How to soften shoes at home

shoes can be carried as quickly as possible Lightweight and stunningly comfortable shoes can upset their socks on the very first day as they try on. Few people manage to buy the perfect shoes. But if you feel discomfort, and shoes rubs your feet, do not rush to part with a new dress. There are ways to get rid of painful sensations and avoid corns.

Why shoes rub on blisters

When you buy stylish beautiful shoes, some trifles that seem insignificant at first glance are often overlooked. For example, not quite suitable size and completeness, quality of seams, unfamiliar new materials. But this is important, if you still take into account that manufacturers of shoes sew, focusing on the standard size. Therefore, as long as the shoes take on a comfortable wearable shape, they have to be worn out and the material is softened.

How to soften leather shoes

The easiest way to cope with the problem - to carry shoes to the experts in a shoe shop. To do this, they have all the necessary tools and equipment.

You can purchase special wax, cream, spray or emulsion in the store. They are always in stock, and at different prices.

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There is an option to use improvised means and soften newly purchased shoes at home using “grandmother's” methods.

Many of the popular methods are quite effective and easily help to deal with the problem.

We use castor oil and glycerin

These are quite affordable wonderful products that can be purchased at every pharmacy. With the help of castor oil or glycerin, hard skin can not only be made softer, but also protected from harmful external influences.

  • In order to wear less shoes, you need to soak a cotton pad with castor oil and treat rough problem areas. After an hour, the procedure should be repeated.
  • Glycerin is applied to the entire surface for a few minutes, then polished.

We treat with linseed oil

Coarse seams are the most common cause of discomfort. After processing linseed oil, they become softer and significantly less rubbed feet.

Soften the hard backdrop

Soften the interior trim of shoes and especially hard backdrop, will help beeswax, paraffin candle or soap. They are applied several times to places that are particularly tight, and then polished.

An even more effective emollient is obtained by mixing castor oil, melted beeswax and turpentine. So that the shoes do not rub, it is lubricated with this composition, while not only soften, but also reliably protect from the negative effects of moisture.

To soften the backdrop, you can gently tap it with a hammer. And so as not to spoil the material of shoes, under it enclose the fabric.

Using special purchase means

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To soften the shoes, you can choose any of the means offered in the store:

  • Wristwraps are small adhesive plasters made of silicone that are attached to the back in the friction zone.
  • Strips to protect the feet from friction - special soft strips glued onto the inner problematic part of the shoes.
  • Foam and spray are special products that can be used repeatedly. Shoes are heated with a hair dryer, spray is applied, after which it is put on and worn out.

Spread shoes as soon as possible

In most cases, new clothes are difficult to wear. If you put on the newly purchased shoes for the whole day, painful blisters will appear. Soften shoes, quickly spread and forget about the calluses forever, if you follow the proposed tips and methods.

At the first sign of light rubbing, attach a adhesive tape to this place, lubricate the backdrop with soap or a candle. If the discomfort is still felt, go to the more complex methods of wearing.

Genuine leather shoes

Genuine leather is easy to stretch, so it will be easy to give the shoe a wearable shape:

  1. Dampen it with alcohol or vodka, put it on and walk for half an hour. Kerosene is used in the same way.
  2. A towel soaked in vinegar can be put in uncomfortable shoes and left for a day.
  3. Hot water will help. A small piece of cloth is moistened in boiling water and placed inside the shoe. After 15 minutes, her shoes on a warm sock and wear out.
  4. To expand your shoes, you can use the freezer. To do this, water is poured into two packets, put them in shoes, and for a while until the water freezes and expands, they are sent to the chamber.

If the shoes are lacquered

If the pair is made of thin soft natural patent leather, it is better to use a special tool for wearing, which can be bought at a shoe store. You just need to put it on the inside, put on thick socks and walk around the house for about an hour.

If the remedy did not help, try: from the inside, warm up the

  • with a hairdryer;
  • apply a fat cream or petroleum jelly or lard;
  • to wear and walk around the house during the evening;
  • again apply the cream and leave overnight.

It should be remembered that patent leather is very capricious, and if it becomes necessary to soften or stretch it, this should be done with caution. On its glossy surface cracks and abrasions very easily appear. Do not expose to very high or low temperatures. Aggressive formulations containing silicone, alcohol, gasoline can only be applied from the inside. Mechanical softening of the backdrop with a hammer is also contraindicated.

Not everyone can successfully buy comfortable shoes, so you have to soften and wear them. To make the new shoes less rubbed with calluses, listen to the advice: try on and buy boots or shoes at the end of the day. In the evening, many of the legs are slightly swollen. If your chosen shoes are comfortable in the evening, it will be comfortable during the day.

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