suitable for fast freezing of berries, semi-finished products and meat products.

Products in the freezer compartment last longer, but should not lie for more than a month: they lose flavor and nutritional qualities.

Adjusting and adjusting the temperature in the freezer

Why do we need to monitor the readings in the camera? To know when to raise or lower the temperature. Adjustment in the domestic refrigerator is carried out with the help of a thermostat or on an electronic panel.

How much is the working temperature in refrigerators of different brands

In the manual, each device is indicated with ideal values.

  • "Indesit". Refrigerating compartment: + 3-8 ° С. Freezing: -18 ° C, during the "Superzamorozki" -24 ° C.
  • Samsung. The basic range is + 3-7 ° C, the freshness zone supports -1 to +3 degrees. Freezing is performed at -18-25 ° C.

Setting the standard temperature

  • The "Bosch" indicators are the same as that of "Samsung".
  • Proper operation of "Liebher" is possible at + 8 ° C with cooling and -25 ° C during freezing.

To properly set the operating mode, you need to take into account the manufacturer's recommendations and pay attention toclimatic class of equipment.This directly affects the service life.

How to identify and set the required metrics

If you decide to find the temperature in the department, then:

  • You are not sure of the correct operation of the device (you need to reduce or increase the values).
  • You want to test its performance.
  • You want to measure the temperature and make sure that you are right when you bookmark the products.

Perhaps the refrigerator has become poorly maintained products, they quickly deteriorate.

The measurement is the same in all brands: "Biryusa "Atlant "Ariston" and others.

  • Take a conventional thermometer (-20 ° C to + 30 ° C).
  • Put it on the shelf (where the products spoil).

Temperature measurement inside the refrigerator

  • Leave for 12 hours.

If the measurements are carried out in the freezer, you can not wet the thermometer in water, otherwise it will deteriorate.

There were problems with maintaining the temperature, it does not correspond to the norm? Set up the values ​​will not be difficult.

After loading the products on the panel, the indicator flashes? So the technique has not yet reached the right temperature. As soon as this happens (after 20-30 minutes), the indication goes out.

For electromechanical models, control is performed by turning the knob: set it to the desired value. Some users make the mistake of lowering the figures during the heat wave. This leads to a rapid deterioration of the motor-compressor, since it continuously pushes the cold.

In electromechanical models, the temperature is regulated by a manual regulator

Modern models are equipped with an electronic panel. Adjustment is carried out by pressing the buttons or by touching the sensor. The display shows all the settings. The temperature sensor tells the circuit board to reach the setpoint.

Programming in the control panel

Watch a video about the management of the Atlant refrigerator:


Now you know how to properly handle the technique and what operating rules to adhere to.

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