How to stretch shoes if she presses

Choosing the right footwear for some people can be a real challenge for an individual test of an Nubuck leather shoes Models easily skip the desired option. But even when one is found, you may encounter the following problem: the shoes are a bit tight, but there is no larger size, and the seller assures that you can easily stretch the purchase, having passed a couple of days in it. This option does not suit everyone, because you have to endure constant pressure and corns, this can be easily avoided if you know how to stretch your shoes at home.

Folk secrets

Folk methods will always be popular because they do not require costs and are easy to use. They allow you to quickly and gently stretch new tight shoes, not wearing them on your own for a whole day and not turning to shoemakers.

The most popular among folk remedies is alcohol, in addition to the pure substance, you can use vodka or even cologne. There are several ways to use alcohol:

  1. It is necessary to moisten the cotton wool with alcohol and wipe the entire inner surface of the shoe with it, and then put them on a thick sock while the alcohol is still dry. In this state, you need to go through the house for one or several hours. If the discomfort is very strong, you can carry out the procedure several visits, for example, for 5-15 minutes several times a day. If desired, you can wipe with alcohol and the outer surface of the shoes, if material allows.
  2. In order to stretch new narrow shoes, you can use the well-known “Triple” cologne, this tool will not require you to be expensive. It is necessary to wet plenty of two rags with cologne and put them in shoes. So that the aggressive smell of the product does not spread around the apartment, you can wrap them in a bag. In this state, they will need to be left overnight, after which they should be brought in for 1 to 2 hours.
  3. You can make an alcohol spray by combining an equal amount of water and alcohol in the bottle, and using a sprayer instead of a cap. The resulting solution must be shaken to mix the liquid, and treat them to the inner surface of the shoes. If necessary, the procedure is repeated several times.

The second well-known popular method is newspapers. It will be useful to those who want to learn how to stretch shoes, if it rubs. First you need to hold it over the steam, and then put it wet newspapers, trying to give them the shape of his legs. It is necessary that after drying it does not deform.

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The easiest of the popular tools is the banal wearing of shoes. This should be done at home, so that at the first signs of rubbing it was possible to temporarily interrupt the process. The advantage of this method is that you can stretch one size shoes, ballet shoes or shoes of any material, without fear of damaging them. For wearing out you will need to wear thick, preferably wool or terry, socks.

These are versatile ways that are suitable for shoes made from any material. But in order to achieve the best effect, without harming at the same time, it is better to take into account the material from which the shoes are made.

Genuine Leather Shoes

These methods are only suitable for genuine leather, and it is desirable that the shoes be factory-made. It is distinguished by the quality of manufacture, because the elements are not only glued to each other, but also stitched. There are several ways to increase the size of leather shoes:

  1. Liquid soap. If the new shoes are too tight, a soap solution will help. It is necessary to mix the colorless liquid soap with water in the ratio 1: 4, then with the help of a sprayer to process the inner and outer surface of the shoe with a solution. Then you need to either apply special pads, or independently carry shoes in thick socks for a couple of hours.
  2. Boiling water. This method can only be used for stitched leather shoes from a reliable manufacturer. Inside boiling water is poured, and then immediately poured. After cooling, you need to wear shoes and bring them in for several hours. Thus you can stretch the shoes and in length and width.
  3. Freezing. Continuing the topic of temperature testing, it is impossible not to say about this unusual way. To increase tight shoes by one size, you need to fix in it plastic bags filled with water, and put the whole structure in the freezer overnight. You must first ensure that the packages are tightly tied.
  4. Hairdryer. Warming up is a rather strange, but no less effective method. You need to wear leather shoes or boots on thick socks and warm up all the necessary sections evenly for half a minute. After that, the hair dryer is turned off, and the shoes are worn until it cools completely. After such manipulations, you can apply a special care product to the skin to retain its properties.

Artificial Leather Products

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Artificial leather is less pliable, so it will be difficult to stretch it, but it is still possible. This can be done in the following ways:

  1. Softening. To do this, you can use oil, alcohol or petroleum jelly. The selected substance is treated inside the shoe, after which it is necessary to distribute it at home for several hours.
  2. Paraffin. This method will allow the most stretch narrow shoes made of artificial leather. It is only necessary to wipe the inner surface with a candle in the evening and remove paraffin in the morning. However, it should be borne in mind that in this way only the toe or side of the shoe can be stretched.

We stretch the suede shoes

This material must be handled with the utmost care, any wrong actions can permanently ruin your favorite shoes. At home, such shoes can be stretched only with the help of moisture. For this you need to wear shoes for several hours at home in wet socks. However, it should be borne in mind that excess moisture can leave stains on suede, so you do not need to overdo it with water.

A more benign and in many cases effective way would be to purchase a special suede aerosol at a shoe store. It can not be fully called the home way, but the effect of it will certainly please you. The result can be seen quite quickly, without resorting to complex manipulations.

Can you stretch your own nubuck shoes

? To increase the size of such shoes, there are certain tricks. But in any case, you must be completely sure that the material is natural. Unfortunately, there are no effective ways to check, so you should only rely on the reliability of the manufacturer and the seller.

If you know for sure that nubuck is natural, you can proceed to stretching. All fatty agents - oil, petroleum jelly - should be swept away immediately, they only harm the material, as well as alcohol and even plain water. The easiest and most economical way is to wear shoes around the house for a few days. The characteristics of nubuck can allow for increased size without professional help.

However, this method does not always work, then something more effective is needed. As in the case of suede, you can purchase a stretching agent, the main thing is to choose it correctly for the type of material. In addition, you can contact the shoemaker, who has all the necessary tools for this.

We stretch winter shoesUnfortunately, winter shoes can be stretched only in several ways, as it has a fur inner lining. The most popular option would be the freezing method described above. An alternative to this would be to carry the winter shoes to the workshop, where they will be stretched in length or width according to your desire. At the same time the boots will not lose their properties and will remain as warm.

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