What to consider when choosing a Bialetti coffee maker

  • Criteria for choosing a geyzer coffee maker
  • How to choose a geyser coffee maker from Bialetti
  • Other manufacturers of geyzer coffee makers

Geyser-type coffee maker in 1933 for Alfonso Bialetti and for example, Alfonso Bialetti was an Italian engineer who worked as an engineer. This company still produces devices of this type. They use two containers, in the filter between which the coffee is placed. The boiling water is forced by growing pressure through a filter, like a geyser, leaving the upper chamber.

Boiling water dissolves caffeine better, and pressure creates a more aromatic taste. It should be noted that caffeine tastes very bitter, so coffee brewed in this way is not as good as espresso.

Geyser-type coffee makers are different. For one coffee lover or a whole dozen, with or without cream, made of aluminum or steel, for making cappuccino or coffee with milk. The electric geyser coffee maker will turn itself off and with an unobtrusive melody will inform you that the beverage is ready. The choice is yours.

Criteria for choosing a geyzernaya coffee maker

  • Volume. To choose the volume of a coffee maker, you should ask yourself how many people drink coffee and how often do they do it? Buying a device for one serving for five coffee lovers faces a long wait for the coveted cup in the morning, although for one moderate lover of this drink such a choice would be the right one. The ability to brew from 4 to 10 cups at a time looks more acceptable, but here we must take into account that the cost of the device increases in proportion to the growth of its volume.
  • Personal preferences. This factor is one of the most important. If someone likes coffee with foam, then buying a coffee maker of a classic type will not solve the problem. You should choose a device that produces exactly the type of coffee that meets your taste preferences, otherwise what is the point of such a purchase?
  • Cost. Prices for geyser coffee makers vary. In general, it is quite an expensive product. It all depends on how profitable and acceptable the purchase of a coffee machine will be compared to the purchased ready-made coffee.
  • Convenience. If you, like most people, make coffee in the morning, then a sophisticated geyzernaya coffee maker you do not need. Insert the plug into the outlet and press the button - this is the maximum that many are capable of in a few minutes after waking up.

It is even better if the smart device turns on by itself and makes coffee when needed. But time is money, such devices are expensive.

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How to choose a geyser coffee maker from Bialetti

The most popular devices of this type of Bialetti production are listed below.

Classic. Bialetti Moka Express, the most popular geyser coffee maker in the world, with sales exceeding 200 million units. It is a classic solution for home use. Moka Express is available in volumes of 1, 3, 6, 9, 12 cups, which corresponds to 60, 200, 300, 550, 775 ml. Moka Express is made of food-grade aluminum alloy with high thermal conductivity, which reduces the preparation time of the drink and saves energy.

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A la espresso. Bialetti Brikka became famous for the “Brikka system”, thanks to which you can make coffee with froth right at home. With the help of a special pressure control valve at the inlet of the upper chamber, you can now enjoy the rich aroma of cream. In search of perfection, the manufacturer went even further - now the appliance lid has a hole that does not allow a couple to condense and, dripping into the foam, dilute the pleasure of the coffee lover. Simple and ingenious. Made from food grade aluminum alloy. Available in 2-4 cups( 100-200 ml).
Classic + French Press. Bialetti Moka Crèm is the only geyser-type coffee maker that is equipped with the “Moka Crèm system”.It consists of a non-heating cap, an integrated foaming piston with a handle that allows you to saturate the drink with air to create a soft, velvety foam, and an easily washable flask. Thanks to the transparent lid, you can check the consistency of the foam, and a special, patented, twice the usual funnel guarantees the use of a strictly necessary amount of water each time. After preparing the coffee, close the lid tightly and, holding the device with one hand, with the second movement, foaming the drink until the desired volume and consistency of foam is achieved.
Kapuchinator. Bialetti Mukka Express is available in both classic and wireless versions with built-in heating system. In the latter case, the machine is turned off automatically with a beep. Allows you to prepare cappuccino and coffee with milk( mode is selected by the position of the pressure valve).In Mukka Express, the filter funnel is equipped with a special device that prevents the pressing of coffee. The construction uses galvanized aluminum, steel alloys, bronze, plastic does not contain PVC.Mukka Express volume - 1-2 cups( 200-320 ml).

Electrical. Electric geyser coffee maker Bialetti Easy Caffé with a volume of 6 servings( 300 ml) is also equipped with a built-in heating system with an automatic shut-off function after coffee preparation. The device will keep the drink hot for 25 minutes. Used food grade aluminum alloy. It is impossible to heat on the stove, to wash in the dishwasher.
The Easy Timer electric coffee machine is a high-tech counterpart of the classic Moka Express. Thanks to the built-in timer, you can program the preparation time of your favorite drink in order to enjoy the unique taste in the morning without delay. Designed for 3-6 servings( 180-360 ml).
Elettrika Auto is the automotive version of an electric coffee maker with a 12 V.

connector. Steel instead of aluminum. Bialetti Musa, Bialetti Kitty and geyzernaya Bialetti Venus coffee maker are made of high quality steel( 18% chrome, 10% nickel. Available in 4-6 cups( 230-300 ml). Unlike aluminum alloy devices, steel can be used with inductionhob surfaces.

Original. And the most original is Bialetti Moka Melody Italia, proudly bearing the logo of the Italian Football Federation and playing the national anthem of this country after preparing a drink.geyser manufacturers of geyser coffee makers

In addition to the founder company of geyser coffee makers, there are many other manufacturers: Bunn, DeLonghi, Krups, Jura Capresso, Serafino Zani, Vev Viganò, Bellman, Volturno, Top Moka, GATBialetti.

For example, the De'Longhi Alicia electric coffee machine corresponds to the Easy Caffé coffee machine, featuring a transparent upper capacity that allows you to observe the process of making coffee, as well as the presence of the warm-up function of the cooled beverage.

Serafino Zani focuses on bringing world-renowned design masters to the creation of their product lines, turning a coffee maker from an ordinary kitchen appliance into a work of art.

If the choice falls on one of the geyser coffee machines, then you will soon find yourself a fan of your own coffee maker, and there will not be the slightest turn to the craftsman barist.

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